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Women Of Bogota

Meet Women Of Bogota: The Best Dating Tips And Places To Meet Bogota Girls

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Colombia is famous for having the hottest Latina women. They're all passionate, vibrant, and charming. Just think of Shakira, a Colombian, and let all your doubts go away. In this Bogota dating guide, you'll find some useful advice on how and where to meet a Colombian woman of your dreams. If you want to date a woman from Bogota, get ready for a big new adventure in your life, it's going to be hot!

What are hot Bogota girls like?

Before you dig right into dating a Colombian girl, get to some theory first. Learn more about Colombian women for marriage, study their habits and behavior to understand them better. What are their character qualities, and how do they feel about dating foreigners?


Main virtues and qualities of Bogota women

If it's your first time interacting with Colombian women, better prepare yourself for sleepless nights dancing and having fun with your partner and her friends, loud music, and great pastimes. Dating a Colombian woman is like a lifelong holiday full of joy and happiness. Why so?

  • Bogota women aren't argumentative. Unlike most Latina girls, Colombians are quite calm and laid back, which means they don't tend to argue about every single detail. Sure, they're still emotional, but in a good way. You won't have any problems with a Colombian girl by your side regarding jealousy or other tiny misunderstandings whatsoever.
  • They're passionate lovers. Bogota girls are very sexy, and they know how to please a man with all sorts of tastes in bed. They're quite experienced and know some special Latina secrets on how to make your sex life as diverse and exciting as possible. Colombian girls are open to experiments and don't mind trying even some "extreme" types of pleasure.
  • They're open-minded. Women of Bogota aren't only open to new sex positions and activities but also to new adventures and experiences. You'll never get bored with a Colombian woman as you'll have a new activity or achievement to accomplish every day. Spontaneous trip to another country? Skinny dipping? Doing some extreme sports? No limits for them.
  • Bogota Girls are great cooks. From arepas and bandeja paisa to tres leches and jugo de guanábana, Colombian women can cook any traditional and lots of international dishes. They were born in big households where mothers taught them how to cook and do chores from the very childhood, that's why they're so good at it.
  • They're well-educated. Although Colombia isn't the richest Latino country, its citizens, especially girls, fight for the right to have an education, go to college, and learn foreign languages like English. Many women of Bogota have gone abroad to study, got a nice job, and live a happy life. Those who stayed are also well-established in society. You'll see how hard-working Colombian women are and how they want to develop themselves all the time.

The top places to find the sexy Bogota Colombian women

You can find lots of cool spots to go and meet Bogota Colombian girls. Countless bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are at your service here. Don't miss the chance to visit the best ones out there!


Feel like dancing the whole night? You're lucky because Bogota nightclubs are just killing it! Try some of these top venues for a great time:

  • Theatron. A huge nightclub with 13 dance floors. Wonderful music, great people, and cheap cocktails.
  • EL MOZO. Thursday is a perfect day to visit this place as the biggest music event take place then.
  • Sutton Club Bogota. Nice interior, excellent sound system, lots of live music events, and a wide selection of drinks.
  • Disco Jaguar. A good place for disco parties, tasty drinks, and a great vibe. One of the best Bogota nightclubs.

Food spots

Time for a snack! Lots of exquisite restaurants are located in the downtown of Bogota, but make sure to visit some further areas for a tasty meal too.

  • Cabrera. Visit the place for cocktails and mazoradas. Great vibe and service guaranteed.
  • Castaña. Great place to have a quiche and try local empanadas. Cool service for fair prices.
  • Prudencia. A perfect venue to try signature cuisine and cocktails. Great selection of meats, starters, and desserts.
  • The Market. The place inside the JW Marriott hotel. Exquisite design, tasty drinks, and a great selection of seafood.


What can be better than a chilly cocktail after a hot day in town? Only a chilly cocktail in one of the best bars in Bogota! Check them out:

  • Huerta Cocteleria Artesanal. An awesome trendy place to try signature cocktails and enjoy some light snacks. One of the best cocktail bars in Bogota.
  • The Red Room. A great 3-floor cocktail bar with live music, bohemian design, and great cocktails. A perfect option for a fancy night out.
  • El Irish Pub. Based on a typical Irish pub, in case you want to try something new. Great selection of beers, and amazing service, just like in Ireland.
  • Apache. A popular rooftop bar with cocktails and beer in a combination of posh design and a lovely view of the town below.

Activities and hobbies

Up for some new experiences or want to visit famous sightseeing? Bogota is full of interesting venues which are a must-visit. Because who knows when else you'll be able to come here.

  • Taking food tours. Ajiaco, pescado pacifico, arepas sound so unfamiliar? This means it's time for a food tour in Bogota! You can learn more about the national cuisine, try the best delicacies, and even learn how to cook them on your own.
  • Zip-lining. It's not dangerous at all but quite extreme if you like spiced-up emotions during the trip. Lots of locals and tourists enjoy it as you can see the city in a whole new light and notice some unexplored locations.
  • Hiking. Hiking is a great way to explore the deepest corners of Bogota. You can also meet lots of hot local women who could accompany you on the way to visiting the most distant areas. You never know what to expect from Bogota.
  • Shopping. Go get some weaved mochila bags or silver jewelry from the local market as a souvenir from Colombia. It's famous for gold and silver accessories, the world's best coffee, and stunning spices.

Outdoor, close-to-nature venues

Bogota isn't a seashore city but has a lot of cool venues to visit. Let's explore some of the coolest:

  • Cycling tour around the city. Bicycles are one of the most convenient ways to travel around the city, so book one and go on a great trip with your new local girlfriend. Stop at the Botero Museum, Plaza Bolivar, the Central Cemetary, Plaza del Chorro, and Cafe de la Fonda Coffee Factory to try the best coffee in the world.
  • Simon Bolivar Central Park. The largest open green space in Bogota, full of lakes, trees, parks, public facilities, event venues, and a lot more! Have you ever been to a sauna or water park right in the center of the capital city? You just got your chance!
  • Graffiti walking around Bogota. Graffiti is an important cultural and artistic element of the city's history. You'll find different great pictures of different styles, fonts, and generations.
  • Visiting Monserrate, the mountain of Bogota. Over 3000 meters above the sea, this was a pilgrim destination just 60 years ago. You should visit the mountain to see the statue of Señor Caido or the Fallen Saint and overarching view of the city.

Online dating sites

Don't forget about looking for overseas brides online. If you look at various foreign dating sites reviews, you'll see that the best options to find hot girls from Bogota are LatinFeels and LoveFort. Here, you'll find as many great women as you can imagine, enjoy useful search options, and various communication tools for an enhanced experience.

Time to meet the hot women of Bogota

Moving from theory to practice! You know the main virtues of the hot Colombian women and where to search for them both online and offline. Now it's all up to you to choose at what pace you're going to develop relationships with them. Good luck searching for your perfect match in Bogota!