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Russian Flirting Phrases

Russian Flirting Phrases For Successful Dating

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

Russian romantic phrases can work wonders. Women from Ukraine and Russia become really flattered and touched when hearing a man saying something nice and flirty to them. The thing is Russian men aren't good at the art of giving compliments. Flirting isn't their strength too. So can you imagine what an effect it makes on her when a foreigner starts flirting in Russian? Let's learn why Russian sweet words are important to know and learn the best ones.

Why should you learn romantic words in Russian

Here are the reasons why saying tender words in Russian to both Ukrainian and Russian brides might be a good thing to do.

  1. You show your interest and care.‌ The best way to attract a woman is to prove it's you who are attracted in the first place. Russian and Ukrainian women become extremely interested in men who pay attention to them. It excites, intrigues, and makes them feel special. If you pay a compliment to a girl, it's a sign you're potentially a good partner who can treat a girl well. If you do it in Russian, it's a sign you're making efforts and, therefore, it's serious for you.
  2. You get closer.‌ Sincere compliments build trust as they make people feel exclusive and unique. It especially works out when you give a compliment that`s truly individual and unusual. Noticing the way she laughs, or pointing out how the color of her sweater matches her eyes or saying what a great work she's done — all of these sow seeds of gratitude, trust, and respect in the relationships.
  3. You get rewarded.‌ Compliments are free. You pay nothing to make a woman happy, but they turn out to be priceless in the end. If you manage to master the art of flirting and saying tender sweet words, your girl will certainly pay you back by doing something nice to you — cooking something you like, arranging a romantic date with kissing and hugging, learning a sexy dance for you, or whatever else will cross her mind to please you.

15 BEST Russian expressions of love

Here are the examples of best tender Russian phrases to say to Russian or Ukrainian brides.

  1. Я люблю тебя! (Ya lublu tebya) — I love you!
  2. Ты такая красивая. (Ty ochen' krasivaya) — You`re so beautiful.
  3. У тебя очень красивая улыбка. (U tebya ochen' krasiavaya ulybka) — You have a very beautiful smile.
  4. Мне нравятся твои глаза. У них невероятный цвет. (Mne nravyatsa tvoi glaza. U nih neveroyantyi tsvet) — I love your eyes. They`re of incredible color.
  5. У тебя такой заразительный смех. Мне очень нравится! (U tebya takoi zarazitelniy smekh. Mne ochen' nravitsa!) — You have so contagious laughter. I love it so much!
  6. Ты выглядишь сногсшибательно в этом платье. Тебе очень идет. (Ty vygliadish snogsshibatel'no v etom plat'e. Tebe ochen' idet.) — You look fantastically in this dress. It suits you perfectly.
  7. Спасибо тебе за твою заботу. (Spasibo tebe za tvoyu zabotu) — Thank you for your care.
  8. Мне нравится как ты укладываешь волосы. Тебе идут кудрявые/прямые волосы. (Mne nravitsa kak ty ukladyvaesh' volosy. Tebe idut priamye/kudryavye volosy.) — I love the way you style your hair. Curly/straight hair suits you very much.
  9. Очень хочу поцеловать тебя. У тебя такие вкусные губы. (Ochen' khochu potselovat' tebya. U tebya takiye vkusnyye guby.) — I so much want to kiss you. You have so tempting lips.
  10. Я скучаю по тебе и хочу тебя видеть чаще. (Ya skuchayu po tebe i khochu tebya videt' chashche.) — I miss you and want to see you more often.
  11. С тобой так хорошо. (S toboy tak khorosho.) — It's so nice to be with you.
  12. Ты очень красивая без макияжа. У тебя нежная кожа. (Ty ochen' krasivaya bez makiyazha. U tebya nezhnaya kozha.) — You're very beautiful without make-up. You have such a smooth skin.
  13. У тебя классный вкус. Мне нравится как ты одеваешься. Очень стильно. (U tebya klassnyy vkus. Mne nravitsya kak ty odevayesh'sya. Ochen' stil'no.) — You have a cool taste. I like the way you dress. So stylish.
  14. Спасибо, что веришь в меня. Для меня это действительно важно. (Spasibo, chto verish' v menya. Dlya menya eto deystvitel'no vazhno.) — Thank you for believing in me. It's really important.
  15. Для меня ты идеальная девушка. (Dlya menya ty ideal'naya devushka.) — You're a perfect girl for me.

