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Chinese girl to like you

How To Make A Chinese Woman Fall In Love: Best Tips

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

You're a foreigner looking for a Chinese woman to date and wondering how to attract a Chinese girl? You're lucky as local women find Westerners really attractive. When they have an opportunity to get acquainted with a handsome guy from Europe or America, they try not to lose it. But it isn't enough to just be a foreigner. Some efforts are required to make a girl fall in love with you. But how do you win the heart of a Chinese woman? Keep reading the article to learn how to attract Chinese girls.

The major hints on how to get a Chinese girl to like you

How to attract Chinese mail order brides? In fact, the task isn't that challenging, as girls would surely love to meet a guy like you. But as your dating cultures are different, there are certain things you should be aware of. So, how to impress a Chinese girl? Follow the tips below to succeed.

Consider texting as a part of dating


No matter how you meet each other, you should expect her to give you her phone number. She will if she likes you and wants to get to know you better. After that, wait for quite a lot of texting, as in Chinese culture it's considered an important part of dating. Before you arrange a real offline date, she'll want to learn more about you and ask you some questions.

So how to get a Chinese girl here? Don't regard her as too pushy or importunate. She doesn't want to make you feel like at an examination in court. This is just what she's used to. Accept it and try to be more active in this “texting” stage of your relationships.

Show you're not going to mess around

Dating in China is serious. There shouldn't be any ambiguity. It's not like you're seeing one girl, and then you see other girls when you want, or you continue to date around. No, if you're dating a Chinese woman, you're committed to your relationship and stay faithful. You're both serious about each other.

‌By the way, she'll show how serious she's about you by demonstrating her feelings a lot. She'll post many of your common photos on social media and tell all her friends and relatives about you. Be patient in case it isn't what you're used to. Because it's a part of her culture.

Get ready to meet her family

It might depend on each family, but in many cases, you don't only date a girl, you also “date” all her family. They'll want to meet you and get to know you closer. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions and again, don't consider them too pushy. Chinese parents always want to make sure you're able to provide for their daughter and for your family. So, don't be surprised to hear lots of questions about your job and career.

By the way, some professions are considered not that prestigious in China. For example, being an artist or an actor doesn't sound that great for Chinese parents. And, if you have tattoos, you'd better cover them up. But after all the challenges you come through you're finally accepted into the family, be sure, that's forever. Divorces are frowned upon in Chinese society.

Be more initiative

Most Chinese women are quite shy and reserved. They don't usually make the first steps when it comes to relationships. They expect men to be more active in attracting their attention, asking for a phone number, calling, asking out, etc. It isn't that she doesn't like you. She might be very interested in you. But the culture she was brought up in is different from yours. Chinese women aren't so bold and confident as ladies from Western countries.


Don't get annoyed when she's trying to teach you

Hong Kong women seeking men and girls from China in general are quite goal-oriented. And they'll try to make you study or work harder to have a better future. They might also nag at you when you do some stupid things that prevent you from having better results in your career, and so on.

‌Don't get irritated because of that. Chinese women usually feel responsible for motivating their men to achieve results. They believe this is good for your relationships and your future life together. This might be a lot of pressure for those who aren't ready to settle down. But if you're, be sure, Chinese women are definitely perfect wife-material.

Be more gentle during arguments

No matter what you're fighting about or why you're disappointed, never yell at your Chinese girlfriend. Never. Many Chinese women care more about your attitude than the problem itself. Of course, they want to solve a problem too, but meanwhile, they also want to know they're much more important to you than any issue in your relationship.

‌The best way to resolve a conflict fast and quickly is to wait until she calms down by behaving sweet and cute. And, by the way, never offer her some cold water to cool down because you're dead then. It's some traditional cultural thing. Chinese believe warm water and food make good for your health. And it's the opposite for cold water.

‌How to make a Chinese woman fall in love with you? Understand that your dating cultures are completely different. If you want to impress her and her family, learn more about China, its people, history, traditions, etc. Only in this case, you're not going to get in an awkward situation and screw everything up. Be attentive to small details. They might be crucial. Go for it!