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Cost To Marry A Filipina

How Much Does It Cost To Marry A Filipina?

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

How much does it cost to marry a Filipino woman? There's no exact price. It all depends on lots of factors like where you come from, what dating services you use, how often and where you're going to meet offline, and many more. Let's have a deeper look at the expenses and try to count an approximate cost of a Filipina bride.

How much does it cost to marry a Filipina?

‌Many factors and aspects should be taken into account when counting how much you need to get a Filipino mail order bride. Here are the most important ones.


Dating platforms

Research on how much does it cost to marry a Filipino wife starts with the platform you're planning to meet her at. This might take a considerable part of your budget. But as there are different sites with different price policies, the final sum varies. Here are a few categories of dating platforms you should know about.

  • Free sites. Sometimes you can meet and communicate with Filipino girls on absolutely free platforms that only require registration. The quality of such resources is usually questionable, and you need to double-check if it's worth it all. Otherwise, you might just waste your time.
  • Budget-oriented sites. In case you have a limited budget, go for sites with lower prices. They might be more quality than free platforms, but still lack advanced features some online daters want to have. The price is about $50-100 a month.
  • Mid-range sites. The majority of users choose this category because it's the most cost-effective. You get good services for a reasonable price. On average, you'll have to spend about $100-200 a month to meet a woman from the Philippines and have all the necessary tools to interact with her.
  • Premium sites. The last category is the most expensive. You'll need $300-500 or more a month to use the services of such resources. Go for it if you're not limited in your budget and want to get the most from your online dating experience.

The final price will depend on how often and how long you're going to use a dating platform. If it takes you about 6 months on a mid-range site, you'll need around $600-1000.

Dating expenses

This is one of the categories you can save at. It concerns everything you spend on to court your girl and make her fall in love with you. But think twice if it's what you really want to thrift on, as making Manila women happy is an important part of your relationship. Anyways, here are a few examples of dating expenses.

  • Presents. Many dating platforms offer such a service—they have a catalog on their sites full of a variety of things girls love. Choose anything and they'll help to have it delivered. There are things like teddy bears, clothes, bags, perfumes. You can also do that all by yourself and contact the delivery services in her city.
  • Flowers. This might not be that costly, but totally worth it. The majority of women become deliriously happy when receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers from the man they're in love with. A dating platform you choose may also have delivery services.
  • Financial help. As the Philippines is quite a poor country and local women are extremely underpaid, some of their foreign boyfriends choose to help them financially. The sum depends, and only you know how much you want (if you even do) to transmit.

Thus, the overall sum of dating expenses may vary. You can spend nothing at all, or sometimes send flowers for about $30-50. Or buy presents regularly, spending hundreds of dollars every month.

Travel expenses

In case you're going to meet your Filipino girl offline and go to her place, you'll need to consider expenditures on the following things.

  • Plane tickets. The average ticket price from the US to the Philippines now varies $1000-3000 for a round trip depending on your departure city, time of booking, flight class, etc. The earlier you book, the cheaper the cost. The expenses will be different if you're the one who invites a girl to visit you.
  • Accommodation. You might spend nothing on accommodation in case you stay at her place. If not, you'll need to pay for a hotel. Budget-oriented places will take about $150-200 for a week. Premium luxury hotels will cost you up to $1000 for a week.
  • Food. Again, the rule is similar here—if you go for more expensive restaurants in big cities, you might need up to $1000 for a week. Or you may buy food at markets and cook at home. It'll take much less—about $50-100 a week.
  • Activities. Will you go out a lot? Shopping, movies, trips? Or all you want to do is to spend time with a girl at home and going out sometimes for a walk? In the first case, you'll need an extra $50-400 a week depending on what you choose to do.

Documents and other expenses

In case your relationship is serious and you're going to marry and take your Filipino girlfriend to your country, you might need to pay for things like visas, documents, translation services, embassy commission, medical check-ups, etc. On average, it might take another $100-500 to do it all legally. It also influences an overall mail order brides prices.

‌So, how much does a Filipina bride cost? To sum up all expenses you might have, on average cost to marry a Filipina might be about $3500-6000 for a period of 6 months. That's about $500-1000 a month, which seems like an affordable price for meeting and dating a girl from another country. Agree?

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