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Medellin women dating

Medellin Women Dating Guide: How To Attract Medellin Girls

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

Medellin is known as a paradise for Latin lovers. They consider this city the place of the most gorgeous and seductive nymphs they’ve ever seen. Intrigued enough? Brightbrides.org prepared the article on the character of Medellin Colombian women and how and where to meet them!

What is Medellin?


Medellin is a second-largest city in Colombia, South America, with more than 2.5 million citizens. It’s part of the Antioquia region. Spanish migrants found this city in 16 century, and now Spanish is the home language for Medellin. Nowadays, this city is ahead of innovations and technologies. Medellin has won several prizes for urban and social development. That means this city is suitable for living and welcoming for tourists.

Interesting facts about Medellin:

  • Tourists call Medellin with different names: Сity of Flowers; Capital of Mountains: City of Eternal Spring; Capital of Orchids; Silver Cup.
  • Colombians name citizens of Medellin Paisas. Medellin inhabitants love this term.
  • This city was the first in the world to use cable cars for mass transit. There are also unusual outdoor escalators that save people from passing hundreds of stairs.
  • In the previous century, people knew Medellin as a city of Pablo Escobar’s business.
  • It hosts one of the most significant fashion events in South America, namely Colombiamoda.

Why is Medellin that much famous among single men all over the globe? Because they say it’s home for the most beautiful and breathtaking Latin ladies. Let’s discover how to win their hearts!

What is the character of Medellin women?

Medellin Colombia girls can be compared to Amazons with kind souls. Why so? The answer is in their character.



Girls of Medellin are incredibly proud of their home, notwithstanding many of them haven’t been outside Colombia. They perceive Medellin as the best city in the world. This opinion shaped their character. Those ladies know their price, and they won’t spend time on something or someone they consider unworthy. Medellin girls work hard to get the best for them. So if they see you as the best – they’ll try to get your heart.


Yes, proud girls might be shy at the same time! And this is true about Medellin girls. Besides working hard for getting the best, those ladies mind the rules and etiquette which tell that a woman shouldn’t be too pushy in a relationship or looking for a husband. So they let men be initiative. Medellin beauties don’t refuse modesty and decency, and it’s an attractive part of them.

Big hearts

Tourists from all over the world witness incredible hospitality and readiness to help in the Medellin streets. And this picture is accurate not only for the viewers outside. In families, Medellin people care about relatives and assist them in solving their problems. They’re also ready to help other people, even unfamiliar. Girls from Medellin are nymphs with big kind hearts who know how to love.

What are the places to meet a Medellin girl?

There are many locations to meet and spend time with Medellin Colombian women. Let’s explore them.



Medellin is known for its active and diverse nightlife. They say the night is when humans take off their day masks and begin being themselves as they are. Why not try to look for a destiny in a club, enjoying rhythmic music and happy people around? There are some popular nightspots in Medellin.

  • La Strada. It’s one of the most popular night clubs in Medellin that attracts the most confident and appealing people. Don’t miss your chance to find your love there!
  • Blue. It’s a fun nightclub of the average price that gathers young and active people. The music there is mostly rock, but depending on a weekday, you can hear a mix of genres and rhythms.
  • Bolivar. In case you’re up to reggaeton and urban music, this club is for you. The decoration gives an impression like you are partying at the beach. A nice feeling which can help relax and begin looking for a nice girl!
  • Bombay/Cuchitril. It’s a unique place as it unites two clubs in one building. They have entirely different events separated only by a door. It’s an outstanding experience, and it requires one ticket to both clubs.

Food places

Having a great time always makes people hungry. So going on a date, it’s an excellent idea to search for some food places. Among feeding your hunger, eating together will help you learn her habits better and give you new topics to discuss. There are some cozy food places in Medellin.

  • Mercado del Rio. It’s a food market consisting of 40 small restaurants for any taste. The cuisine of those restaurants has broad geography. So both of you will find something to eat.
  • La Taza Tienda de Cafe. It’s a small cozy café with delicious food and friendly staff. Because of the small size, it’s a quiet place. So your conversation with your Medellin girl won’t be interrupted.
  • Carmen. It’s considered to be one of the top restaurants in that area. In this place, chefs try to amaze guests with unusual and extraordinary tastes. The service and atmosphere are also worthy to experience.


Sitting at the bar desk with a delicious drink – how many thousands of love stories started like this? Let’s take a look at the best bars to meet a Medellin girl.

  • Mixology molecular bar. When you visit this place, be ready, it’ll change your understanding of drinking. The barmen there know how to mix tastes and change forms of beverages to make guests surprised.
  • Panorama. This bar is worthy of visiting because of its stunning rooftop location opening wonderful landscapes to your eyes. You’d better book in advance to take the best places, particularly on the 3rd floor.
  • Altagracia. This bar’s design makes people feel like in tropical places. The green wall color and numerous plants assist in creating the atmosphere. It’s the right spot for chilling, and this feeling helps in connecting a guy and a girl.

Close to nature

Many active and decent people like having a walk in the parks and other natural places. Why not try to begin a love story there? Let’s discover some beautiful nature spots in Medellin.

  • Barefoot Park. It’s a green oasis surrounded by the city center area, which looks like a fresh breath. The unique feature is that visitors can walk with no shoes and feel soft grass by their feet. Touching experience, isn’t it?
  • Parque Arvi. This place is located outside the town. It has a beautiful landscape in the mountains. Also, you can ride a horse.
  • Botanical Garden. It’s an area full of exotic and unusual trees and animals. People get relaxation and calmness there. These feelings will help you approach a girl near you.

Activities and hobbies

Having the same interest often results in stable relationships. So it’s a smart idea to look for a girl in a place of a hobby. There are some hobby spots in Medellin.

  • Salsa It Up. The name speaks by itself – this place is for salsa lovers. Dancing in a night with a beautiful lady – what can be a better pretext for falling in love?
  • El Castillo Museum. It’s an impressive Gothic castle to visit for lovers of the ancient times of knights and princesses. It’s not only a museum but a place full of events. There are several cafes and parks where Medellin girls like to spend time.
  • Rafting the Rio Cauca. This is a place for adrenaline lovers where you can find a team to raft together. Sharing the same feelings will bring you close to a lovely Medellin girl.

Online dating

Thanks to the 21st century, you don’t need to be physically in a location where you want to find a girl. Online dating sites connect people all over the world. More and more couples report about falling in love right on the Internet. Our website describes several dating platforms on which Medellin Colombian women register to find love abroad!

Colombia Medellin women dating tips

How to make a perfect date with a Medellin girl? Here are some tips.

  • Mind your clothes. Shorts aren’t that much welcomed on a date in Medellin. You’d better choose a more traditional outfit, meaning appropriate and neat.
  • Don’t be mad about her being late. Being late is the characteristic feature for Latina ladies. It takes a long time to prepare themselves best for dates. Be sure she’ll come in the most beautiful outfit.
  • Be initiative. Medellin Colombia women seek to meet a strong, confident man. In case a Medellin girl finds that guy, she’s ready to give him a leading role.
  • Don’t be presumptuous. Leave all the stereotypes and prejudices behind. Medellin women are tired from listening to “mamacita,” “hermosa,” and other words used by foreigners who want to spend a night with them. Show you’re better than they are.
  • Ask her what “Paisas” mean. Remember Medellin girls are patriotic about their home city? Use this card to demonstrate your deep interest in and respect to her mind!

Meet your Medellin love online!

Women of Medellin Colombia register on dating sites to find a future spouse abroad. Don’t make your Medellin love wait too long and sign up to meet her!