10 Best Russian compliments

And one more bonus for you — 10 extra sweet Russian phrases that the majority of girls agree are the best compliments they've ever received. They're, on the one hand, universal, but, on the other hand, your girl will definitely find them unique and special.

  1. Ты очень вкусно пахнешь. (Ty ochen' vkusno pakhnesh'.) — You smell delicious.
  2. Ты прекрасный слушатель. (Ty prekrasnyy slushatel'.) — You're a great listener.
  3. С тобой гораздо интереснее общаться, чем со многими моими знакомыми! (S toboy gorazdo interesneye obshchat'sya, chem so mnogimi moimi znakomymi!) — It's much more interesting to talk with you than with a bunch of my acquaintances.
  4. Ты очень добра. (Ty ochen' dobra.) — You're very kind.
  5. Ты такая талантливая. Я горжусь тем, что у тебя все получается, как ты хотела. (Ty takaya talantlivaya. YA gorzhus' tem, chto u tebya vse poluchayetsya, kak ty khotela.) —- You're so talented. I'm proud you manage everything the way you planned.
  6. У тебя такой спокойный и приятный голос. Люблю слушать, когда ты разговариваешь. (U tebya takoy spokoynyy i priyatnyy golos. Lyublyu slushat', kogda ty razgovarivayesh'.) — Your voice is so calm and nice. I love listening when you talk.
  7. С тобой я могу говорить обо всем. С тобой мне всегда очень комфортно. (S toboy ya mogu govorit' obo vsem. S toboy mne vsegda ochen' komfortno.) — I can talk with you about anything. I feel comfortable with you all the time.
  8. У меня мурашки от тебя. (U menya murashki ot tebya.) — I have goosebumps because of you.
  9. Ты вдохновила меня на... (Ty vdokhnovila menya na...) — You've inspired me to...
  10. Ты очень хорошо готовишь. (Ty ochen' khorosho gotovish') — You cook really well.

How to give compliments in Russian

A few recommendations for you, as a foreigner, on how to flirt and say nice words to girls from Russian, Ukraine, and other Russian-speaking countries.

  • Be authentic and specific, not hyperbolic. ‌ Don't go too far with your compliments. Phrases like “The strength of attraction in your bottomless eyes is difficult to resist!” or “Do you see the sun in the sky? Know that your smile shines so much brighter!” usually make girls feel awkward, and they don't know what to reply. Don't give textbookish compliments as if just because you're expected to. Nice words should be sincere and make a girl feel good.
  • Include examples.‌ Saying “You're beautiful” when you really mean it and say it from the bottom of your heart is great and usually flatters all girls. But try to back your compliment up with examples of why you think the girl is beautiful. What is so unique about her? Hair, eyes, skin? What exactly do you like about her? The more specific you are, the better a compliment is.
  • Don't expect anything back.‌ Be selfless. Never compliment a woman because you want something from her — appreciation, gratitude, kiss, love... Not only is this a very selfish thing to do, but it sucks all the sincerity right out of the compliment. In the end, you have no good result. A girl feels your nice words aren't genuine and don't know how to react, and you feel stupid and awkward. Pay compliments only because you think a girl deserves them.

Flirting in Russian is enjoyable and fun for both a man and a woman. It costs nothing but influences relationships greatly. Nice and sweet words make a couple more connected, make them open up and trust each other. Saying such phrases in your girl`s first language has a triple effect. Want to check it out?