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Relationship With A Mail Order Bride
Posted on Dec 5, 2019
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7 Must Know Facts About Your Future Relationship With A Mail Order Bride

Bright Dominic

Are you interested in mail order brides? If the answer is “yes”, you’ve come to the right place. The BrightBrides experts will tell you 7 interesting facts about international marriage. Read and you’ll know what to expect!

Low divorce rates

According to the reports, mail order marriages have lower divorce rates than the average divorce rate (it's 35.8% compared to 48%). Despite the stereotypes, such marriages are really strong.

mail order marriages

It may be difficult…

For you. We are talking about all those stupid stereotypes — like, “if a man can’t find a wife in the USA, he is a loser”. Or “all mail order brides are gold diggers”. It’s complete nonsense, but, unfortunately, the stereotypes are still strong. Your marriage has to be stronger.

It’s quite expensive, but not too much

Finding a mail order bride. Flight to her country and back. Buying gifts, even small ones. Paying for the K1 Visa (it's also called fiance visa and costs about $2,000). It’s quite expensive, that’s right.

However, the price is quite comparable to the regular, offline relationship with a woman from your own country. Doing nothing is the cheapest option.

Mail order brides are very feminine

Much more feminine than American and Western European women. There’s nothing wrong about it. They are just not as feminist as their Western counterparts.

Therefore, dating a foreign woman is much easier than dating an American lady. After all, you can compliment her and she won't tell you anything about sexual harassment!

Mail order brides advice

It’s all about love

Of course, you will improve your bride’s life when you marry her. But that’s not only about it.

Mail order brides don’t want to escape their countries. They are not oppressed anymore (if we’re not talking about some Muslim countries of course), they don’t work 12/6 for free. They just want to find a man who will love and respect them. In the majority of cases, these ladies don’t need to be “rescued” — they just need to find a loving and caring husband.

It may be difficult…

... For her. She might be stressed because of the relocation. Misunderstandings may be a problem, too. And don’t forget about the cultural barriers — everything will be new to her, so you’ll have to help her to adapt.

You will be happy

Despite all the possible problems, you will be happy after all. Foreign ladies are perfect wives, mothers and partners — they are well-educated, intelligent, respectful, and very, very beautiful. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect woman?

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