Bulgarian Mail Order Brides: Character, Appearance, Dating Features

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Thinking about meeting Bulgarian brides? But what do you really know about them? Their character, personality, appearance, culture, and history? What men do they date? What mail order wives do they make? Find more trustworthy info, details, and tips about Bulgarian mail order brides below.

How do single Bulgarian ladies look?

First, let's define the girls' appearance and find out why they're so beautiful.

Facial features

Probably, one of the worldwide known women from Bulgaria today is Nina Dobrev, most famous for portraying Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries series. And a number of other Bulgarian girls look a lot like her β€” magnificent dark hair (straight and wavy), fresh and smooth skin, prominent cheekbones, green or hazel eyes. However, you can meet blonde or red-headed girls with fair skin too.

Bulgarian girl for marriage


An average body shape of Bulgarian woman is sand-glass: a thin waist, gorgeous sonsy bust, seductive hips. They have thin bones, long legs, and small feet. In general, girls are slender and pretty fragile. They're well-deserved representatives and winners at a variety of local and world beauty contests. As an example, Margo Cooper was Miss World Bulgaria 2019.


Bulgarian women have a good taste and that's why they always dress stunningly beautiful. However, that doesn't mean they wear too sexy clothes trying to get men's attention. No, their clothes are often casual and comfy, yet stylish and trendy. Another detail the women never forget about is light make-up to highlight their advantages like cheekbones, thick eyebrows, and plush lips. Their hairstyle is also a part of a total look β€” always shiny, healthy, and set.

What are Bulgarian brides like?

As they say β€” a good dress is a card of invitation, a good mind is a letter of recommendation. So never judge a book by its cover. Luckily, girls from Bulgaria aren't only pretty. They have great personalities.

Kind and sweet

Bulgarian women have a friendly and very generous nature and attitude to others. They treat people as equal human beings with unique life stories and backgrounds. That's why they never judge and of course expect not to be judged. And that's one of the reasons they're so open to meeting and dating foreigners. The girls don't see a different nationality as a boundary to a happy life.

Friendly and sociable

Bulgarian women always make a great company as they're fun and pleasant. You'll understand that the first second you get acquainted with one of them. They can easily find a common ground with people they don't know. Seems like Bulgarian ladies have a magic power that makes people like them. Their smile can disarm anybody. Thus, no need to worry about how well she'll manage to get on with your family and friends.

Strong-minded and vigorous

What does that mean? Bulgarian women are never afraid of any obstacle or struggle. They're decisive and empowered, have a healthy self image. They're able to take responsibility for their own life and family. Marrying a woman from this country means you get a mature partner and a friend you can trust and rely on. She's not going to be your burden. On the contrary, she'll make your life more comfortable and enjoyable.

Bulgarian woman

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What facts to know before meet Bulgarian women for marriage?

If Bulgaria, its history, and culture aren't your strengths, you'd better learn a few important facts before you start dating a Bulgarian girl.

  • Bulgaria and Romania aren't the same. There were some attempts to unite these two countries many years ago. Like a century ago. A long time. Now all the countries have in common is 608 km of borders. There are some similarities in culture and traditions as the states are neighbors. But locals feel offended when foreigners confuse the well-known facts. Germans aren't the same as Finnish, right?
  • Yes means no.This one is confusing for foreigners, so brace yourself. The thing is Bulgarians nod when they mean β€œno” and shake their heads when they mean β€œyes”. Almost the whole world does that another way. The things are getting even a little bit more complicated by the fact that many Bulgarians travel today and change the habit not to confuse foreigners. So the best way out is to remember two Bulgarian words β€” β€œda” for β€œyes”, and β€œne” for β€œno”.
  • Slow living is important. Bulgarians have a special word for their lifestyle. It's β€œaylyak”, and it's impossible to translate it. It means a feeling of non-urgency, peace, and calm. In fact, it's peculiar to many South European countries. Many regard aylyak as a secret to happiness. So when you meet your girl, be ready she'll be relaxed and carefree. And don't perceive her offer to walk as something meaningless. Bulgarians do that regularly β€” walk around, have a coffee, and talk idly.
  • English fluency varies. If you ever happen to be in Bulgaria and try to talk in English with locals, you might get a bit baffled. You'll probably have no trouble communicating with younger people. By the way, many of them may have perfect American pronunciation and be very fluent as they spend summers working in the USA. However, speaking to the older generation might be a bit more challenging as during the 50-80s of last century students were forced to study Russian, sometimes German or French. No English.
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Bulgaria women dating tips

Follow these recommendations and your relationship with a Bulgarian bride will be pleasant, successful, and long lived.

  • Don't think she's a poor girl from a Third World country. When locals hear questions asked by foreines like β€œDo you have electricity?” or β€œDo I need vaccinations?”, they get offended. Although Bulgaria is really not the richest country in the world, people here are satisfied with life and feel proud of living there.
  • Don't play games with her. If you're not serious about relationships and marriage, don't even try to start dating a Bulgarian woman. Locals are very conscious about family and its importance in every person's life.
  • Show physical and emotional strength. Bulgarian girls need that from their partners tremendously. Firstly, she'll expect you to help her with heavy bags and other stuff that men usually have most skills to do. Secondly, be ready for arguments that include tears and shouting. These girls are emotional.
  • Pay the bill. It's customary in Bulgaria β€” if you invite a girl, you pay. Out of politeness she might offer to split it, but if you want to be perceived as more masculine, reject it. Girls see it as generosity and financial stability. These characteristics are important for every woman who plans a family and kids.

There's nothing to stop you from Bulgarian mail order brides' search. Use an international dating site you like and start your hunt. Thousands of girls are waiting for you! Make a little effort and your life will change remarkably.


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