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Bosnian woman

Bosnian Mail Order Brides: Learn Why Bosnian Wife Is A Great Choice

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Bosnian ladies for marriage have the luck to live surrounded with amazingly beautiful nature, where green plains alternate with picturesque mountain slopes, and architectural monuments. Bosnia brides are so life-friendly that they infect others with this joy and positive vibes. They're proud of their culture and traditions and share it gladly. Meet the woman of your dreams in such a lovely place like Bosnia and Herzegovina. Charming mail order wives from the whole country are waiting for you.

Beauty & Appearance of Bosnian ladies for marriage


The Bosnian beauty will steal your heart when you meet a local girl. The natural looks of women from this country drive foreign men crazy. They mostly have blonde or fair hair and light skin color. However, you can see many brunettes and ginger ladies with sun-kissed skin. Their eyes are blue or grey like gentle clouds in the autumn skies. There are females with straight and eagle-like noses. Besides, lots of them have wide chins.

Bosnian women are pretty tall. Moreover, they don't have problems with being overweight, so they look like top models. They're slim, yet feminine, and they know how to emphasize their body shapes. Stylish clothes and nice shoes are a real passion for them.

Character of Bosnian brides

  • Women in Bosnia are open and emotional. They express their feelings easily and can stand for their opinions. The understanding of personal space among Bosnians differs from other nations—it's very hard to be 'too close', but being 'too far' can be offensive, especially during a conversation. The same goes for direct eye contact, it should be almost constant during a conversation.
  • Despite the instability in the country and difficult financial situation, Bosnian women have a good sense of humor and stay mostly positive. Local women are friendly, they love music, sing, and dance well, and are always open to conversation.
  • Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina are friendly and totally communicative. They easily start conversations in public transport and offer their help to foreigners who need help. The Bosnian woman personality is influenced by old traditions of hospitality and strong family values.
  • A Bosnia girl searching for marriage is reliable. She fulfills all her promises and is ready to take responsibility for her words or actions. Besides, you can rely on such a lady because the support of her man is the main thing for her.
  • Bosnian females are laid-back. They don't hurry up or plan their future and prefer to enjoy every moment of their lives. Bosnian mail order brides are eager to take a risk rather than miss an opportunity and never find out what would happen. Spontaneous decisions often lead them to interesting outcomes.
  • Bosnian wives value their marriage. Families are strong in this country, which is proved by the statistics showing only 0.6 divorces per 1,000 people. That's because local girls don't break up with their men when different misunderstandings appear. Bosnian brides work on their relationships and fix issues.

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Bosnian women for marriage and their family values

  • Marriage and family are in the first place for girls from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnian women are beautiful housewives, mothers, wives, and cooks. Everything that's associated with building a home environment and creating comfort for each member of the family, they do with pleasure and joy. Their house is in order, the kitchen smells delicious, the children are clean, and the husband is happy and well-fed.
  • Bosnian brides are ambitious in everything, including housekeeping. If they cook, then only with the best products, if they arrange their homes, then only according to the latest interior design trends. They're best at cooking, so the kitchen is their temple, where they won't tolerate competition. Children are taught from a young age to take care of older relatives and to treat other family members with respect.
  • Brides from Bosnia and Herzegovina are looking for long-term relationships. The reason why many Bosnian women sign up to online dating sites is that they're looking for a loving and reliable partner with whom they can have a big and happy family.

Popular Bosnian wedding traditions

Before marrying a Bosnian girl, you can learn about her lovely wedding traditions:

  • Religious couples have weddings that last for 2 days. When you marry a Bosnian woman following this custom, the first day is dedicated to different rituals, while the second is all about celebration.
  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the bride traditionally stays in her parents' house until the day of her wedding.
  • On the wedding day, the groom's guests gather in front of his house and go to pick up the bride. It's an important part of the wedding and is connected with numerous small rituals and gifts, which differ depending on religious affiliation and location.
  • A tradition that still exists at some weddings in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the giving of an apple to the bride. In the past, this was traditionally part of the bride's gift and was given with money bills by the groom's family. Today, the apple still plays an important role, as this is supposed to bring good luck and blessings for the future together.
  • It's also customary to give the bride bread as a sign of everlasting prosperity.
  • Guests and newlyweds perform the folk dance. It's called "Kolo" and requires everyone to take a neighbor's hand and catch the music rhythm. Usually, it brings lots of fun to everyone.
  • A bride's shoe can be stolen. If it happens, the best man has to get it back for her and pay some money to those who did it.

