Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders

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Paul Sanders is a professional dating expert who has been working in the industry for 8 years. As a professional writer and editor, he has studied dozens of topics related to mix-cultural relationships. His articles and reviews are filled with up-to-date information and tips that can be applied to improve the connection between partners.

Areas of expertise

There's no subject in the dating sphere that Paul hasn't written about. He focuses on guiding international couples through complexities that can appear throughout their relationships. Sanders is mainly interested in challenges, and that's why he picked online dating and people who strive to find love overseas. He understands that this niche is popular today, but single men and women can face problems connected with differences between their cultural peculiarities. So, his posts and articles cover such important topics as virtual communications, courting guides, girls' features, and tips on getting a woman to fall in love.


Paul received the Master of Arts degree in Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas. Especially he liked courses that allowed him to study differences between pieces written by men and women, analyze reasons for expressing their thoughts in a particular way, and decipher symbolism in literature. Sanders attended creative writing courses, learned media communications, and attended lectures on relationships. He wanted to know how a partner influences decisions and the art of their other part.

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Paul also studied psychology. He  learned programs focused on the development of close relationships, types of a romantic connection, conflict resolution, and much more.


After graduating, Sanders found a job at the local publishing house. He worked as an editor, but soon Paul felt that he wanted more. Since he was always fond of finding differences between genders in literature, he decided to go further and write for those looking for love. He began to collaborate with a dating coach who helped him discover all the secret techniques of finding a balance between partners. The understanding that cross-cultural couples might face more difficulties motivated Paul to explore the question at a deeper level. His reviews and guidelines have become a real solution for readers of BrightBrides.

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