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Beijun dating

Dating A Girl From Beijing: Best Places And Top Recommendations

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

What are Beijing girls like? Are they open to meeting foreigners? Where to go for finding a date in Beijing? Are there any rules or recommendations? If you're looking for the answers to all those questions and need a quality city dating guide — you're at the right place. Find detailed and well-structured information on dating cultural peculiarities and top places for meeting girls in Beijing right here.

Why men like dating women in Beijing?

‌There are numerous reasons why these women are so attractive and charming to foreigners. Here are a few of them.



Men from America, Australia, Canada, and European countries love dating girls from China, in particular from Beijing, for their feminine qualities. Such dainty and soft women provoke men to release their best masculine characteristics. The girls are charming, stylish, sensual, and thoughtful. So you can be assertive, strong, and courageous near them.


Their appearance is truly special. It's unique and exotic for Caucasian men. Girls' hair is usually long, shiny, dark, and sleek. They spend hours caring about it, so it's pleasant to touch and look at. They're also obsessed with skincare. In contrast to Western women, women from Beijing favor fair skin over a more tanned one.


Women from Beijing are very smart. They believe if you want to be prosperous in all life perspectives like career, relationships, friendship, travel, connection with other people, you have to study hard, learn a lot of new things, and acquire new skills. So it's doubtful you ever get bored when dating a girl from this city.

Beijing dating peculiarities

Here's what you should pay attention to when dating a woman in Beijing.

  • Men pay the bills. Chinese are usually more traditional when it comes to the “who pays” situation. Unlike Americans or Europeans, girls from Beijing expect men to pay for dinners and movies. Also, they see it as a norm to be given gifts frequently. What's more, the guy is generally supposed to handle all the decision-making when it comes to dating, and some girls take this very seriously.
  • Everyone cares about the look. As a man with a Caucasian appearance, you have all chances a girl from Beijin will fall in love with you at first sight. They adore white men. But only in case you care about your look. So wear casual, but stylish clothes and good perfume.
  • Daters follow particular rules. Dating process is very different in Beijin if compare to the Western dating style. For example, it's totally okay to play it cool and not be in constant contact when you met a person and just start dating. But in Beijin, it's typical to text or phone several times a day, even if your relationship isn't even that serious yet.

Best places in Beijing to pickup women

So, you're in Beijing and thinking where to meet women? No worries. Here are the top places to find the most beautiful girls who are open to meeting foreigners.

Best clubs in Beijing for foreigners

If you want to feel and see with your own eyes what real fun and nightlife is, set off to Sanlitun, an area in one of the Beijing districts. It has lots of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs and is a popular destination for entertainment.

  • Club mix. Anyone looking for fun, with unlimited drinks, laser lights spinning above dance floors, and lots of stunning local girls are welcome at this nightclub. The place is one of the oldest of its kind in the city and that's why you can often hear some old-school songs DJ plays from time to time. By the way, themed parties are also the club's schtick. Girls wear different costumes and look extremely sexy.
  • V Plus Lounge. This place has both a nightclub and bar. If you've ever heard about a Chinese pop singer Na Ying, then you might meet her there as her husband is the owner of that magical place. You can either go and meet girls at a lively dance floor or visit a cozy rooftop bar where women relax and enjoy nighttime views of Beijing.
  • Trinity Club. Its main advantage over dozens of other nightclubs in the area is that it's pretty small and cozy. Such an atmosphere disposes to new meetings and intimate moods. Besides, the club has good drinks and delicious food. Another big plus — it has got excellent service. Finally, the music. The owner is a DJ himself, so you won't hear any rubbish in the Trinity Club.

Best bars in Beijing

  • Capital Spirits. It's the world's first bar that specializes in baijiu, a Chinese alcoholic beverage made from grain. The place is an award-winning bistro full of Chinese decor. It's very authentic and atmospheric. A lot of women go there to relax and have a good time in a cushy and affordable place. Moreover, any good drink can do its thing — you become more relaxed and braver to meet new people.
  • Janes and Hooch. If you're in China but want to feel like home again — visit Janes and Hooch. It's an American-style bistro offering numerous incredible drinks. By the way, they release a new cocktail every week and many locals come to try it. It's the kind of entertainment that makes people carefree and marked by peace and comfort. Meet your Beijing girl for dating at the large bar table on the first floor or go to the second floor where people are chilling.
  • d.Lounge. The place is especially popular among young girls as it offers plenty of colorful cocktails which are popular among inexperienced drinkers. The interior is reminiscent of an artistic factory. It's also decorated with paintings and ornaments. There are many leather sofas all around the place, so you can always find a group of women to join while you're there.

Other spots for Beijing dating

  • Beijing Capital Museum. Thinking museums are no good for meeting pretty girls for dating? You're wrong here. In fact, Beijing Capital Museum is extremely popular among both tourists and locals as it has a lot to see and do. Getting acquainted with a woman there couldn't be any easier as you can start a conversation naturally. Just ask about any art object in the museum and try to make a conversation going. Be polite and show your manners.
  • Coal Hill Park (Jingshan). The park has one of the best views in the city and lots of local people visit it regularly just to walk, grab a drink, have a nice talk, and forget about life problems for a while. And it's a good place where young people get acquainted with each other. Splendid gardens and walkways bode for a romantic mood.
  • 798 Art Zone.Also known as Dashanzi Art District, 798 Art Zone is a unique art community, and one of the more unusual things to do in Beijing. That's a place where free, interesting, open-minded people come to have a good time. It's a wonderful spot to explore together with a local girl, as at every turn you see some interesting art object displayed or an artist who performs something.

What about online dating in Beijing?


China is the world's most populous country and about 200 million Chinese are eager to find a partner. It's a result of the decades-long one-child policy. China suffers from a great gender imbalance. And this problem has given rise to dating and relationship counseling services. So online dating is a very common way of finding people with similar purposes and desires in Beijing today.

You can meet Beijing women online on various international dating sites presented on brigthbrides.org. It's a modern, reliable, and widely-used platform for those who happen to be in the city and wants to have some fun.

Why you should try dating in Beijing?

Beijing girls are really open to getting acquainted with foreigners, especially with men of Caucasian appearance. So when you visit the city and want to learn what it's like to date a local girl, you won't have any trouble with that. Firstly, you already know lots of places where to go to do that. Secondly, you can always go online and visit brigthbrides.org. Of course, chances to meet a girl online who's single and looks for a date are higher. Anyway, you can try any of the methods you find good for you. Just remember — be confident and show you can be a leader. Beijing women love such men. Go and get them!