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Welcome to Brightbrides.org!

We have years of experience in the online dating area. We have overcome all the pitfalls of looking for love on the Internet ourselves. Now we have enough knowledge and practice to help you find your future bride in a heartbeat!

BrightBrides Expert

Kim Evazians

Kim is an experienced dating coach who helps singles all over the world find their soulmates. She has a huge track record of successful romantic proposals and marriages.

BrightBrides Team

Donna Hawkins
Donna Hawkins

Donna Hawkins has vast experience in helping couples build strong relationships. As a professional psychologist, she's been working with clients since 2008. She knows everything about improving a marriage, strengthening the connection, and achieving harmony between partners. Currently, Donna also writes articles for BrightBrides giving advice to those searching for love.

Areas of expertise

Donna is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She specializes in helping partners get through tough times with their relationships. Her tasks include gaining insight from couples, resolving conflicts, and defining the borders for both a man and a woman.

Donna has helped over a hundred couples get rid of different difficulties. During the session, she focuses on a specific problem, which often implies sexual disorders, lack of intimacy, internet addiction, jealousy, etc.


Donna was fond of psychology ever since she was a teenager. She liked to analyze the behavior of other people and find a key to improving communication with them. As a result, she entered and received a Ph.D. degree in Psychology at the University of Oregon. Donna also attended courses and studied different programs referring to couple counseling, including theory and practice of family therapy, conflict management, and techniques strengthening a relationship.

Most of all, Donna was fond of helping couples save their marriages and fix problems that could lead to divorce. That's why she completed the necessary amount of hours as a supervisor gaining clinical experience and growing professionally. Donna received the license and started operating as a family and marriage counselor. She keeps growing professionally and visits professional lectures to make her approach even more effective.


As a couple counselor, Donna started her path in 2008. She founded a family therapy clinic. During all these years, she's been studying different ways of relationship improvement.

Donna's therapy involves working with both partners because it's more effective than discussing issues with each one separately. Together, they search for the best solutions for achieving positive changes.

Today, she knows everything about building a harmonic marriage and helping partners achieve understanding. Her articles on BrightBrides.org are popular among users as she shares helpful information.

Paul Sanders
Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders is a professional dating expert who has been working in the industry for 8 years. As a professional writer and editor, he has studied dozens of topics related to mix-cultural relationships. His articles and reviews are filled with up-to-date information and tips that can be applied to improve the connection between partners.

Areas of expertise

There's no subject in the dating sphere that Paul hasn't written about. He focuses on guiding international couples through complexities that can appear throughout their relationships. Sanders is mainly interested in challenges, and that's why he picked online dating and people who strive to find love overseas. He understands that this niche is popular today, but single men and women can face problems connected with differences between their cultural peculiarities. So, his posts and articles cover such important topics as virtual communications, courting guides, girls' features, and tips on getting a woman to fall in love.


Paul received the Master of Arts degree in Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas. Especially he liked courses that allowed him to study differences between pieces written by men and women, analyze reasons for expressing their thoughts in a particular way, and decipher symbolism in literature. Sanders attended creative writing courses, learned media communications, and attended lectures on relationships. He wanted to know how a partner influences decisions and the art of their other part.

Paul also studied psychology. He  learned programs focused on the development of close relationships, types of a romantic connection, conflict resolution, and much more.


After graduating, Sanders found a job at the local publishing house. He worked as an editor, but soon Paul felt that he wanted more. Since he was always fond of finding differences between genders in literature, he decided to go further and write for those looking for love. He began to collaborate with a dating coach who helped him discover all the secret techniques of finding a balance between partners. The understanding that cross-cultural couples might face more difficulties motivated Paul to explore the question at a deeper level. His reviews and guidelines have become a real solution for readers of BrightBrides.

Dominic Carroll
Dominic Carroll

Dominic Carroll is a dating expert at BrightBrides. He's been helping single men and women from all over the Globe since 2011. As a journalist, he had an opportunity to study different cultures and how people from various countries interact in a relationship. Dominic believes that knowing the habits and background of a partner from another region is crucial for a happy marriage.

Areas of expertise

Carroll is a guru in international marriages. He traveled across the world and explored the behavior of Latin, Slavic, Asian, and European people. Dominic finds it interesting how culture and social norms influence the attitude of women and men towards relationships. His articles cover important moments, including courting rules, family views, and peculiarities of females living in different regions.

He strives to help single guys and ladies find their soulmates disregarding issues connected with their cultural backgrounds. Dominic shares his valuable experience and explains how to date females from other countries and what to do to succeed in a romantic relationship with a partner from overseas.


Dominic studied journalism at the University of California. He graduated in 2009 and started working for a famous magazine. Carroll wrote about the culture of other countries. He realized that he strives to explore the way people build relationships in different regions. The journalist interviewed international couples to gain insights, visited cross-cultural communication courses, and collaborated with a family therapist. Permanent learning has helped him get significant experience to become one of the best experts in the industry.


