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Prague Dating Guide

A True Prague Dating Guide Pre-Programmed For Success

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

What do you know about Prague? The chances are that you’re well aware of its ancient history and appraised beauty. However, you should also know that the city has gained the reputation of the city of love for a number of reasons. Should you decide to seek luck in Prague and meet local ladies with the intention to date them, you should be aware of how to do it properly. That’s what this guide is created for! Read it thoroughly, and the next night in Prague won’t pass by without exciting adventures!

Cultural peculiarities of Prague ladies

Whether you turn your head left or right when exploring the city, your gaze will catch upon a gorgeous-looking lady. Blondes, brunettes, redheads – all seem to be worthy of a fashion and beauty magazine cover. That’s the cultural peculiarity of local women – they’re born almost flawless. Not everyone knows it, but after WWII women population prevailed in Prague, and the ladies had the opportunity to choose from the men to marry. Thus, the previous generation gave way to the modern generation of perfect people of Prague. Or, at least, so they say.


Such a mythical background makes girls of Prague eager to play around with the prey and play difficult to get. There’s rarely a conscious approach behind such an attitude. It’s rather the Czech genes speaking. So, your task is to make genuine compliments, so Prague women believe every word you’re saying. The sooner you master the strategy – the sooner it’ll pay off.

Despite such a natural-born pickiness, dating in Prague is treated seriously, and the majority of girls you come across think about having a healthy family and marriage. Since you’re a foreigner, you’ll be privileged with being chosen over local fellows. Czech ladies prefer Wester men to their countrymen since the notion of a “momma’s boy” seems to take its origin from the country.

Practical tips on Prague dating

Prague girls are special, but they’re girls, after all. So, if you have some experience with wooing a lady, you’ll deal with the task effortlessly.

Bring some flowers

It’s a common practice to bring some flowers on your first date. So, you shouldn’t ignore the tradition when in the Czech Republic. Other signs of gallantry – opening the doors in front of her, taking the coat off, etc. should be preserved too. However, make sure you don’t try to shake her hand as a greeting. This is considered to be rude in the country.

Prepare for conversation

As much as girls in Prague like going out, it’s not all about getting drunk and having fun. Local ladies will sip on their drinks for a long time while getting to know you better. The sensible and pleasant conversation is of vital importance here.

Keep the intrigue

Girls from Prague love a good mystery. You can expect them to be quite secretive and vague about themselves. This means that being an open book is out of the question here. The longer you manage to keep her attention engaged, the higher the chances of moving to the next level are.

Nightlife of Prague

There isn’t a single Prague nightlife guide since it’s almost impossible to compile one. The nightlife in the city is bright and captivating. There are lots of bars and clubs to attend. Besides, they’re constantly swarming with college students, tourists, and locals of all ages. So, no matter your preferences, the chances are that a single venture out won’t leave you empty-handed. The best places to visit when in Prague and looking for a date are the following:

  • Karlovy Lazne
  • Hemingway
  • Roxy
  • Bukowski’s
  • Cross club
  • Black Angel’s

The list can go on and on, and the best way to end up at an epic party is to follow the crowd. Once you find the place that appeals to you and you spot a single hot lady, you’d like to get to know closer. You need to be aware of how to approach her. 2 main conditions will do you a favor – being assertive and speaking some Czech. Even a few words will do, it takes to draw some attention to you, and the rest shouldn’t be that difficult.

Daytime dating in Prague

In case even the best nightlife in Prague isn’t your cup of tea, you shouldn’t fall into despair. There’s a high chance of meeting a lady of your dreams during the daytime too. However, it takes the correct route to take. Women of Prague are quite friendly and open, so engaging in a conversation on the street shouldn’t be an issue. When you’re exploring the city during the daytime, you may as well check the following locations:

  • Old and New Town
  • Atrium Flora
  • Paladium Mall
  • Malá Stranaare
  • The Letná Park

Online dating in Czech Republic

Sometimes, keeping on the safe side is the best thing to do. What does that mean when considering dating a lady from Prague? That means that it’s a good idea to meet a lady online before actually traveling to the city. Countless online platforms enable 2 people from different locations to get to know one another better.

It’s true that Czech mail order brides and Russian brides dating are 2 separate branches, and online dating is a little less developed in the Czech Republic. With that in mind, you should seek only reliable online services to correspond with local ladies. Platforms like JollyRomance and BravoDate have proved to be trustworthy over time on the market, so starting from there would be a wise idea.

Potential challenges of dating a girl from the Czech Republic

Every country has its cultural legacy that’s encoded in the people’s genes. When it comes to Czechs, there’s a list of challenges to watch out for too.

Bad-mood face

Many tourists refuse from picking up women in Prague since they think they’re in a bad mood. It’s true that a bad-mood mask is a favorite among Czech people. They don’t keep smiles on for no reason. However, should you approach a lady in Prague with a question or a request, her face will lighten up in no time. So, break the stereotypes, and you’ll be rewarded.

Time-management obsession

They say that Germans are obsessed with time management and planning. However, German people will seem mere deletants when it comes to Czechs. They're always in a hurry, and everything they do should be organized to the final second. Whenever anything goes sideways, the grief couldn’t seem deeper. If you manage to establish a relationship with a lady from the Czech Republic, you should be ready to stick to a plan all the time.

Synchronization with the traditions

It’s not like Czech ladies are old-fashioned, on the contrary. However, deep respect for worldly traditions and gallantry matter here. Both boys and girls still attend ball dance classes, and most organizations hold annual balls the co-workers must attend. The world-changing gender-equality trend has passed the country by. So, holding doors and sticking to the ‘Ladies first’ rule is a must.

Encoded activeness

One of the main reasons why people from the Czech Republic are obsessed with planning is due to their activity when a day off is in sight. When ladies from Prague aren’t clubbing, they’re sporty and active. A lazy weekend on a couch is the last resort vacation.

Final words

If your next vacation plan involves some hot European brides and incredible scenery, the Czech Republic is the country to visit. Czech ladies are genuinely gorgeous, and they know it well. The longer you communicate, the better are your chances of moving to the next level. So, while nightclubs are alluring and they’re many in the city, a sure way to get yourself a proper date would be to start with online correspondence. You still aren’t registered with JollyRomance or BravoDate? Do you want all the best ladies taken while you’re still weighing the odds?