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Korean girls vs Japanese

Comparing Japanese Girls VS Korean Girls

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

If you're interested in Asian girls, you definitely noticed how similar and at the same time different they are. Asian culture has many variations depending on the particular country, that's why it's not correct to say that all Asians are alike.

In this article, let's compare Korean girls VS Japanese girls. What features do they possess, and how can they influence your dating? What's the biggest difference between Japanese and Korean women? Read on to find out.

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Korean VS Japanese girls key similarities

Let's first outline the things these two nations have in common.


Both Korean and Japanese ladies are famous for their fair and almost flawless skin. Moreover, they age much slower and remain beautiful and young-looking even after 50! And skincare products from these two countries are desired by many girls worldwide. Koreans and Japanese know everything about staying beautiful for years.

Body shape

Comparing Japanese girls VS Korean girls you've probably noticed how similar they are in their body shapes. The majority of local ladies are fit and slender. They enjoy going to the gym and prefer eating healthy. But these women often don't even need any diet, thanks to their amazing genes.

Attitude to work

Who is more hardworking comparing Korean vs Japanese girl? Both, and usually not in a good way.

Japan is known globally for its terrifying overworking phenomenon. Locals are extremely hardworking and regularly suffer from stress that leads to death. There's even a special term for that—karoshi. But what's even worse, people end with suicide because of work stress. In 2020, there were 1,918 suicides in Japan because of that.

The situation is very similar in South Korea. In 2020, the suicide rate there reached 25.7 deaths per 1000 thousand population. And the reason is often a work-related stress as well.


Respect to elderlies

There's almost no difference between Japanese and Korean girls when it comes to respecting their parents, grandparents, and elderly people in general. That's also a reason why local ladies have such strong bonds with their families.

Food culture

All Asian people adore street food and various types of restaurants, cafés, etc. Going out to eat somewhere is common for Japanese and Korean ladies.

Korean women VS Japanese women: main differences

Cultural specifics are well-seen in differences between Asian mail order brides.


This is the most apparent difference between Korean and Japanese women.

Confucianism and Buddhism are the most dominant religions in South Korea. However, most citizens don't classify themselves as part of any religion.

While there's almost no religion in Japan at all. Locals mainly practice Shinto rituals, still, there are Buddhists as well.


Attitude to the society

Korean girls vs Japanese are very different when it comes to society.

In Japan, what other people will think about you is critical. That's why your Japanese mail order girlfriend will be humble when around others.

While in South Korea, the only people whose opinion is significant are family. And nobody cares about how society will accept them.

Beauty obsession

Japanese vs Korean girls are similar when it comes to beauty and skincare routines. But the extent they care about it is slightly different.

Koreans are more obsessed with their looks, and they even have plastic surgeries more often.

English skills

Comparing Korean VS Japanese women you notice they're different in English proficiency. Seeking South Korean girls for marriage, you notice they have fewer troubles communicating with foreigners. Moreover, they're more influenced by the US culture, as such world K-pop stars as BTS are extremely successful in Hollywood.


Sense of romance

Who is more emotional and romantic comparing Japanese vs Korean girl?

Both men and women in South Korea are more romantic. They appreciate little cute gifts, 24/7 communication via social media, and they adore celebrating all anniversaries with their beloved ones. One month of dating, 2 weeks of dating, 100 days of dating, and anything in between.

While Japanese are more reserved and don't express their feelings so easily. That's why Japanese women and American men make such great couples—local girls get the desired romanticism from them.

So, who's better for marriage choosing between Korean woman vs Japanese woman? Both! The only thing that matters is who touches your heart more.