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Wifey material

Main Qualities That Make a Girl Wife Material

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

Who can be called a wife material? The answer is simple: it’s a woman you want to marry. She’s the perfect one. Yet, not because she’s the prettiest, the most successful, the best cook, or the most experienced pedagogue who can raise your future children. So, what makes a wife material so desirable?

We emailed our users with some questionnaires asking for their explanation of a wife material. There were 50 questions that gave insights into the men’s expectations for the women’s attitude to relationships, family, self-realization, and future plans. According to this data, we’ve written this blog article. Are you enthusiastic about the results? Get ready to discover the shocking truth.

What makes a girlfriend wife material?


Some girls are only for dates and romantic adventures, while others are for serious relationships and marriage. Why don’t men want to lead to the altar every single girl? Let’s analyze the users’ answers.

A girlfriend who can become a wife material should:

  • Want to know your parents and friends
  • Focus on internal beauty more than external
  • Care about your career no less than her own
  • Take care of you and expect nothing back
  • Learn new things, develop skills, read, and not stop on her achievements
  • Share her pains and gains
  • Have a strong desire to get married and give birth to your child
  • Cook healthy and delicious meals
  • Be ready to compromise
  • Not control or pressurize you
  • Love, respect, and support
  • Relax and have fun with you

In a nutshell, a girlfriend should be outstanding! She must have a superpower to catch your attention and thoughts. You can’t see any other women but her.

For example, one of the most popular entertainment sites Gh Gossip presented a hot celebrity gossip. As it turned out, a Nigerian superstar, known as Wizkid, considers a wife material his best friend Tiwa Savage. She’s a famous singer and actress. But, Wizkid finds her the strongest and the most amazing woman he knows. Her talent inspires him. So, she’s a good example of a wife material for him.

Qualities of a good wife material

In the 20th century, the perfect wives were women who could cook, clean, and stay at home to look after the children. Although in the 21st-century, the wife material meaning has changed greatly. Are you intrigued? Then let’s learn what makes a good wife according to the men’s expectations.

Loves with all her heart

A sense of deep love matters more than strong sexual attraction. Of course, at the very beginning, physical attractiveness is so desirable. However, if you want to have a love with no expiration date, you should love and be loved. A loving woman cares, praises, and cherishes her true lover. Affection and unconditional love make a life-long marriage. A wife doesn’t notice other men. A husband is person #1 in her life.


A faithful wife is a tower of strength for her partner. You can be on the other side of the world but be confident in your spouse, as she never breaks your heart. You feel like you're the center of the universe and no other man is your opponent. Thus, you can relax and trust your beloved.


Lying provokes suspicion between partners. It's like a snowball, it becomes bigger and destroys the trust in your relationship. You should be convinced in your spouse's sincerity because only a credible woman deserves respect, support, help, and admiration. You can share all secrets and be sure that she never goes back upon you.


An independent woman is hard to reach. But at the same time, she’s so desirable and attractive. Men tend to show their imagination and creativity to impress her. It looks like an adventure game at the beginning of the interaction. After a while, a man respects her, her views, and her ideas. She never bothers a boyfriend with hundreds of messages, calls, or questions. She can avoid destructive conversations, as she’s too wise to waste her time on nothing. If a man has his own plans, it’s not a problem for her to entertain herself.

Has a good sense of humor

A sincere smile on the face or loud laugh after a man’s joke gives birth to the warm feeling inside. It’s so pleasant to have fun together and do stupid, but entertaining things. Positive attitude towards other people, inner peace, and engaging conversations are obvious qualities of a wife. Even difficult life situations are easier to overcome with a woman who can find good in bad. Thus, family life becomes brighter and brings much joy.


Being a “couch potato” doesn’t fit into being a wifey material. On the contrary, a good wife isn’t the synonym for a housewife. It’s all about curiosity and desire to live a full life. The big world has too many exciting things to be discovered!

Spending leisure time together can’t be boring, as your woman always wants to travel, go out, or visit places of interest in the home city. It doesn’t mean that she should be a self-obsessed party girl. But monotonous repeating the same actions day after day will make her crazy! Changes, new experiences, and the initiative are essential parts of her personality. Can you imagine a fascinating chilling out with your wife? Isn’t it great?

Sexually attractive

You may deny it but intimacy plays a crucial role in family affairs. A great number of divorces can be avoided if the couples satisfy each other sexually instead of replacing the partner with someone from outside. Regular sex makes the connection between spouses stronger and deeper. Thus, your future wife should be the hottest, the prettiest, the most gorgeous woman for you. Feeling the inner desire to touch her, kiss, or hug is a good sign that you’re on the right path.

