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Cabo San Lucas girls

Cabo San Lucas Girls Dating Guide: Tips And Places For Meeting Women Here

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

Is Cabo San Lucas good for singles? What is its dating culture? Are the girls hot and beautiful there? If you're going to the city with the purpose to find a foreign woman for fun and dating, read on.

Reasons to date Cabo San Lucas girls

Cabo San Lucas or simply Cabo, is a resort city in Mexico. It's an extremely romantic place with a special atmosphere. Beautiful beaches, white sand, perfect weather tempt, and lure. Who could resist? The place calls for some amorous adventures with local girls. See why you should try dating them.

They're hot and beautiful

Curvaceous but fit bodies, seductive look, dark soft skin, and black smooth hair. Mexican women are goddesses that manage to win the most prestigious beauty pageants. Girls in Cabo are especially hot. They can't afford to look bad in a city with so many beaches where lots of foreign single men come for the vacation.

They're passionate and expressive

It's going to feel like a real game-changer. Like you've never met any passionate woman before in your life. Girls from Cabo San Lucas will show what it's really like to dance, drink, laugh, and love as if it's your last day to live. You'll plunge into a different world of overwhelming feelings, positive emotions, and brand-new experiences.

Tips for dating Cabo San Lucas women


Dating girls from Cabo may be different from dating girls from America, Australia, Canada, or any other Western country you might be from. Here's what you should remember:

  • Brace yourself for some drama. You know that Mexican girls are passionate. And it reveals though all kinds of emotions. So when she's mad — you'll know it immediately. You'd better not play games with her as when she finds out, you'll have to pay for it. Tears, arguments, yelling. Do you really need it? Stay cool and be a gentleman, and you'll get a girl to have the time of your life with.
  • Treat her as if she's the queen of the world. Yes, sounds a bit arrogant, but the girls need it. They work hard to look spectacular and be admired by men. Remember a few pet names in Spanish — “Mi alma, Amada, Cariño, Mi Cielito, Mi Corazon” and you'll win her over immediately. A sweet and nice Western man is a real jackpot for Cabo San Lucas women.

How to find Cabo San Lucas girls for dating online?

Before you go out there to different places like clubs, restaurants, or bars in search of a hot girl to have a date with, why don't you try to look for her online? Very often it's a faster, safer, and more effective method.

There are many dating sites today so to make the process quicker you may visit brigthbrides.org. Here, you get a list of the most popular, quality, and reliable dating websites. Reviews with ratings, articles with advice from experts, and lots of other useful information — all in one place.

Best spots in Cabo San Lucas to pick up women or to go on a date

The list of places below will be very handy if you need to find where to spend time with a girl you've already found online or to meet one for dating right there.


Best hotels in Cabo San Lucas for singles

You definitely need to visit one of the hotels below as they're perfect for men who want some love affair vacation.

  • Pueblo Bonito Sunset. You can hardly find any better place to have some fantastic time with a pretty Cabo girl. Hospitality, service, and entertainment are at a higher level. You'll be made to feel like royalty every day. The hotel overlooking the Pacific has a private beach where lots of pretty women sunbathe daily. It's surely a perfect destination for romance, adventures, and love affairs.
  • Posada Real. This spot is more budget-friendly but still a very good choice. The rooms are perfect for couples who want comfort, relaxation, and privacy. The suites include a private bedroom, two bathrooms, and a living room. And even though the guests usually don't spend much time in their rooms, Posada Real can change your mind on this as you'll never want to leave such a comfortable bed or sofas.

Romantic restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Restaurants are ideal for first dates. Want to make an impression on a Cabo San Lucas woman? Take her to one of these spots!

  • Sunset Monalisa. The name itself proves the place is romantic and extremely atmospheric. It has a heart-stopping view, and it's a real pleasure to watch sunsets there drinking a delicious cocktail or tasting handmade pasta or freshly caught seafood. If you take a girl there, she'll become speechless and appreciate your care. You'll be rewarded for such a nice gesture.
  • Ole` Ole`. That's an ideal place for both coming on a date or getting acquainted with a pretty girl. It's located along Cabo's famous boardwalk where lots of people pass by. Choose between seafood tapas, barbecued pork chops, or cool gazpacho soup, and enjoy a talk with your date. Or ask a girl you don't know yet to have a drink with you. You'll have a marvelous time anyway.

Best party places in Cabo

Love to party? Need a girl with similar tastes in entertainment? Then try any of the places below.

  • Cabo Party Fun. It's kind of a generator of parties. You can join a pole dance private charter cruise, a weekend party, or any other celebration that's going on at a boat. Drinks, fun, and lots of dancing. You can watch the sunset being somewhere in the sea or kiss a girl under a starry sky. You choose! The best parties and fun activities are available at Cabo Party Fun.
  • Cabocrawl. If you want to experience the best of Cabo San Lucas or Los Cabos nightlife in one night, make new friends from all over the world, find a hot girl to have a good time with — you're welcome at Cabocrawl. It's perfect for those who're on a limited budget. How is that happening? You're guided by an experienced local who takes you and a group of others as crazy people to 3-4 bars and clubs. Unlimited drinks, no waiting in lines, reserved tables. No chance you don't like it.

Best bars in Cabo San Lucas

Another perfect way to meet a girl is getting acquainted with one at a bar. It's not that challenging when you're in Cabo San Lucas. Girls are open to meeting new people, especially foreigners.

  • El Squid Roe. If you need a noisy, lively bar — go to El Squid Roe. It's always full of people and many local girls visit it every day. It has three floors, five bar tables, and VIP zones. You'll plunge in real fun. The vibe is crazy. You'll see young girls dancing on the tables and singing to the loud music. By the way, they don't mind getting acquainted with handsome foreign guys and flirting with them.
  • Giggling Marlin. That's where brave, fun, and adventurous girls go. The place is quieter by day when people just hang out there eating and drinking. But after the dark, it's much more lively. It's when people start partying really hard. Some of them even agree to be voluntarily hung upside down and served several shots in a row. Want a try? Cabo San Lucas women love adventurous men.

Your dating experience with Cabo San Lucas girls

What do you think is the best way to meet girls? Online or offline? Your chances for a love affair in Cabo San Lucas are huge anyway! It's a big resort and people come to have fun there! It's hardly possible you see a girl who won't smile at you or refuse to go on a date if you ask her out. You know the tips. You know the best places. What are you waiting for? Just relax and do it! Foreign men are popular among Cabo San Lucas girls. Smile, behave naturally, show genuine interest, let it go smoothly, and you're doomed for success.