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Cartagena Girls

Cartagena Dating Guide: Meet Hot Cartagena Women

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

International matrimonies become more and more popular. Guys from America turn to the idea of marrying females from other cultures. And if you’re one of them, take a look at Cartagena women. Cartagena is known as a tropical and one of the largest cities in Colombia. It’s famous for exotic beaches, open-minded people, and romantic historical places. The weather here is hot and wet, so local people here are dark and have an unusual look for Westerners. Cartagena is one of the most popular Caribbean destinations. It attracts people not only with breathtaking architecture and beautiful beaches but also with local females.

If you would like to start a fascinating romance with a foreign lady from Colombia, Cartagena’s women are the best option for you. In this article, you’ll find out what features make them popular among men, where to meet them, and get some advice for dating. Continue reading to get the essential information helping you to build the relationship of your dreams.


Why foreign guys choose Cartagena girls?

The unique and remarkable look of these ladies deserves the attention of thousands of foreign men. Thanks to them, Columbia belongs to the ranks of countries with the most captivating females on the planet. Local girls are interesting not only with their appearance but also thanks to their qualities, making them ideal spouses and attentive mothers. They’re the epitome of beauty and substance.

Their beauty amazes

Females from this city have a dark skin tone and black hair. They attract men with their sexual charisma, curvy figures, and active lifestyle. Mostly they’re friendly and can hold any conversation. If you have a soft spot for an impressive look and stunning shapes, choose a girlfriend among Cartagena girls. These females are different from the rest of Colombia. They’re darker, shorter, and have more African appearance in comparison with the rest of the country. While the rest women of Colombia have more European features, Cartagena women give you a taste of something Caribbean.

Their souls open in dance

It’s hard to find a girl from this city who doesn’t like dancing. It’s famous for different dances, which are extremely popular. Among them are salsa, reggaeton, vallenato, and many others. People know salsa regardless of their location, so if you want to impress your foreign girlfriend, you can learn how to dance it. While the salsa is danced all over Colombia, it's a big thing in Cartagena where everyone knows how to dance it. When you date such a lady, don’t be afraid to bring her to the center of the dance floor to sway through the sweet music. These women like you to show the world you love her and she belongs to you. They like to be loved while the whole world is watching, and this is the way of expressing themselves.

Cartagena women like rum

It’s a part of local culture, as almost every person in all Caribbean countries and islands likes this drink. It’s hard to imagine a party without loud music and rum. Females in Cartagena have nothing against it and become even open and communicative after a glass of rum.

Why are women of Cartagena ideal spouses?

A stunning look of these ladies isn’t their only one winning side. They have multiple character traits men value. They’re taught to be caring and loving. They like to cook and impress their husbands with tasty dishes. These girls become attentive mothers and friends to their kids. You’ll never get bored with such a spouse because she’s active and always invents something new. She gladly travels with you and is thankful for everything you do for her. She knows the value of money and won’t spend it on unnecessary things. Your soulmate probably enjoys her every day and can bring bright colors in yours.

When it comes to family life and family roles, these girls tend to have a traditional view on the relationships. Their family is always the center of existence. Cartagena families live with 3 or 4 generations under the same roof because this is their way of maintaining close ties. They let you be the leader and are ready to provide a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere in your home. They’re looking for serious relationships with reliable partners. If you’re a marriage-minded guy, you have all the chances to melt the heart of such a lady. Moreover, when she loves you, she’ll stick with you through the twists and twirls in your romance. It’s rooted in her tender character. She becomes both your fortress and refuge. The better you know your wife, the happier you become with her.

The best places for finding girls from Cartagena

If you want to get acquainted with someone in the US you may go out to a bar or club and communicate with females. In Cartagena, the situation is a bit different. Local females go out in huge groups with men looking out for them and paying for their dishes and drinks. You can face a problem to interject yourself into these groups and get acquainted with new females. Still, there are places where single Cartagena women like spending time searching for partners for crime and fun. Explore the list of top places for meeting women in Cartagena.


Touristic spots

Explore the city! This action gives you more chances to meet a single local lady. Foreign men are always interesting to them, so you have better opportunities to catch their attention. Walking around the old town of Cartagena with its historic architecture and fine weather is a beautiful way to spend a day getting to know someone. It offers a low-pressure environment where you’ll always have something new to discuss and get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

Tempting old locations are lovely spots for making new contacts. Don't forget to check out some popular and crowded locations like:

  • The Torre del Reloj. It’s the main city gate. Here you can feel the history’s spirit is still around us in the present times and find a girl with the same feeling.
  • Plaza Aduana. It’s the historically important and monument-filled neighborhood full of restaurants, clubs, and other exciting spots.
  • Plaza Santo Domingo. This vibrant square has a Botero statue and the leafy green Plaza Bolivar that’s often filled with dancers and performers. Plaza Santo Domingo is surrounded by colorful buildings and also serves as a hub of outdoor restaurant culture.
  • Shopping malls. Don’t miss shopping spots on your list of locations to visit. Remember, girls like gathering at shopping malls for making new purchases or meeting. Walking around Cartagena's old town with its historic architecture and fine weather is a beautiful way to spend a day getting to know someone. Small talk on advising to choose clothes is a perfect start to ignite each other's interest. Visit malls like Bocagrande Square, San Fernando, Caribe Plaza.

Salsa clubs

There’s no place in Colombia without salsa. It's a wonderful opportunity to make new contacts, which you definitely should use. Dancing helps to feel a girl and become closer to her, and it’s something you can try to get what you want.

