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European women vs American

Comparison Of American Girls VS European Girls Best Features

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

There's definitely something that makes you seek love overseas. You crave different emotions and cultures and desire to build your relationship, not the way you're used to.

It's believed that the best brides come from Europe. So, let's compare American women vs European women. What are the differences and similarities in their personalities, and who is better to date? Explore in this short guide on European girls vs American girls.

American vs European women and similarities between them

Let's distinguish the main common features of these two regions based on a few factors.

Sense of national identity

America is known as the most patriotic country in the world. Having a flag in your car, yard, and sometimes even bedroom isn't a surprise for locals.

But Europeans love their homeland no less. They sing anthems in schools and national holidays, often wear national clothes (even in everyday life), and proudly talk about their culture abroad.

Love for freedom and desire to fight for it

American society is highly democratic. Every person in the country is important, and everyone feels like they really influence their own life.

And comparing European women vs American you notice Europeans are as freedom-loving as the citizens of the USA. For instance, Ukrainians are in a constant struggle for their right and even managed to bring down the president.


Yes, Europeans are emotional, though it's not so obvious from first sight. Usually, people in most of Europe don't smile at strangers and are quite reserved. But it's only till you start a conversation with them. They laugh loud and argue emotionally, so there are more similarities between American girls vs European girls.


The biggest influential religion in the USA and Europe is Christianism—more than a half of the population relate themselves to this faith in both regions. Though, Americans tend to be a slightly more religious than Europeans.


European women VS American women: key differences

What's more important when looking for foreign mail order brides is how they differ from the ladies in your homeland. Let's find this out.


American women are much more feminist than ladies from European countries. In the USA, 61% females themselves as feminists. While, for example, in Germany—only 37%.


Seeking European brides for marriage is actually a popular thing to do also because ladies are more ready for wedding there.

For the majority of European girls, creating a family is as significant as building a career—they just have to do it. Instead, they won't be considered successful in society.

While in the USA, American women are looking for marriage much later. They first take care of their education, then build a career and enjoy themselves. And only then, they might start thinking of creating a family.

That's the main distinction of American girl vs European girl.

Beauty and looks

Makeup and top-notch dressing are everything for the majority of Europeans, especially from Slavic countries. No lady will go to the grocery without at least her lip balm on. It's common for them to be all dolled up, no matter the occasion—a visit to the dentist or the best friend's wedding.

While in America, it's more relaxed. Women don't need makeup on to feel like queens. And that's another huge difference between American women vs European women.


Ladies in the USA are self-confident and love themselves the most. On the contrary, European brides often scarify themselves for others (husbands or families), giving them all their time and energy. This frequently leads to mental troubles of self-understanding and self-evaluation.

Small talks

Europeans know almost nothing about the art of small talks. Asking a stranger in, let's say, Poland about work issues or health matters is considered extremely rude. Not only you won't get the answer but you more likely won't ever talk to that lady again.

In the USA, the situation is entirely opposite. Small talks for them are about being nice and polite!

So, who is the winner when comparing European girls vs American girls? It all depends only on your personal feelings toward a particular lady. No matter where she comes from, if you like her, nothing can influence that.

And knowing the main cultural differences between these two regions only help you to understand where it's better to search for a wife. So, don't hesitate to start!