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Barranquilla Women Dating

How And Where To Meet Gorgeous Women Of Barranquilla?

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

How to date Barranquilla girls? Where to meet them and what to expect? Western men often ask these questions because they want it to work out. No wonder, Barranquilla Colombia women are hot, smart, and fun. Men desire to be with them. So if you’re looking for a detailed and well-structured Barranquilla dating guide, find it below. It has everything you need: top places for meetings, cultural dating peculiarities, and tips.

Reasons to date women from Barranquilla

If you need particular triggers why to dive into a romantic relationship with a Barranquilla girl, here they are.

They’re approachable

It’s one of the most vivid local women’s traits. They’re friendly and always glad to meet new people. The tendency especially concerns foreigners. Girls dream of a prince from overseas. So, if you’re a Westerner, you have all chances to forge a bond with a bride from Colombia.

They’re faithful

Infidelity is extremely uncommon in Colombia, in particular, in Barranquilla. So is divorce. According to the statistics, the country is in the list of countries with the lowest percentage of divorces. Why? Because women are family-oriented and more willing to act as a partner. It makes relationships strong.

They’re stunningly beautiful

Women from Barranquilla are fantastic at maintaining their attractive appearance. Firstly, they’re constantly in shape because they exercise every day, stay physically active, and mind their diet. Secondly, they care about skin, wear sunscreen, and stick to gentle products in the skincare routine. As a result, they age gracefully and you never know how old a girl might be.


Barranquilla dating peculiarities

Luckily, there aren’t many dating customs everyone should follow in Barranquilla, especially if you’re a foreigner dating a local woman. But if you stick to these tips, your chances to succeed will rise.

  • Show respect towards her mother. Women have always been the driving force behind the Columbian family culture in many respects. Children, especially sons, have a lot of appreciation and gratitude for their moms. So, don’t be surprised if your girlfriend introduces you to her mom on a first or second date. It’s totally common.
  • Better avoid mafiosos and cartels. Yes, it still exists in Columbia. Moreover, it might be pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t have mafiosos somewhere in the family. But it’s okay, it shouldn’t be a problem to date a woman who has such a forty-second cousin. Most importantly, don’t date people directly involved in the cartel, mafia, etc. Just to be on the safe side.
  • Dress to impress! Barranquilla girls look like a million dollars, and they expect you to look good too. They love men who know how to dress themselves up. Try to match her appearance. Wear something casual, but nice and modern. Take care of your hair, nails, and skin. They should be clean and groomed. Then the chemistry between you is inevitable.

Where to meet Barranquilla Colombia girls?

There are many places to get acquainted with girls in the city. So no matter where you go, just express a bit of confidence and friendliness, start a small talk and Barranquilla girls will undeniably keep a conversation flowing. Find the best places to meet women, have fun, and spend a nice time together with new friends below.

Barranquilla nightclubs

  • La Troja. It’s a must place to head to if you’re in Barranquilla between Thursday to Saturday night. At La Troja, you’ll have a taste of what a Colombian party is all about. It offers a big range of Columbian drinks for you to enjoy and dance around. Opening hours: Thursday, Friday 4:00 PM — 12:00 AM, Saturday 1:00 PM — 4:00 AM. Address: Calle 74 Cra 44 Esquina.
  • La Puerta De Abajo. It’s a small but cozy place where the only sure thing is that you’re going to dance and drink. The music is fantastic — the coastal rumba and salsa. The atmosphere is great. The crowd is different — mostly local girls who want to have fun. It’s a mandatory place to visit if you’re a male tourist. Opening hours: Thursday — Saturday, 8:00 PM — 03:00 AM. Address: Edificio Gama, Cra. 52.
  • Lives Megaclub. High quality live shows, talented performers and DJs. Staff is professional and friendly. Service is fast. National and imported drinks. Atmosphere is magical. The spot is surely worth visiting if you want to meet pretty women from Barranquilla and be entertained. Opening hours: Friday — Saturday, 9:00 PM — 04:00 AM. Address: Cra. 53 #70191.

Barranquilla bars

  • The Hangover Disco Bar. The place has a very personalized service, tasty local and European cuisine, and a very sympathetic atmosphere. The public that attends the bar is mostly locals. That’s why it’s a must-go for tourists from Western countries — it’s guaranteed you meet girls who want to get acquainted with foreigners. Opening hours: Thursday — Saturday, 6:00 PM — 04:00 AM. Address: Calle 84 Сasi Esquina Con Carrera 47.
  • La KZ. The first thing you should visit this place for is music. They have champeta, salsa, and other popular kinds of music in Colombia. The second reason the place is so loved by locals and tourists is cocktails. They’re the best in the city! The prices are affordable. The place is for all tastes in spirits and music. Opening hours: Thursday — Saturday, 5:00 PM — 3:00 AM. Address: Calle 84 #52-20.

Other spots to meet Barranquilla girls

  • Carnival of Barranquilla. Another perfect place and time to get acquainted with local girls is a Latin America’s second-biggest carnival after Rio de Janeiro’s. Barranquilla’s carnival is a huge blow-out event celebrated four days before Ash Wednesday. It’s time when the rich and poor, the old and young come together and have one enormous party. No barriers, mere fun and relaxation.
  • Beach and surfing. Barranquilla is home to some top surf spots in the country. It has everything for fantastic experiences — great waves and warm waters. No matter if you’re a professional or just a beginner. You can always have a few lessons, learn to surf, get acquainted with local Barranquilla girls. The energy and vibes are special on the beach. It disposes to new love stories.
  • Paseo Bolivar. Chaotic, busy, and filled with people. It’s a great place to get a real feel for Barranquilla. Try a tasty arepa con queso. Drink coconut water straight out the shell. Check out the market and various affordable goods on offer. And chat with locals, of course! It’s a great spot to learn the culture and its people.

Girls in Barranquilla and online dating

Meeting girls at the bars, clubs, beaches, and even on the streets is always exciting and fun. It works out for a big number of men and women. Is it effective in all cases? Of course not. Not all the singles are extraverts who can easily say hi and start a conversation with unfamiliar people. What is a way out? Online dating!

‌There are lots of dating websites that offer a variety of services. One of them — geolocation features. You can meet the girls from any city of the world. You get acquainted online, learn more about each other and only after that, arrange an offline meeting.

How to discover the best offline platform? Visit brigthbrides.org and see a vast range of such websites. Read the reviews, see ratings, learn about the features and services. Decide what you like the most and start Barranquilla girls search!

As a rule, it doesn’t take long to find a date and have a wonderful time with a pretty and smart Columbian woman.

Add some Columbian spice to your life!

Hot Barranquilla girls are approachable and friendly to foreigners. If you have a desire to meet and date one of them, it shouldn’t be a problem. Register on a few dating platforms and share what you have on your mind. Or, if you’re in the city, go to crowded places like clubs and bars and get acquainted with them there. No matter which way you choose, the fortune will certainly smile upon you! Because Barranquilla is a place where all, even wildest, dreams can come true!