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Donna Hawkins

Donna Hawkins

Relationship psychologist and writer

Donna Hawkins has vast experience in helping couples build strong relationships. As a professional psychologist, she's been working with clients since 2008. She knows everything about improving a marriage, strengthening the connection, and achieving harmony between partners. Currently, Donna also writes articles for BrightBrides giving advice to those searching for love.

Areas of expertise

Donna is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She specializes in helping partners get through tough times with their relationships. Her tasks include gaining insight from couples, resolving conflicts, and defining the borders for both a man and a woman.

Donna has helped over a hundred couples get rid of different difficulties. During the session, she focuses on a specific problem, which often implies sexual disorders, lack of intimacy, internet addiction, jealousy, etc.


Donna was fond of psychology ever since she was a teenager. She liked to analyze the behavior of other people and find a key to improving communication with them. As a result, she entered and received a Ph.D. degree in Psychology at the University of Oregon. Donna also attended courses and studied different programs referring to couple counseling, including theory and practice of family therapy, conflict management, and techniques strengthening a relationship.

Most of all, Donna was fond of helping couples save their marriages and fix problems that could lead to divorce. That's why she completed the necessary amount of hours as a supervisor gaining clinical experience and growing professionally. Donna received the license and started operating as a family and marriage counselor. She keeps growing professionally and visits professional lectures to make her approach even more effective.


As a couple counselor, Donna started her path in 2008. She founded a family therapy clinic. During all these years, she's been studying different ways of relationship improvement.

Donna's therapy involves working with both partners because it's more effective than discussing issues with each one separately. Together, they search for the best solutions for achieving positive changes.

Today, she knows everything about building a harmonic marriage and helping partners achieve understanding. Her articles on BrightBrides.org are popular among users as she shares helpful information.

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