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Tijuana Girls Guide

Girls In Tijuana And Where To Meet Them

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Tijuana is the second-largest Mexican city on the border with America. It's located on the Pacific coast and is famous for its amazing food culture, colorful traditions, and craft breweries.

But what deserves even more attention are women in Tijuana. Beautiful, passionate, and freedom-loving. If you seek Latin brides for marriage, paying Tijuana a visit would be a wise decision.

How to meet Tijuana girls? And what's Tijuana dating all about? Let's find out in this short guide.


Facts about girls in Tijuana

What should you know about Tijuana women before dating them?

  • They often speak vaguely. Getting a concrete "yes" or "no" from the local girl isn't an easy task. But it's not concrete only for you. For a Tijuana girl saying "I don't mind going out" means a "no." So if you want her to come on a date, be straightforward and always mention the exact time and place. Then she'll 100% be there.
  • Tijuana brides are initiative. It's a common thing for a Tijuana and any Mexico girl to ask a man out and even propose to a boyfriend. Just say "yes" when she asks you on a date and consider yourself a lucky guy.
  • They easily cross personal boundaries. And it's not a thing for them. Tijuana's citizens are used to hearing "Your new hairstyle looks bad" from co-workers or neighbors. For them, it's about being honest and straightforward.
  • Tijuana ladies have hot temper and are extremely emotional. Local women laugh and cry loud. You just have to get used to that if you want to get a Mexican girl attention.

Top places to meet Tijuana girls

So where to go to find Tijuana women who don't mind getting to know foreigners like you? Let's outline the most popular spots.


Women in Tijuana know everything about partying and enjoy dancing at numerous nightclubs the city has. Pay these a visit:

  • Rumors by Deck 22. This is a good spot to dance to house music and grab a few cocktails. Young and beautiful locals are regulars here, and the service is top-notch.
  • EL ALEBRIJE. This disco club is always very crowded, which speaks loud about its popularity. They have theme nights, live music, and DJ sets—it seems like there's something for everyone who likes dancing and sipping cocktails.
  • Las Pulgas. This is a niche bar and nightclub that serves nice and cheap beverages, offers various snacks, and is loved by Tijuana girls. Seeing locals standing in line to get inside is a common thing, so you'll never lack beautiful women to meet here.

Cafés and restaurants

Food culture in Tijuana is on a very high level. You'll spot a variety of gastro parks, restaurants, small snack bars, and more here. While tacos remain the most popular food in Tijuana, there are many other dishes you can try out. These places are highly recommended if you want to dine out and meet Tijuana women:

  • Caesar's. This is an iconic place in Tijuana, as the famous Caesar salad was invented right here. And they make it very delicious! Not only locals are regulars here, but you also spot many tourists that desire to try a true and authentic Caesar.
  • Lorenza Restaurant. One of the best spots to taste Mexican food. You often need to wait for the table, which is the proof of high-quality service and locals′ appreciation this place has.
  • Cabanna Restaurant. Elegant but down-to-earth restaurant with exquisite seafood. Salmon, shrimps, lobsters, and many more are waiting for you here.


Tijuana's craft breweries are top-notch and are extremely loved by tourists and locals. But girls here enjoy nice cocktails as well. Check these spots out to meet Tijuana hot girls:

  • Red and Black Rooms. This is a good place to drink, eat, and hang out with Tijuana singles. Add live music here and get a fantastic atmosphere you're going to love.
  • Nórtico Bar. A great speakeasy bar with slightly higher prices, but the experience you get here is worth it. Amazing cocktails, friendly and attentive service, and lots of locals who don't mind small talks.
  • Norte Brewing Co. A brewery with a view! This is a good place to try local craft beer and enjoy the scenery of the city.

Close to nature

The best nature of Tijuana is its beaches. But you can also have a pleasant time in the local parks. Check these out:

  • Parque Teniente Guerrero. This park has a beautiful territory with many picnic spots, fountains, and playgrounds. Walking its trails is a pleasure and a great way to meet Tijuana women.
  • Friendship of the Californias Park. This is a quiet and calm place where you enjoy the boat ride on the man-made lake, exercise, have a walk, or watch the performance at the open-air theater.
  • Tijuana beaches. Any of them! Getting tanned, reading the book, swimming, or simply watching beautiful locals are the top things you can do there. By the way, this is where you get to see the American border wall going into the Pacific Ocean.

Activities and hobbies

Single Tijuana women willing to meet a foreigner usually like hanging out in crowded touristic places. These are the top recommendations for you:

  • Tijuana Cultural Center. This is where you learn about the city's history and Mexican culture in general. If you desire to meet a smart Tijuana girl, head right here.
  • Avenida Revolucion. This is the main touristic center in Tijuana. You find all the dance clubs, souvenir shops, and art galleries here. Spotting a beautiful local or a tourist here is an easy thing.
  • Lucha libre wrestling. This is something you don't want to miss in Tijuana. These are a fight of masked wrestlers that always attract a lot of Tijuana inhabitants. If you're into hot-tempered mail order spouses, this is where you need to go.

Online dating

Thanks to the technological revolution, you don't even need to go out or travel to the city to find girls to date there. Tijuana dating services will do the trick! If you consider Mexican brides for marriage, try these Tijuana dating sites:

  • LaDate
  • LatinFeels
  • LoveFort

Dating Tijuana girls might become the most memorable and exciting adventure in your life. Dare to try? Go on searching for the beautiful locals offline and online!