Carroll worked for a popular magazine writing articles about traveling. Soon, he decided to focus on studying dating and marriage peculiarities across the globe. That's why he combined his passion for discovering the world, exploring their cultures, and learning how international relationships work. Nowadays, Dominic shares his experience and valuable tips in his blog and on BrightBrides.org.

Experts BrightBrides Trust

We understand the importance of a professional approach in building relationships. Therefore, we take into consideration the advice and viewpoints of experts in international dating, relationships, and sex. Our team members regularly consult psychologists, coaches, and certified trainers to provide objective advice and assist customers in achieving their relationship-oriented goals.

  • Patrick Wanis, Behavior Expert Ph.D., served as the Human Behavior & Relationship Expert for American Media Mini Mags, The National Assoc. of Divorce for Women and Children, Comcast – Dating On Demand. His book Soul Mates – Discovering, Sharing, Loving made a revolution in the dating sphere.
  • Kelly Campbell, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology and human development at California State University. Her scientific publications like Interpersonal chemistry in friendships and romantic relationships explain how to differentiate friendship and love as well as make relationships thrive.
  • Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., professor at Oakland University, therapist, speaker, writer. His book Finding love again has helped millions of people to start their happy life with a new blank page.
  • Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., licensed marriage and sex therapist. Her professional advice given in the book The Married sex solution has helped many couples to get dzen in their intimate lives and understand each other better.
  • Sari Cooper, LCSW, licensed individual, couples', and sex therapist, Director of Center for Love and Sex, clinical supervisor. He runs a blog on a popular with many professional psychologists platform called PsychologyToday and other widely visited online destinations like Huffpost, for example.
  • Dr. Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., LMFT, CST, an AASECT certified sex therapist, board-certified sexologist, and a licensed marriage and family therapist and Daniel Lebow itz, M.A., LMFT, a bilingual sex therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist working in the The Intimacy Institute. Her publication Eight Spheres of Intimacy sheds light on the multiple facets of intimacy and broadens horizons about it in dating and marriage.
  • April Masini, relationship and etiquette expert running an advice website. All his thoughts about dating are collected in one book called Date Out of Your League and numerous articles in his personal blog.
  • Evan Marc Katz, famous relationship expert and a specialized dating coach for women. If you face difficulties in communicating with the opposite gender and want to find answers to many questions about relationships, his best sellers Why You're Still Single and I Can't Believe I'm Buying This Book will be a good read.

BrightBrides offers you a variety of websites where you can search for your soulmate almost all over the world. The ladies from Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, Armenia, Ukraine, and other countries are waiting for you! We look through lots of dating websites daily to pick only legit ones that are of high quality standards.

Of course, we can't provide reviews for all the websites available on the Internet, but those that we post on our website have gone through a thorough check and have been rated by our team.

🔍 How we pick and review websites?

When choosing a reliable website, we firstly look at 4 main criteria:

  1. Reviews and history;
  2. Safety and privacy;
  3. Pricing policy;
  4. Trustworthiness of profiles.

Reviews and history of any website

This data can be easily found online. Our experts read through tons of comments to find out if the website is reliable or not. To make sure they're not fake, we check the website ourselves and then compare the facts.

Safety and privacy

These parameters show how the website manages users' personal data, profile verification, and other technical issues like payment processing. It's better to register on the website where ID (or at least email/phone) verification is required to avoid some unpleasant scenarios.

Pricing policy

It helps understand if the website is overcharging or making money on users. We look at prices on different sites and see where it's too high compared to others. Also, you don't have to pay for registration at a good website.

Trustworthiness of profiles

It's harder to trace, but not impossible. We define whether the website is full of scams or most of the profiles are not verified. Usually, a "Verified" icon is shown next to the profile photo. Also, we check the ladies' intentions, or if they're asking you to send them money almost from the very start of the conversation.

After a good website is selected, we take a deeper look at it to see what are its main features, how do you register, what are the means of communication, and many more.

Other factors we pay attention to

Generally, we check out more than 10 different factors. The most important among them are ease of use, list of free and paid features (price lists included), success rate, and design. Their evaluation will help you make the final decision considering the platform faster and start looking for the lady of your dreams. We also pay attention at website engagement and popularity to see if many users visit a particular site on a daily basis. If they visit it regularly, it means they really like this website.

Based on all this data, we prepare a full and comprehensive image of a website. We provide its main pros and cons, give you a detailed overview and member structure and explain each step from the very registration to meeting your future bride. You can see an overall score out of 100 at the bottom of each review. This is based on the detailed research of our experts’ team.

Finally, real users can also rate any website available here. People can give a website from 1 to 5 stars at the top of the page. There's also an average evaluation of users' opinion below the rating option.

If you still have questions …

If you still haven't found a necessary piece of information, you can go to FAQs or contact us directly. We're ready to help you out instantly. Since the Bright Brides team has gone through all these stages on their own, we know what concerns you might have and how to solve them as soon as possible.

So, good luck! We’ll gladly assist you in the search of love!