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Read about the most common mistakes to not repeat them! Our experts have written down 5 mistakes men often make, so all you have to do now is to read this short list. Just read, put them into your memory, don’t repeat them and everything will be perfect!

First mistake: Thinking that all of them are gold diggers

Someone scammed someone somewhere and voila, we have a long-lived myth about gold digging Eastern European/Asian/Latin women whose only goal is to steal your money. What you have to know is that “gold digger” is an international term. It's stupid and racist to judge a group of people on the basis of generalizations. So please, avoid this mistake.

Second mistake: Thinking that you buy a wife

The thing is, you don't "buy" a wife — you find a woman who wants to find a husband abroad. If you fall in love with her, and she falls in love with you, it may work. If one wants to “order” a hot woman who will do whatever he wants, well, he has to think about sugar babies instead of mail order brides.

Third mistake: Ignoring the barriers

Cultural and language barriers can be a problem. Women are different all around the world. That’s why you’ll have to take their cultural peculiarities into account before dating them. It’s not as difficult, but ignoring these peculiarities is a big and common mistake often made by American and European men.

Fourth mistake: Being too shy or vice versa

Lots of men on dating websites are focused on sex, that’s a fact. And it’s a huge problem.

Imagine a lady who wants to find a respectful man who will marry her in the future. Instead, she has to read all those dirty jokes and offers from the men day by day. It’s inappropriate, and we are sure that you know it — but still, it’s a very common mistake.

Being too shy doesn’t work, too. All in good time, and the proper time for dirty talks will come sooner or later, but there is never a right time to be too shy. It’s all about balance.

Fifth mistake: Proposing too early

It may sound obvious… for you, but it’s another common mistake when it comes to international dating. Proposing without meeting doesn’t work — it’s extremely important to know each other before doing it. Order a tour, meet her, know each other better and propose her after it, not before it.

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