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Dating in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Dating Guide: Tips And Places To Meet Girls in Amsterdam

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is often called the “Venice of the North,” and it's a popular tourist destination visited by millions of people annually. Why do people come to this city? One of the reasons for men to arrive there is Amsterdam girls. They flee to the city with the goal to date local beauties but have no idea where to meet and how to draw their attention. Guys, you can sigh with relief since this article will provide you with all the best places and tips on dating Amsterdam singles! Get comfortable and find several minutes to get the clues.

What should you know about Amsterdam girls and dating?


Amsterdam is a Dutch city famous for the Red Lights District and attractive women living there, but many men doubt if they should go to this city to get acquainted with them. Naturally, there are lots of places to meet girls in Amsterdam and enjoy time together. However, it's important to understand how to attract local women and what peculiarities dating there has too. Men can save time and effort to make an evening memorable with a Dutch woman next to them - it's enough to pay the price for ladies featured in the Red Lights District. However, if you look for new emotions with a decent and intelligent lady from Amsterdam, remember the following points:

  • These European women are independent and direct, so avoid forcing them to follow your rules.
  • They have got used to foreigners, so your status won't sound very convincing.
  • Dutch women ride bikes a lot, so keep it in mind trying to meet someone in the street.
  • Local ladies are rather fluent in English, but don't be surprised to hear a strange accent.
  • Being liberal to many things, they aren't shy sexually, don't mind nudity, and enjoy loud parties with strong drinks to let their hair down.

What are girls of Amsterdam like?

Ladies living in this city full of landmarks are known for their slim figures and rather big height, blonde hair glittering in the sunlight, and bright shining smiles. These are happy personalities who try to follow healthy diets and remain serious in the majority of life situations. Despite inner confidence and love for fun, they find time to work, on part-time jobs predominantly. At the same time, they're reliant on partners financially even despite being educated and intelligent, but ready to surprise, especially in love affairs.


Best date spots in Amsterdam

Though the majority of tourists come to Amsterdam to see the renowned Red Lights District and its unmatched sights, there are men who want to meet women in Amsterdam. Would you like to be aware of the places that attract single ladies and where man's chances to find a woman of his dream are higher? Here are some of the best examples.


Many Dutch girls can`t imagine better entertainment than hot dances in the nightclub with strong cocktails in hands. There are many nightspots to spend time in the circle of beautiful ladies in Amsterdam, but the top of the list is taken by the following destinations:

  • The Waterhole is a live music bar located in the city centre with a varying line-up of many popular music genres and many captivating females dancing to it.
  • Paradiso attracts guests with its exclusive programmes and special events, so girls never skip these exciting nights and are open to interaction and new experience.
  • Air Club, located at Amstelstraat 24, is a popular spot with international vibes. Ladies flock there due to the creativity, tolerance, and freedom offered by one of the best nightclubs in Amsterdam, so why not try to join their loud companies too?
  • Escape is the largest and most popular dance and amusement park in the city that fascinates hundreds of feminine venuses on a daily basis. Tasty cocktails raise girls' moods and encourage them to erase borders on multiple venues of the club.

Bars and cafes

Romantic atmosphere of Amsterdam is perfect for finding female partners in the daylight. Cozy bars and cafes with delicious meals welcome lots of young single ladies too.

  • Cafe De Prins has been appreciated by youth living in Amsterdam due to its tasty and versatile foods served. Every girl will like to eat a delicious meal in good company.
  • Beer Temple is located in the heart of Amsterdam and features American beer culture, so foreigners can easily initiate a conversation with local girls and share their personal experiences and favorite tastes.
  • Lokaal't Loosje is a 200-year old cafe built in the building of the former tram depot and overlooking the historic square. A wide selection of beer draws students to this spot, so you can easily treat a lady with a lovely drink and start a conversation.

Walking and shopping areas

There's hardly any girl who neglects good shopping malls and walking areas to share gossips with her friends and try on several trendy outfits. Why don't you benefit from such crowds of excited women too? Men can stroll along the following places.

  • Dappermarkt is considered to be the Best Market in the Netherlands thanks to multiple low-cost areas. Every lady will love to get the outfit she likes as a present and respond to the man's interest in return.
  • Jordaan is a lovely neighborhood that unites charm, culture and chilled vibes. It's perfect for quiet getaways, so it's worth trying to meet and date there.
  • The 9 street is an area full of quirky shops and awesome eateries visited by chic women rather often, so hooking up one is not a problem there.

Places for entertainment and leisure time

It's clear the best date places in Amsterdam are ones where women feel relaxed, entertained, and comfortable. Therefore, men searching for a partner should also check the following places of interest:

  • City Beach: ladies of all ages come to the local beach to hang out with friends, enjoy lovely food served there without hurrying anywhere. It allows men to approach, involve in a talk, and earn their trust. Furthermore, there's no better place to admire their hot sweating bodies!
  • Heineken Music Hall: common interests always make people closer, so a visit to the concert or show of the artist you like can become a place of meeting ladies as well.
  • Pacific Park: being a favorite part of Amsterdam for many citizens, this place is a paradise for eating, drinking, dancing. Located on the sunny terrace, it makes a perfect spot for new acquaintances.

Online dating in Amsterdam

Sometimes, there's no sense to move miles away or fly to another country to meet the woman of your dreams since ladies from Amsterdam can be accessed via the Internet. It's enough to join one of the popular online dating platforms, and you'll see hundreds of Dutch breathtaking single cuties who desire to get acquainted with males from other countries.

How often it happens ladies refuse to speak with men when they hang out or rest, so it can be challenging to attract women from Amsterdam in real life. Online dating platforms offer profiles of girls whose goal is to meet a partner for communication, fun, love affairs, sex, or other purposes, so they're open to communication and respond with pleasure to messages sent. Online dating can be an easy and convenient way to meet Dutch women and create a foundation for a face-to-face date in real life.


Tips on dating in Amsterdam

Are you going to find a girl in Amsterdam? Probably, it's time to learn dating peculiarities connected with these women.

  • Dutch women won't appreciate your efforts to open doors for them or let them in first.
  • Be confident and stand your ground: these ladies are tired of the acquiescence characteristic of Dutch men.
  • Avoid arguments and agree politely even if you don't share her viewpoint: otherwise, she'll keep a grudge for a long time.
  • Money and status won't impress Dutch girls much: opt for creativity and a sense of humor.
  • Cook or order a meal: these ladies hate preparing food, so your effort will be appreciated.
  • Mind your look and style: you should be competitive with strong and cared local men.

Online dating in Amsterdam — no better alternatives!

A trip to the Netherlands requires not only much time and effort but also money. Still, there's no guarantee girls in the nightclub, beach, or cafe will reciprocate. It's more reasonable to spend time and get pleasure from online communication with girls from Amsterdam and only then plan a voyage to this historic city.