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Coronavirus Influences The Way People Communicate: Online Dating Popularity Is Going To Increase

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

The infection that triggered panic, the beginning of the financial crisis, and high interest to the proper way to wash hands, definitely influenced our private life as well. Even without any medical recommendations, people are getting more and more reserved not only because of gradual “social distancing” - but because of paying much more attention to living a healthy life, which makes traditional real dating more complicated. Now you can make all possible efforts to approach a girl on a street and fail because the coronavirus’ threat influences her decisions more than your perfect suit and charisma.

Should we stop communicating with people because of COVID-19? Should we avoid making new contacts?

Meeting people and starting relationships: how to act in 2020

The CDC recommends us to stay at least 6 feet away from anyone who seems to be sick to avoid the risk of getting the new coronavirus.

Six feet away from real people.

Taking into consideration the fact that coronavirus is transmitted through airborne droplets even when a person does not seem sick, the recommendation may sound like “stay away from everyone around”. It sounds terrible and almost impossible, but this is close to the reality: if you don’t want to get caught by COVID-19, you will have to limit social activity in public places (but not to transform into a hermit). However, you should remember about the fact that hermits can get another disease - the lack of communication, depression because of social deprivation, and feeling separated from the other people.

How to still be socially active and build a new relationship if you vitally need it?

Let us say just one thing: the current rates of online dating apps users, which have been significantly increasing since January (when the virus actively started to spread around the globe), prove that a lot of users are not afraid to meet new people. They are still socially active having just the Internet connection and a smartphone, and the world experiences the growth of online communication and dating popularity, as more and more singles start to think about using the web to seek a match and just stay in touch with close people without any risks for their health.


What should singles do to find a partner this year?

Let us not mention the use of social networks: almost every person has an account on Facebook, Instagram, and plenty of other popular platforms and does know how they work. As far as we’re discussing starting online communication with a guarantee that a person you like is single and actually wants a new relationship, we will pay attention to dating sites and apps. These platforms offer people to live the way they want and maintain a high health level.

You should only set up an account on a site or an app you like and do everything you would do if it was real dating - talk to people and have a good time. By the way, the communication period before the real meeting is now longer than it was before the coronavirus spread: some people have become more careful with real meetings and they tend to spend more time talking and getting closer, trying to understand if they really want to date someone or not. The reason for that is sad, yet the chance that you will meet a person seeking flirting and fling is significantly lower now.

What should the people who want to find a foreign partner do?

Literally the same. There have always been online dating sites that focus on a particular nationality. Taking into consideration the border closings and high chance to get infected during a flight and staying in a foreign country, you will unlikely to want to travel and search for a match abroad personally. Instead, try any dating platform: the majority of them allow registering for free so you will have the ability to browse the websites and see if they can work for you before paying for any services if there are any useful ones.

To sum up

Should we change the way we live and communicate? Definitely yes. A bit more attention to the immune system and limiting visits to crowded public areas are the best preventive measures now.

Should we sit at home, deny ourselves the pleasure to talk to new people, and get paranoid because of the COVID-19 explosion? Definitely not.

Nothing is more important than health. But, the current situation should not prevent us to live, love, and communicate. We do not need to visit thousands of places, parties, and countries to search for someone to finally fall for or just to talk to. You have never actually had to do it to expand your social circle - you have a phone, the Internet, and a device to access some sites that allow seeking a partner or a person to discuss something (yet nothing will completely replace real communication).

Please remember that the death rates are the highest for people above 80 and for those having cardiovascular or other diseases that seriously disrupt the work of the immune system. Don’t panic - be active, attentive, reasonable, participate in sports, and neither you nor your private life will suffer from the virus.