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Dating Someone From Another Country Online

Dating Someone From Another Country: What You Should Know

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

Dating someone from another country isn't regarded as something abnormal or wrong today. It's a new reality thousands of international couples live in now. How do they manage to have stable and romantic relationships while living far from each other? There are certain tricks and recommendations. Follow them, and you'll see that dating someone overseas is as enjoyable and fun.

Falling in love with someone overseas, dating international brides, and having long-distance relationships need some effort and knowledge. Below you'll find the best recommendations that'll make your love journey not only pleasant and exciting but mature and stable.

Tip #1: Use technology effectively

You might use the best overseas dating sites that allows you to communicate with your dear girl. But are you sure you use all of its potentials? What about all the tools, services, and features modern dating venues have? What about calling and video chats? And that's just for a start. The modern world has much more — plenty of applications, gadgets, programs, and so on and so forth. Using them will make you extremely close, just as if you weren't living in different cities. But don't go too far. Don't overwhelm your partner with your presence in her life. In a word — extremes never work out. Balance is what you need.


Tip #2: Send presents

It's an extremely simple way to create a special connection between the two of you. Why? Because you have everything to do that even staying at home — sites offering their gift services, a credit card, delivery services, etc. Just listen attentively to what your girl wants — flowers, a new bag, perfume, clothes item, book, gadget? Such gestures unite people, make them trust each other, and fall in love even more. Even if she never mentions what she wants (that's next to impossible, but still), come up with something you consider a good idea. Something you believe she'll like or need, or what'll suit her. Remember — it's always nice to get presents from someone you're in love with. No matter what you'll give — she'll appreciate it.

Tip #3: Learn more about her culture

Where does she come from? Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe? The world is so big and people are so different. And there's nothing a girl will appreciate more than when her foreign boyfriend shows respect and interest towards her culture and history. No, you don't have to study everything to impress her with how much you know about her country. A few interesting details are often enough to spark a lively discussion that'll result in appreciation, deeper feelings, and acknowledgment you're really the one who cares. Moreover, it can save you from awkward situations. For example, if you go to Ukraine and don't take your shoes off when entering a house, people might not understand why on Earth you do that. And here goes the next tip.

Tip #4: Learn the etiquette rules

Most people are proud of where they come from. They respect the history of their country, traditions, and they follow certain rules that are set by society. If you ignore this fact, you'll fail. Just imagine — you're dating an Asian woman, say, from Japan. She sends you tons of messages trying to figure out how your day is going. It's totally okay for her as texting in Japan is an important stage in every relationship. She expects you to answer and be active in the conversation. But you don't know about that and start being irritated. What do you think the result will be? Nothing good, probably. And there can be a huge number of such small examples. So, learn the etiquette and learn how to communicate with a foreign nation.

Tip #5: Get the stereotypes out of your head

All Latinos are passionate and have big butties. All Ukrainian women wear a lot of makeup. Germans are distant. Japanese are reserved. Russian women are all great hosts. Women from developed countries look for a rich man. And so on and so forth. The list can be endless of all the rumors and prejudices people usually have about other nationalities. The truth is that there's no smoke without fire. Stereotypes are generalizations and can be true to some extent. But it's not always the case. Lots of Ukrainian women wear no makeup. Some Latinos are quiet and introverts. Japanese brides can be open. When you're dating someone from another country, there's always an exception to the rule.

Tip #6: Learn the language your partner speaks

Or at least a few phrases. Even if both of you speak English, it's important to learn some basics of your girlfriend's first language. Why? Firstly, because you'll have to communicate not only with her but her family and friends if your relationship is serious. And these people might know no English. And even if they do, can you imagine what an impression you'll make if they hear you saying something in their mother tongue? How do you react when foreigners speak in your language? That's right. Everyone likes it. Secondly, it'll prove you're a reliable and supportive partner who cares. It makes dating more intimate and full of trust and support.

Tip #7: Don't give up easily

No dating is perfect. No relationship can have only fun and positive moments. All couples come across arguments, fights, misunderstandings, fears, and resentments. It's normal. Don't think if you're dating someone who lives in another country, you have more challenges or worries. Not at all. People living under one roof can struggle much more. Anyway, it's always a matter of your choice. What do you do to make things better? What efforts do you put into making both of you happy? Do you know how to make compromises? Have you ever tried to have a constructive talk instead of proving you're right?


Tip #8: Meet more often

Dating someone overseas doesn't mean you're locked and have no chances to meet each other more often. Again, it's just a matter of your choice. Seeing each other in person takes the relationship to a brand-new level. Touching, kissing, seeing each others` eyes, hearing voice — all of these are crucial if you're serious about your dating. It's not necessary to go to her country if she lives really far away. You can always plan a trip or a vacation together and meet somewhere on neutral territory if your travel expenses bother you. There's always a way out if you really want it.

Dating someone from different country is something not as challenging and troublesome as it previously was. Millions of couples have proved it. You can be happy having long-distance relationships. Just give it a try, and you'll see.