When picking Bosnian women for marriage, you should be prepared for wedding customs that differ from the rituals followed in your country. You can also check marriage traditions in other cultures and find out many intriguing things.


Life style of women in Bosnia

Music and big celebrations are part of the lifestyle and a bridge between the many different nationalities and religions of the country. Bosnians adore their friends and family. Bosnian women are always familiar and friendly with the people they love.

Bosnians are passionate coffee lovers. Traditional cafes and modern café-bars are popular meeting places among young Bosnian girls. With a cup of coffee, Bosnian beauties can spend hours with their friends and relatives. Bosnian females generally have a fairly relaxed sense of time. Relatives and close friends may visit each other without an appointment and stay up for hours.

How to understand that Bosnian bride is for you?

Having a Bosnian mail order wife is like having a Birthday every day. She'll be the most valuable gift you've ever had, while life with her will be a celebration of happy moments. But if it's not enough for you to understand that she's the best choice for you, consider the following:

  • You want to have a faithful relationship with a woman who will never cheat on you. Bosnian girls don't need other men when they have romantic partners, and betrayal is disgusting for them.
  • You think that a family is fully complete if there are kids. Bosnian mail order women love children a lot and they dream of having a few after marrying.
  • Hide-and-seek or guessing games aren't for you. Females from Bosnia are straightforward and open about what they think and how they feel.
  • Your home should feel like a real home. Bosnian brides are excellent housewives and chefs, so your house will always be clean, comfortable, and full of tasty smells.
  • Being a team with your future partner is important for you. You'll support each other and make decisions together with a spouse from Bosnia.

By the way, Slavic mail order brides from other countries may also be a wonderful choice for marriage as they have many excellent characteristics.

How to get a Bosnian mail order bride?

If you’re looking for Bosnian mail order brides for dating and the prospective creation of a family, consider choosing online dating platforms. They'll be your primary source of acquaintances since meeting a Bosnian wife offline takes a lot of time, traveling, and planning.

To get a Bosnian girl for marriage, take the following steps:

  • Sign up for an account on a dating website. The majority of online dating platforms offer a quick and free registration, so you’re not risking anything at this point. Just start a profile online, and proceed to the next step.
  • Fill out your profile in detail. Think about the kind of information you want to share about yourself and the image you want to create online. Add the respective facts about your life along with a few quality photos. Now, you have more chances of getting popular on a dating platform.
  • Search for Bosnian women for marriage. Don’t wait for girls to start noticing you online if you’ve just joined the dating platform. Instead, start exploring the audience via a search engine. Filter your search results with the intention to shape your ideal woman type.
  • Communicate Bosnian girls for marriage. Do you like anyone immediately? Great! Go ahead and make contact with a mail order bride that caught your attention.
  • Meet your Bosnian girl for marriage. Meeting in person will give the understanding of whether you're really a perfect match. If so–then plan a future together!

👤Donna Hawkins:

I don't even doubt that you'll find a huge number of Bosnian women looking for American men on international platforms. Online dating in Bosnia is as common as online shopping for those ladies nowadays, so you just need to grab your chance and start seeking a potential partner.

Tips if you start dating Bosnian mail order brides

The following tips will be useful while dating Bosnian women.

  • Take care of the restaurant bill. When it comes to the bill at the restaurant, there's no other choice: the man has to pay. Restaurant bills are an important part of mail order brides pricing.
  • Dress in a proper way. Bosnian girls for marriage like well-dressed men who look elegant and classy, no hipster style.
  • Don’t tell your negative family stories. Bosnian women dream of a man with whom they will be happy until the end of their lives. If you want to marry a Bosnian girl, it’s important that you come from a stable background.
  • Make a good first impression. Choose a nice and contemplative place or a chic restaurant for your first date with a Bosnia girl.

👤Donna Hawkins:

When you find Bosnian brides, you'll recognize their love for perfect looks and attention to detail. So, my advice is that you must be a neatly dressed gentleman who can take care of everything for his woman. Turn your charm on, and a Bosnian lady will be yours forever.

Why are Bosnian women for marriage very eager to find a husband abroad?