Good cook

It’s hard to avoid a well-known saying that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Go on, admit it, you’re a food lover! So, why spend plenty of money on restaurants if you can eat delicious dishes at home? At the very beginning of the relationship, you may say that cooking doesn’t matter. But sooner or later you’ll change your mind because “a hungry belly has no ears.” So, cooking together is a good testing of her skills.

The article “Families that eat together, stay together” shows the positive effect of the family dinners. It’s not only one of the ways of family time-spending, but the tool for uniting the family. Thus, don’t underestimate the benefits of feeding not only your belly with yummies but also your soul with warm family evenings.

Accepts herself

A woman who feels comfortable with herself is surely happy. Total acceptance of her strengths and weaknesses allows her to radiate positive energy to the whole world. She’s a strong and confident lady who knows her worth. She realizes she has a lot to offer a man, not only sex. This woman lives a full life. Men admire her stamina, confidence, and self-respect. No tears, hysterics, or insanity. A man can forget about quarrels and enjoy a harmonious relationship with a level-headed woman.

Main wife material traits


How to be wife material? Do all girls know how to act with a beloved? According to the new Pew Research Center survey, love and companionship become the major reasons why 2 people decide to get married. We considered statistics concerning the satisfaction of the marriage. Then we compared presented information with users’ responses and found much in common. If you want to get a family life of your dreams, familiarize yourself with the attributes of a good wife. Moreover, if you meet such a woman and marry her, you’ll be fully satisfied with your relations. So, what’s she like?

Shares husband’s outlook on life

Sometimes, a sad story happens to a couple. One day the happy marriage ends. It’s an ordinary situation when a man says that yesterday everything was okay but today she got her stuff and broke up with him. He’s shocked and frustrated. What has happened? So, she had many things trapped inside her: unfulfilled plans, broken dreams, tiredness, exhaustion to fight for her own goals. No men and no women wish for such an ending. Thus, it’s a crucial point to understand her plans about the future, know her dream and goals.

If you have much in common, your marriage will be successful. You both enrich your relationship and each other's lives. Acting in your best interests is a secret key to long-term marriages.

Never embarrasses her man in public

No doubts, even the sweetest couple has a skeleton in their family closet. Secrets, quarrels, hormones, her period, revenge, grudge, or bad mood. Nothing mentioned can enable a wife material girl to humiliate a man in front of other people. Moreover, she always figures out carefully what to say next because she doesn’t want to hurt her beloved.

Uses money wisely

It’s so old-fashioned and ineffective to play the role of a poor man or hide your income. One day you’ll put a ring on her finger and you’ll have the joint family budget. Are you sure that there’s no need to test her money management skills before the wedding? Notice what she does with her capital and allow her to use even a little of your own. Check if she wastes them on tons of new clothes, shoes, and beauty salons or invests in the business, health, or self-development. Isn’t this approach more effective than making the money topic a taboo? If it’s necessary, teach her to handle money responsibly before the wedding.

Wants to have a baby

Unfortunately, nowadays not all women want to be mothers. Perhaps, one day you dream to become a father and raise your own child. However, it may turn out your spouse is dead set against pregnancy. She suggests getting a kitten or a puppy. But you want a child, not a home zoo! Can you find the way out? To avoid this complicated decision, know for sure if you both want to have a nuclear family.

Divides household chores

When you want to build a harmonious relationship, you need a strong basis. The good foundation is the division of household responsibilities. If everything works like a clock and all work is done, it means everyone is satisfied with their piece of work. Thus, no exhaustion or irritation can spoil the romantic mood.

Balances work and personal life

Feminizm dictates the new standards of life for the young ladies. Thus, many of them are crazy about making a successful career, being independent and self-sufficient. But the truth is that a wife material lady should be good at combining work and family. Friends, hobbies, and household chores should also be among her interests.


If something obscure and disturbing is going on between you and your spouse, the best way out is to communicate. Discussing the challenges can help to solve any problem or misunderstanding. Consequently, a wife material girl should be ready for a constructive dialogue.


A good wife material candidate is an outstanding woman who’s faithful, honest, self-sufficient, adventurous, and sexually attractive. She has a good sense of humor, accepts herself, and loves her spouse with all her heart. A wife material girl keeps a balance between work and family, wants a baby, uses money wisely, and shares her husband’s outlook on life. She loves her spouse and never allows herself to embarrass him in public. Such women are very rare, but you’ve got a chance to become the happiest man on the Earth if you meet one of them.