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Women Of Bali

Meet The Women Of Bali: The Comprehensive Bali Dating Guide

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

When you travel to such a powerful place as Bali, you hope to see little angels flying around you, serving fruits and crystal clear water. But instead of little angels, you get stunning girls. Not a bad alternative, right? How do you get to know sexy Bali girls, and what are the best places to meet them? Let's cover every point in detail.

What are Balinese girls like?

You arrived at an island, what's next? Explore the basics about sexy Bali women before you start getting to know anyone here. They're friendly and fun, so you won't have difficulty getting in touch with them. Sure, you want to know what makes the women of Bali so desirable and awesome.


What Bali girls are like: main virtues and qualities

While in Bali, you probably won't notice any scene of an argument between a woman and her partner or child. You'll never see Balinese girls in a rush or stressed. And it's no surprise as they're basically living in heaven. Here's what else you need to know about Balinese relationships and what these girls are like:

  • They're laid back and relaxed.What's the reason for anxiety or stress? You're living in Bali, you forget about stress and any other negative distractors. This is the way life goes on here, and everyone sticks to this principle. That's why dating a Bali girlfriend means 100% calmness and zero drama. They don't like putting too much pressure on their partners, hence, you won't be having any domestic arguments or serious fights occurring out of nothing.
  • Women of Bali are caring and responsible. Since they're living on an exotic island, the danger can occur in the least expected moment. With this in mind, Balinese girls are raised cautious, caring, and always attentive to their beloved ones. They'll never leave you or their kids and family behind if there's a natural hazard or any other sort of danger. Buying a wife from Bali is a guarantee you'll always feel loved, protected, and well-cared of.
  • They're open to things and adventurous.Indonesian mail order brides will follow you everywhere. They're eager to explore any new city, country, or unknown street, they'll do extreme sports with you, and they'll always try some exotic dishes if you offer. They're happy to experience new things with the right person, and if they chose you, you're the lucky guy.
  • Sexy Bali girls are a lot of fun. There's a spark in their eyes that never fades. Girls from Bali are always up for a party, yoga trip, small friendly gathering, or a festival. They're vibrant and full of energy, that's why they're always on the run. Don't hesitate if your Bali girlfriend offers you to go somewhere. Don't even ask where you're going, it'll always be a surprise you love.

The top places to meet sexy Bali girls?

After you've learned some basics, time to get back to business. Where do you look for hot Balinese girls? Consider both offline and online options as you never know where you can get more luck. Here, you'll find the best venues like bars, outdoor places, and cafés, as well as international dating sites where you can meet hot and open-minded singles.

Bali nightclubs

What can be better than a great party somewhere near the sea under the stars? Bali is full of such nightclubs which makes the island a perfect place for dancing till dawn. What are the best nightclubs though?

  • Sky Garden. Sky Garden is a perfect place for those who love different music genres and enjoy live sets from various guest artists. It's a fancy place in Kuta which is believed to beat London nightclubs' sound system.
  • LYXY Bali. Who ordered a rooftop terrace with a pool? LYXY is a glamorous nightclub with a buffet and cheap cocktails where you can chill out in a pool, dance till the dawn, or enjoy some fancy drinks with your friends in the evening.
  • Bali Peanut Club. While in Badung, don't forget to get here. A 5-star nightclub with a large dance floor, cool DJ sets, and lots of young locals hanging around. You don't get bored at Peanut Club.
  • Lost City Bali. The best one in Canggu. Stunning music, hi-tech sound system, and lots of great people to meet. Don't hesitate to get in for some cocktails and an awesome night!

Food spots

Feeling hungry? In Bali, most dishes look like brunch, not too heavy, and not too light on calories. Fruit bowls, smoothies, and plant milk are the most common things here. What spots can you visit to meet stunning locals?

  • Raja Bali Nusa Dua. People love it for its great atmosphere, tasty lunch offers, and great service. By the way, the staff speaks English there.
  • Ankhusa restaurant Ubud. A refreshing place that serves international food and tasty cocktails. Try local burgers and desserts!
  • Rajanya Nasi Goreng. Even though it's just a street food kiosk, the food there is exquisite. Try the fried rice and wink to the local who orders the same.
  • Wild Air Ubud. You can visit it just for the views and food presentations, they're just awesome. The food is lovely, and the drinks are refreshing and original, so you can get the maximum pleasure out of this place.


Up for a drink in the evening? Why not! Try some of these great spots:

  • 40 Thieves. A great place with a well-designed interior and great cocktails. Live music adds to the perfect vibe.
  • Woobar. A bar inside the W hotel with signature cocktails and a great lounge zone. Worthy going with a large group of people for some refreshing drinks.
  • Baker Street Social. One of the best speakeasy bars out there. Come to watch the team of talented bartenders create masterpiece cocktails and enjoy them with a beautiful interior.
  • Alila Seminyak. A great beach bar to enjoy summer cocktails and feel the ocean breeze. It's cozy, friendly, and cool here.

Activities and hobbies

It's not hard to guess yoga is one of the most popular activities in Bali. But what else can you do here? Let's see:

  • Windsurfing. Or just surfing. The homeland of many surfers, Bali is a famous destination for wave chasers. Get a coach and learn how to conquer the ocean! And if your coach is a female you double win.
  • Scuba diving. One of the most popular water activities here after surfing. Enjoy swimming with myriads of fish in a crystal-clear ocean.
  • Wood carving. Getting yourself something custom from Bali is a likely tourist tradition. Ask some sexy Bali girls to help you learn how to carve wood, create figures and ornaments. This is a great opportunity to bring a real memory from the island.
  • Scooter riding. Explore the island on a scooter. It's the most popular and widely-used means of transportation, so if you've never tried it before, it's high time to learn!

Outdoor, close-to-nature venues

What can you do while in Bali? All kinds of stuff! You have the sea, the waterfalls, the safari, and all other ways of entertaining yourself, so let's see some of your options here:

  • Bali Zoo. Fancy seeing some deer, orangutans, and lemurs? The Bali zoo is your spot! You can have fun during the whole day there thanks to a varied entertainment program.
  • Bali's best waterfalls. Dare to visit all 16 of them? Aling-Aling is one of the most famous and beautiful ones, don't neglect the chance to visit it!
  • Canggu. Party capital of Bali, the best city to go out and hit the bars and nightclubs. The best Bali nightlife for singles is here too.
  • Selfie with a monkey. Ubud is home to lots of monkeys in Bali. You can meet them in any other city too, but in Ubud, you can approach them and take some funny selfies right on the street.

Online dating sites

Apart from offline venues, don't forget about online Bali dating. If you want to meet Asian brides online, you can try some local dating platforms. It's a fast and easy way to find lots of like-minded girls who'd love to meet their soulmates. The best Bali dating sites? Try EasternHoneys and Orchid Romance to meet Bali girls online.

Let's get to practice!

After you've learned so much about Balinese girls and places where you can meet them, it's the right time to start searching for your future perfect match. Bali is the place where people get married and fall in love, so this is your chance to do just the same. Good luck searching for your future love and have fun on this great island!