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Hong Kong Dating

Hong Kong Dating Guide For Those Seeking Asian Passion And Love

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

If you're fascinated by Asian culture, Hong Kong is the city that will leave an imprint on your soul. Being more like a country rather than a city, Hong Kong is known due to its financial and other possibilities. So, often, those interested in finding a partner prefer dating in Hong Kong to any other location. However, there are countless differences between mainland China and Hong Kong. The better you understand the Hong Kong lifestyle's peculiarities, the better your odds of dating hot Hong Kong girls will be.

Main characteristics of single Hong Kong girls

Should you decide to find an Asian bride in Hong Kong you need to be 100% sure that they’re attracted to men like you – foreigners. The fact is that not all Asian ladies are keen on dating a foreigner. However, the rule doesn’t apply to Hongkong girls.


Single ladies of the country are incredibly beautiful, and you may already know that. However, they’re also well-educated and usually have great careers due to the opportunities the location offers. Nevertheless, the wealthy lifestyle doesn’t affect their cheerfulness and carefree approach to life. You can easily approach a lady you like in a mall or at the club and lead a great conversation on a variety of subjects. Most ladies speak English well, so that you shouldn't be afraid of a language gap.

Hong Kong is a city of opportunities so that many people move there seeking a better life. This means that Hong Kong is filled with foreigners, and girls in Hong Kong are more than open to dating foreigners. What’s more, if a lady has to pick between a local guy and a foreigner, should you represent the latter category – the odds will always be in your favor.

Hong Kong dating tips

If you think that Hong Kong dating is the same as in other parts of the world – you’re utterly mistaken. It's true that the concept is the same, but a few pieces of advice wouldn't be out of place.

Inquire about the work location

When you meet sexy Hong Kong girls, you shouldn't shoot straight away and ask around where they work. However, if you're settled with a lady you’d like to date, inquiring about where she works may help you plan your next steps. Knowing where she works, you can come up with a surprise date after work, or you can send her a cute gift to show off your appreciation. The key here isn’t to present yourself as a creepy guy, so don't be too pushy. You can find out the information by accident too. All it takes is to listen carefully.

Try to find out her dating history

Once again, you shouldn't be persistent with asking the lady about her previous relationships. However, the more you know, the easier it'll be to come up with a dating strategy. Women with little dating experience take longer to conquer, while ladies who have just ended a previous relationship are sensitive and vulnerable. In either case, being cautious and attentive always pays off.

Choose the location carefully

Whether you like it or not, but Hong Kong isn't the cheapest country in the world. It'd be a shame to take your lady to a dinner that you can barely afford. Planning a date in advance and paying serious attention to the restaurants in the area will save you both the means and unnecessary embarrassment.


The nightlife of Hong Kong

Hong Kong nightlife guide will differ from person to person. However, all people who have visited the city at least once will tell you that finding a potential partner at a bar or nightclub is one of the easiest ways ever. The best days to go out girlfriend-hunting would be Friday through Sunday since most Hong Kong ladies are busy with their careers during the rest of the week.

Lan Kwai Fong is a city district that’s said to be the center of nightlife in Hong Kong. All the best Hong Kong nightclubs can be found there, along with the hottest Asian singles. The experts advise it to visit Wyndham Street, along with Shelley Street and also Lyndhurst Terrace. In case you're interested in some particular club names, you should check the following:

  • Dragon-I
  • Ce La Vi Hong Kong
  • Tazmania Ballroom
  • Volar
  • Play
  • Drop
  • Ozone
  • Déjà vu
  • Joe Bananas
  • Trafalgar
  • Bar De Lux

Those interested in more casual dating with no strings attached should better venture to the Wan Chai area. The district has a reputation as a red-light area with countless bars and hot girls ready to offer the warmest Hong Kong welcome, usually for a price.

There's a fair share of regular ladies in the district, especially on Wednesday when it's a ladies' night. Shenzhen is a place to check out when you get to the area. Besides, if you're into girls and gamble, Macau may be a place to check. The main feature of Hong Kong nightlife is that it's presented through a great variety of opportunities. Depending upon your needs and preferences, you can fulfill any.

Daylife of Hong Kong

If you think that a weekend night is the only chance to meet a hot single lady who’d want to go out with you – you're mistaken. You can also get acquainted with Hong Kong ladies during the daytime too. All it takes is a proper place to venture to. The fact is that you can't just approach the woman you like on the street. Not that it's forbidden, but the chances are that she's busy with her daily activities and won't even pay attention to your effort.


Instead, you should try your luck at malls and other shopping areas. Asian ladies love to treat themselves to something pretty and spend a lot of time shopping. Keeping a lady company is an excellent way of getting to know her and planning a potential date after a tiresome day at the mall. There are some most common shopping places to pay particular attention to when you're searching for a sexy Hong Kong lady:

  • Times Square
  • The Landmark
  • International Finance Center Mall
  • Harbour City
  • Elements
  • Pacific Place
  • Festival Walk

The chance that you'll walk out of either of these empty-handed is slimmer than slim.

The online life of Hong Kong

Mailorder girls are gaining popularity all over the globe, and Hong Kong ladies wouldn't be an exception. Besides, modern society endorses the perks of online communication on singles all over the world. If it matters to get to know a person before asking her out, then starting an online relationship is what you should think about.

Since a Hong Kong girls guide wouldn't be complete without a mentioned possibility of meeting a hot Asian girl online. All it takes is the right Hong Kong dating site at hand. EasternHoneys and OrchidRomance belong to top-rated Hong Kong dating services, and you should start with these platforms to avoid the slightest chance of getting scammed.

Hidden challenges of dating in Hong Kong

Despite the plethora of possibilities of getting yourself a Chinese mail order bride through online communication, many people try their luck with offline Hong Kong. If you belong to the category, you should be ready to face some complications.


Too many people come and go when it comes to Hong Kong. If you're seeking a serious relationship, you may be unpleasantly surprised. After a couple of promising and fun dates, the lady may tell you that she's moving to another city and that she's had a great time with you, but it's time to move on.


The notion of balance in Hong Kong differs from that in other parts of the world. Usually, work comes first, and personal life comes later. In case that's not how you imagine a promising relationship. You should reconsider the location.


Ladies from Hong Kong are said to be overly ambitious. So, if you're not ready to better your seduction skills and expand the commitment – you may not be enough for her.


The attitude towards family life and marriage, in general, is different from the point of view of a Hong Kong citizen. They're known to settle down later. So, if you're all about a swift courting and happy marriage, the lady you pursue may have a different opinion. Weekends out and loads of fun are the number one priority to most. Not like they despise serious relationships, but they see it differently. So, in case you're not willing to adapt, you should keep on looking elsewhere.

Dating in Hong Kong is both straightforward and complex. There are countless ways that you can meet up with a sexy lady willing to date. Whether it's the nightlife or day meetings you prefer – Hong Kong has it all. Besides, meeting someone online is twice as easy these days, and it's advised to consider the perks and opportunities in the first place. As long as you follow this guide and keep the main peculiarities and challenges in mind, you'll find the woman you seek in no time. Don't waste your time and start looking!