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Brazilian VS Colombian Women

Brazilian Women VS Colombian Women Most Sharp Distinctions

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

What impression can these women make on a foreigner and what are the differences in child-rearing among Western women? Specialists told us why Brazilian vs Colombian women discourse is a complex one.

Thus, we’ve made extensive research on the topic of Colombia vs Brazil women. Read this article to learn which ladies would best meet your dating requirements.

Brazilian vs Colombian women: Differences in background and lifestyle

First of all, let's check how Colombian and Brazilian women differ in personalities and everyday lives.

Education and independence

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Brazilian women is a higher level of education than in Colombia. This is because in the twentieth century, the position of men and women was similar and wages were determined by the level of qualifications, not by connections and privileges. In this Colombian vs Brazilian women comparison, the latter wins.

What about feminism, Colombia has been hit quite hard by the wave of feminism. That's why Colombian girls are trying to achieve independence in all life spheres. On the contrary, Brazilian women for marriage are more dedicated to family.


Let's start with the looks. Due to their natural vivacity, Colombian ladies are incredibly charming. In addition, they can and love to take care of themselves, which manifests itself in applying effective makeup, the ability to create an image, and the selection of accessories and clothing.

When we talk about Brazilian ladies in our comparison of Colombia vs Brazil women, it’s important to remember that Brazilian women are beautiful as well, however they spend much more time and money on visiting beauty salons. The beauty industry is more developed in Brazil, thus local ladies leverage it to their advantage.

Favorite activities and lifestyle

So, what can be said about the leisure of ladies when we talk about Colombian vs Brazilian women? In between household chores like cooking and getting the kids and husband ready, you can have a coffee. It's best to meet up with friends and chat on various topics in some lovely comfortable cafe. This way of life is preserved for years—often you can meet respectable old ladies who sit in a cafe and chat with friends over a cup of aromatic coffee. Even as old ladies, however, Colombian women continue to take great care of their appearance.


Colombian vs Brazilian women: Distinctions in family and sex attitudes

Do Colombian and Brazilian ladies differ much in family values and sex relationships? The answers are below.


There's also a cardinal difference in the understanding of success. For a Brazilian woman, having a husband and children is important. Ladies in Colombia have different ideas of success.

Rarely do Colombian mail order brides want to start a family very early—girls love to dance till dawn, and having fun for a long time is a priority for them. And not every man can defeat the insubordinate character of Columbian girls—they're not against making new acquaintances, but they can't help being unapproachable for long. And flirting with such women's love means that the man will have to feel like a conquistador, conquering new lands.

Upbringing children

There are also differences in the upbringing of children. In Brazil, mothers pay more attention to their children, but sometimes this can turn into hyperactivity. Most often, more attention is paid to little boys.Columbian women, on the other hand, give much more freedom to their children. Although, these mothers are also actively engaged in the kids' life.

Brazilian ladies are more characterized by the concept of motherhood. She'll be a better wife and mother than a European. The value of the Brazilian woman as a mother and wife is also extremely high, much higher than abroad.

Intimate relationship

What about Brazilian women vs Colombian women's attitude to intimacy? Both, Brazilian and Colombian ladies are very passionate, thus good sexual life is importance in relationship with ladies from both countrys. However, Colombian ladies are more open to experimenting with their partner and trying new things.

Colombia vs Brazil women: Who wins?

In comparison, both ladies evoke strong feelings of competitiveness, care, and willpower. People always go for the comparison of Colombian women vs Brazilian women, but it all depends on you. Both countries have amazing girls ready to become your wives. See what criteria suit you best.