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Chinese Woman Likes You

Main Signs That A Chinese Woman Likes You

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

There are many signs a Chinese girl likes you. Some of them are quite obvious, some aren't that simple and clear. Sometimes we get the signs wrong. Sometimes we don't understand them at all. How to decipher a woman's behavior? How to tell if a Chinese girl really likes you? And how Chinese girls actually express love? Keep reading to find out.

Top indicators that will tell if a Chinese woman likes you

Chinese ladies for marriage love foreign men. They enthusiastically meet and date them. And here are a few signs that show one of the beauties is really into you.

She replies your messages promptly

This is one of the easiest ways to understand if she's really into you. Does she reply quickly when you send her a message? Or when you leave a comment under her photos? Is she often available to talk or find constant excuses not to? If she's avoiding your online interaction, it means she might not find you that interesting. If a girl likes you, she'll do everything to make sure you don't lose the connection.


Another case is when she doesn't reply soon but explains later why she wasn't available. You know, you understand when someone just couldn't make it or didn't want to. Responsiveness really matters. Pay attention to it.

She reaches out first

Finding an Asian wife is a mutual process. You shouldn't be the only one interested in attracting her. She also has to put effort into developing your relationships and prove she needs you. Thus, trace how often she connects to you first. Does she wait until you text or call her? Or makes steps in your direction too?

It's also important to understand that Chinese women might be shy and reserved at first. Their culture dictates them to be humble and modest. So don't expect her to be too active. But try to see when she's passive because she's not interested in you at all then.

She asks you many questions

A woman that likes a man wouldn't stop herself from discovering more about him. She'll ask lots of questions. What films do you like? What are your job responsibilities? Do you have siblings? What are your dream travel destinations? What presents would you like to get for your birthday? If she likes you, she'll be interested to know it all, be sure. But don't make it all about yourself only. She'll be glad if it'd be an interesting dialogue when 2 people are engaged. Ask her questions too.

She laughs at your jokes

There's probably no girl who'd say she doesn't care about her man being humorous. It's an important quality of character. Women love men who can make them laugh. Keep in mind that ladies may have different senses of humor. Some of them would adore you, some would find your jokes weird. Your ultimate goal is to understand if your Chinese girl likes the way you make jokes.

By the way, don't try hard to impress her with your astonishing sense of humor. It should be natural, not awkward. If she likes you, she'll surely love your jokes too. And, besides, pay attention if you like her humor. It's also important.

She wants to meet more

When you meet offline, pay attention to how she moves, sits, looks. First, a woman that likes you will subconsciously or not want to touch you—your hand or shoulder. She'll also make you look at her neck and shoulders more by gently touching them sometimes. There might be other playful gestures like twirling hair or a necklace.

Another sign—she leans towards you when talking. In such a way, she wants to be closer to you. Is she standing or sitting right next to you? Or keeping the distance? A girl that likes you will want to create this feeling of intimacy by being as close as possible. And if a Chinese girl hugs you—she's definitely into you.

So, how to know if a Chinese girl likes you? Give ear to your intuition and follow the signs mentioned above. If a woman does at least half of that, don't have any doubts— she's surely into you. So just keep it going and she'll be yours!