Among the best salsa clubs are:

  • Cafe Havana. Considering the best salsa spots, Havana is a must place to try. It’s an often crowded bar with live music. One of its unique characteristics is the fact Hillary Clinton danced there during her visit to the city. Even if you aren’t a dancer, it’s a chance to observe hot Cartagena women and pay tribute to history.
  • Donde Fidel. It’s a spot with a perfect sound system and a marvelous location, particularly in the front of the stunning clock tower in the walled city.
  • Quiebra-Canto. It’s a salsa spot with incredible music, many dancers around, wooden second-story balcony to enjoy watching wonderful Cartagena girls dancing.
  • Crazy Salsa. If you aren’t that much into salsa, this is the place for you. This location has many classes for beginners.


Another right place for meeting local females is a beach. The city Cartagena sits on the Colombian coast, sticking out into the Caribbean Sea so that it’s almost surrounded by coastline. You’ll appreciate beautiful beaches and a huge opportunity to get acquainted with ladies there. Some popular beaches are:

  • Bocagrande. This beach is loved by tourists, so it attracts any Cartagena girl who wants to meet a foreigner. The place also has lovely cafés to have a cup of coffee or something else with a hot beauty.
  • Castillogrande. This beach is considered popular among the Cartagena elites. This spacious place has a peaceful and calm atmosphere relaxing anyone coming there.
  • La Boquilla. It’s one of the most beloved places of locals as there are almost no tourists. Also, this beach isn’t that crowded as others close to Cartagena. There are some open-air restaurants to enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • Punta Arena. It’s a beach worthy to visit as its location is on an island. People also enjoy Bomba Beach club, where it’s easy to make new contacts.


You don’t like to spend your time under hot sun rays? You’re welcome to discover the fascinating nightlife of this marvelous city. Among the top clubs are:

  • Eivissa. It’s considered one of the craziest night spots in Cartagena that gathers people in search of adventures almost every night. Fire shows, astonishing rooftop, and spectacular view to the old town make this place remarkable.
  • Bazurto social club. It’s one of the most “Caribbean” places with local vibes, and tourists are rare there. There’s an opportunity to enjoy live music too.
  • Tu Candela. This spot became well-known when it appeared Barack Obama’s secret service agents visited it. Intriguing, right? This place also has diverse music selections and well-priced drinks.
  • Fragma club. This place is known among those who want to have some rest from Latino music. This club gives opportunity to enjoy premiere electronic pieces. There are many young people looking for having experience with the west world.

Bars and restaurants

There are plenty of interesting bars and restaurants in Cartagena for meeting and spending time with a girl:

  • Cafe del Mar. It’s one of the most famous spots with a rooftop terrace. You should book it in advance, as it’s a crowded place.
  • La Jugada Club house. It’s an exclusive feeling bar, with its neon decoration, amazing rooftop terrace, and excellent cocktail card.
  • Lila’s Pomarossa. This place gives you a special mix of Austrian and Bolivian flavors, that is truly a remarkable experience. There you have chances to meet a girl who likes taking the best from the things.
  • Club de Pesca. This spot is known by its exceptional service, wonderful cuisine, vibing atmosphere, and marvelous seaside view.
  • Marea by Rausch. This restaurant is one of the most popular among locals. They enjoy it for always tasty dishes and peaceful harbor view that inspire thinking about important things.
  • Mar y Zielo. Locals often say it’s a spot with one of the most cozy decors. If you’re looking for a place to chill — that’s the best spot.

Usually, good bars and restaurants are located close to each other, so you can find the best for you.

Online websites for Cartagena dating

If you have no opportunity to visit the country and city of your desirable girlfriend, find your fortune online. It’s one of the simplest and fastest methods for making new contacts with people from different parts of the planet. And if you’re keen on ladies from Cartagena, choose a top-rated and reliable dating site. On brightbrides.org, you can find the list of the most popular and trusted ones, where you get all the chances to meet your soulmate.

They gather thousands of single females interested in finding foreign men for serious romances and marriage. These sites provide all the necessary instruments for a safe and fascinating interaction, search, and meeting. Everything you have to do is to:

  • Complete the registration procedure
  • Fulfill your account page
  • Use search filters and chat tools

Thanks to detailed bios, you can get to know your potential bride deeper. Create your Favorites lists, change settings, and upgrade your account to get extra perks making your communication enjoyable. Utilize gifts delivery! Surprise your beloved with roses or chocolates, and your attention will be rewarded.

The majority of these gorgeous women don’t know English and speak only Spanish. If you want to impress your future spouse, learn at least several compliments in her mother tongue. Even if you’ll say them online via video mode, this activity will help to melt her heart. It allows getting prepared for your arrival and desirable meeting!

When it comes to dating, women in Cartagena tend to choose men who’re older than they. There are many reasons for it. They want to bind their lives with reliable gentlemen, who know what they want from life, but this confidence comes from the wisdom they receive via their experience and time.

Cartagena's females aren’t greedy, but if you’re financially stable, you have more chances for happy family life. These women choose men who they can rely on not only mentally. They appreciate responsible males who can provide abundance for their kids. In turn, they’re ready to do all their best for creating harmonious relationships and a cozy home atmosphere.

Communicative men win their hearts

These women want to settle down with guys who can communicate and listen to them. They prefer to find a common language in any case instead of quarrels. They try to avoid conflicts and create meaningful conversations. If you’re emotionally stable and a great communicator, probably you fit the preferences of your potential girlfriend. Just believe in yourself and go forward to your happiness.

Cartagena is a big city in Colombia with marvelous landscapes and beaches. Gorgeous local females are trendy among foreigners due to their natural beauty and active lifestyle. They become loving spouses and attentive mothers, thanks to their upbringing. These strong personalities are wonderful homemakers because they are disciplinarians that would make their children grow well-rounded, but are still very considerate. You can meet them walking down the streets of the Cartagena, on the beach, in clubs, or online! Choose one of the most reliable websites and meet your ideal women in the comfort of your home!