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Things To Talk About While Online Dating

Things To Talk About While Online Dating: Get The Best Online Dating Questions

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

When an ideally compatible partner is finally met online, you become interested in a real date. Often people don't know what online dating questions to ask before meeting. However, your communication in this period is crucial, allowing you to learn more about a lady or man. According to data, two-thirds of people who met their soulmates online admitted that the first meeting had determined whether their encounter would develop or end. So we offer you the best online dating questions to succeed in your romance.

The best online dating questions to ask her


Chatting on a dating site with a hot lady, it's important to choose the good questions to ask online dating. The more answers you get, the more self-confident you'll be in a real conversation. What's more, you receive extra points by flattering her ego. Remember to keep your interaction fun, as it isn't a job interview, so come with simple questions. Try to be extraordinary, and you'll stand out from the majority of men your lady met before, it's a good chance for you! To get a fast and positive response, learn a lot from her profile and don't make her repeat strictly what she already mentioned there. The acceptable questions to ask a girl while online dating are written below.

What is your favorite way of chill?

Usually, several photos and a bio can't tell a lot about how a lady relaxes and what she likes. It's one of the best online dating questions as it helps to discover your common preferences and activities. Who knows, maybe, your soulmate participates in an activity you've always wanted to join but had no opportunities for. This neutral question also gives ideas on how to make your first date fascinating.

What do your usual weekends usually look like?

How a lady uses her free time tells a lot about her personality. When she works on her “day off,” it's a sign that she's career-oriented or merely a workaholic. Spending Sundays coaching a children's soccer team, probably, she loves kids and sport. In return, tell your cutie about your weekends and how you would like to spend them together. Maybe, evenings with candlelight and wine on the river bank is one of her sweet fantasies!

What's your signature drink?

A lady's alcohol preferences reveal much more about her character than standard questions about Zodiac. If she likes beverages with cognac and vodka, it means you met a strong woman. In case she prefers wine and light cocktails like Blue Lagoon, it might signify she's romantic. Other aspects of drinking also matter. Does she always order the same drink? Is she addicted to coffee? Before planning an ideal date, consider this nuance. Also, this kind of questions to ask on a dating site is good to break the ice in a dialogue.

What places for a meeting do you like?

Getting to the level where the conversation is running and a mutual interest is felt, then the next logical step is to speak about favorite places. If your beloved gladly tells you about her fav places, obviously, the question about a date and time will be the next.

Ideal online dating questions to ask him

Girls often wonder what to ask a guy before a real meeting. The main goal here is to show your respect and admiration toward his personality. But what are the most relevant and exciting questions to ask a guy while online dating? What to ask to maintain a good impression? Keep reading and bear in mind the best variants for a dialogue.


If you could choose any superpower, what would it be?

Lots of guys were superhero fans in their childhood, and sometimes we like dreaming of having some fantastic skills. This is one of the good questions to ask on online dating, letting you know more about a man according to his answers. When you think of superpowers together, a conversation turns to be more romantic.

What aspects you won't compromise on in a romance?

Although it can be helpful to avoid talking about deal breakers early in a connection, it isn't always the best game plan. So you will realize what your interlocutor doesn't accept. It's a good sort of question to realize whether you should continue the conversation.

What's your favorite part of your job?

This question is an ideal way to learn about a man's character and how he spends his days. Find out more about his traits and what motivates him. Focusing on the positive helps to keep your dialogue optimistic. Tell about your work principles and values too to demonstrate things you have in common. Also, this question hiddenly inspects his ambitions and future plans, so you understand whether he's capable of providing high living conditions for a family.

Other good online dating conversation topics

Imagine that you're both sitting next to each other. There's a sudden pause in the conversation, and you need to say something now, but your brain seems to have stopped working. You aren't alone in this situation. There are some topics that are normal for a daily conversation.


Hobbies are a great neutral topic for an online conversation. Knowing what your partner likes in his or her free time supplies you with several points to talk about. For instance, maybe you both are into yoga or running. You may talk about your favorite places for activities, healthy nutrition, or something else. Common hobbies always make people closer to each other.

Family and friends

Asking about relatives or close people may give you a lot of information to learn about your soulmate and get closer to her or him. When an interlocutor says many bad things about closest people, you should consider whether this is a good sign for you. If a partner recalls many kind and funny stories, you can relax, as he or she is warm-hearted. Asking about family and friends is one of the most sensitive questions to ask on online dating, yet, it might supply you with a broad topic you will speak on for days. This topic allows becoming true friends before getting to the next stage.


The most exciting events for many people are connected with traveling. Being in new places, you usually learn about another culture and traditions, which broadens your mind and gives unforgettable moments. Everyone gladly tells about personal voyages and happy moments, so ask an interlocutor about them. Show that you're interested in the countries he or she traveled to, what experience of a “culture shock” in another country a person had, and where an interlocutor would like to live. Compare your views and get numerous subtopics for discussion.


The best option to maintain an online dating conversation is sharing fantasies and ideas. Use it asking something like, "If money weren't a problem for you and you could leave your job tomorrow, where would you go and what would you do?" When you ask a twin soul about his or her fantasies, you can find out what a person values the most in life. This is one of the best questions to ask when online dating!


It's hard to find a person who doesn't like to eat tasty meals. Some people like to share their culinary preferences, others may talk a lot about receipts. Ask your interlocutor about favorite cuisine or restaurant. Does he or she like cooking at home? Does a person follow a special diet? Share your eating habits, talking about last visited cafes and restaurants. Recall your favorite receipts, and maybe, he or she'll offer to cook for you a slice of delicious meat or some extraordinary dish from the cuisine of another country. It's a great topic to lead you to a real meeting in a natural way.

Online dating is a popular way to meet people instead of traditional face-to-face communication. The computer removes many intimidating factors and gives much freedom to express yourself and get the chance for a real date with a nice person. Now you know the best things to talk about during online dating to prepare better for a meeting. Using these ideas, you get closer to a partner of your fantasies. Hurry up and start your fascinating romance online!