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Filipino American Marriage

Filipino American Marriage Success Rate: Facts And Statistics

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

Filipina foreigner relationship is usually quite successful. Women from the Philippines make great wives and mothers, and that's why American men hunt for the girls. They often meet online first, then see each other offline, and decide on marriage. In the majority of cases, a girl moves to her husband's country. Want to know more? Keep reading to learn everything about Filipino American marriage.

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Reasons why Filipino girls want foreign husbands

Why do foreign girls like American guys in general? And why an American marrying a Filipina is a dream image for many Filipino women? See below.

filipino American marriage


The majority of Asian, and in particular, Filipino women, consider Western men extremely handsome. First, they love that they're higher than their local men. For example, the average height of an American man is about 175 centimeters, while the average Filipino man is 163 cm. Second, facial features. They fancy that a typical white man has a more prominent lower jaw and chin, bigger eyes, and fuller lips. It seems like all that look more attractive to Eastern beauties.


American and European men are also believed to be more masculine than the guys from Asia (at least that's what Filipino girls believe in). Qualities usually regarded as masculine are strength, firmness, self-confidence, determination, and decisiveness. Local girls want their future husbands to be just like that, while they'll be able to reveal all their feminine traits.

Financial independence

This might sound a bit mercantile, but don't regard the Philippines women as gold-diggers. It isn't like all they need is your money. But all girls want to make sure their family and children will have everything for a good life. Not all local men can ensure that. Not all of them can cover such necessities as education or medical care. While Western men, living in more developed countries and having more income, have much more to offer for a happy life.

Reasons why Western men want Filipino girls

Now let's see why men want foreign brides from the Philippines.


Filipino American marriages are so successful because partners can reveal the best traits they have. While men can be strong, firm, confident, and make important decisions, women support them in everything they do. Men also love how sweet, modest, polite, kind, and helpful Filipino ladies are. The partners might be very different in their characters, but that's what, in fact, unites them. You know, opposites attract.

filipino lady and American husband


Of course, Western men can't resist how pretty the girls look. They have tiny but fit bodies, hourglass waist, small hands and feet. Their facial features are attractive—small dark eyes, quite plush lips, dark eyebrows. The hair is black and silky. One of the beauty standards in the country is to have it straightened. Skin is tanned and smooth. Isn't that a picture of perfection? It can easily be yours.


Friendliness, helpfulness, and kindness are what distinguish Philippines girls so much among others. If you've ever been to any of the Philippines cities or villages, you probably noticed how welcoming and attentive local women are. Of course, Western men want to have a wife like that. They desire to marry a woman they'll feel absolutely comfortable with. Besides, girls can easily find a common language with all their husband's relatives.

Filipino American couples: success rate and statistics

Before you decide to buy a bride from the Philippines, have a look at some statistics on how successful such couples are.

  • The number of smartphone dating app users in the United States has dramatically risen up. There are about 27 million online daters today, which proves the effectiveness and successfulness of such an approach of meeting partners.
  • There are about 15 thousand international marriages that take place between Filipino women and foreign men, which is proof of a high Filipino American marriage success rate.
  • American men make the biggest share among men marrying Filipino girls (almost 30%). Canadians and British are also among the leaders.
  • Americans believe international marriages are good for the country. Almost 40% of population completely accepts the idea of marrying a person of another nationality or ethnicity.
  • About 17% of American online daters have met a partner online. 30% of Americans know someone who has.
  • The age of people looking for love online is different. There are 3 main categories—18-34 years old, 34-55 years old, and people older than 55. All of them have equal opportunities for meeting partners on the Internet.

Filipina wife

Philippine divorce rate

Here's more mail order bride statistics on divorces.

  • Divorces in the Philippines are prohibited. It's believed that if divorces are allowed, it'll destroy the institution of marriage.
  • The only way to end a marriage in the country is to have it annulled. But this procedure is very expensive and can be done only by the authorized lawyers.

That's why when Philippines women choose a man to marry, they know they make a choice for the whole life. They won't easily give up on marriage. Girls are aware that family life requires lots of effort, love, and care if they want it to last.

These are the reasons why Filipino American marriage success rate is so high. Filipina wife and American husband have something to offer to each other. They're perfectly compatible. Besides, because of girls' strong family values, such unions last for long years. If you want to have a happy and long-lasting relationship too, choose a Filipino lady for a wife.