Bosnia and Herzegovina women have a great culture and strong family values. But why do local women look for partners among foreigners rather than their countrymen? Find the answer below:

  • Bosnian brides want to move away from home to improve their level of life. Because of the socio-economic, socio-political environment, and financial difficulties, some Bosnian girls want to leave the country and go abroad. In Bosnia, women are the weakest social link. In the massive unemployment situation, ladies make up the largest share of the unemployed. Women's participation in public and political life is low, with a tendency to further decline. There is not and has not been a single woman in the presidency of the state;
  • Bosnian mail order brides are curious about other cultures and languages. They're eager to expand their horizons and meet new people from all over the world, that’s why they start dating foreigners. Oftentimes, the process of exploring the differences among other nationalities makes them fall for the representatives of those cultures: Bosnian ladies learn a certain language, visit a country where it’s spoken, meet locals, and feel that they belong there. Thus, they move out of Bosnia and start building their life all over again ;
  • Bosnian mail order brides are determined to meet the love and build a healthy relationship. Bosnian girls who register on international dating sites know exactly that they want to date and marry a decent man to create a happy family with. If they don't meet such a man in their country, Bosnian ladies expand their search. Moreover, they think that foreign guys make better husbands than local ones.

To find a husband, a Bosnian girl for marriage uses online dating sites. Check online dating as well, it’s a powerful tool to find a foreign wife. Here you can meet a Bosnian girl, connect to Asian beauty, or even find a Russian mail order bride.

Pros and cons of getting a Bosnian wife

✅ Pros❌ Cons
A Bosnian spouse will always be sincere about her feelings and attitudeIt may be hard to win an argument during a discussion with a Bosnian wife
Your life will be exciting and interesting because local girls love to socializeShe'll take offense at the lack of attention from you
No drama and illusions about your relationship as Bosnian women are realistic and down-to-earthSince a Bosnian girl is direct, she can hurt your feelings with her words
Whenever you face a problem, your partner will help you resolve it quickly
You'll never get bored with your intimate life because the passion of Bosnian girls is like fire
A local wife easily accepts compromises, so all issues in your couple will be handled in no time

Success Stories

Peter and Amina

Met on JollyRomance

I was seeking my one and only for a pretty long time, so I decided to try dating apps. After a few months of searching, I was ready to quit that stuff, but I met Amina. She texted me first, and that message was the starting point of our story.

Amina changed my world. I'm impressed by her kindness and willingness to help others. She has a heart of gold, and I feel that I became a better person with her. I want to spend my whole life with Amina.

Roger and Hana

Met on JollyRomance

In fact, I was skeptical about a long-distance relationship. But one day, I was bored so much that I decided to register on a dating site. Hana grabbed my attention from the very beginning. She's smart and funny–I didn't have a chance to escape from falling in love with her.

After a month of online communication, I went to Europe and we had an unforgettable vacation together. Now, we plan our next meeting, and I think that I'm going to propose to her. I just don't want to wait any longer and let her go again.

Bosnian women for marriage will make you happy and fill your life with love and affection. It’s an amazing feeling to come back home to a caring and gentle wife. Don’t hesitate to find Bosnian wife who will make your home the coziest place in the world.

👤Kim Evazians:

On average, around 14,000 marriages are registered in Bosnia annually, while the divorce rate is tiny, as Donna mentioned in the article. Considering a small population, which is over 3 million people, this index is good. I see the following: Bosnian ladies want to get married and they don't belong to the type of women who prefer to break up rather than look for a problem solution. Add all those wonderful features they have, and you'll get a wonderful choice for a life-long relationship.

👤Dominic Carroll:

Yeah, I guess you're right in some way, Kim. But it's also necessary to take into account that many Bosnian women follow Islam, and divorce is discouraged in this religion. A marriage can be broken down under certain circumstances. Of course, it doesn't mean that Bosnian ladies become a less good choice, but this fact should be considered.


Bosnian women loyal?

Yes, they are. In Bosnia girls searching for marriage are ready to commit to one partner for a lifetime, so you won′t have to question their true intentions once they start dating you. They value relationships and their partners, so loyalty is a natural feature for them.

How can I impress a Bosnian girl?

To make Bosnian brides notice and remember you, you have to be respectful, polite, and gallant. Demonstrating good courtship skills will also be helpful in seducing Bosnian women and encouraging them to come to a second date with you. So feel free to bring flowers and small but meaningful gifts to your Bosnian lady to make her feel special and appreciated.

Are Bosnian mail order brides expensive?

No, they’re not. Compared to American brides, dating Bosnian mail order brides is far cheaper. You’ll have to spend only around $10,000 on dating and a wedding in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But if you decide to bring a Bosnian bride to the US, you′ll have to spend additional money on visa, plane tickets, and maintenance for your woman until she gets a job.