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Cambodian Brides

Cambodian Brides For Marriage: Hit A Love Jackpot With Cambodian Women For Marriage

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

If you want to find someone special and feel complete, you should search for a girlfriend among Cambodian mail order brides. One of these ladies can turn your life upside down, and you'll definitely like these changes. It's the same thing as finding the missing piece from a puzzle – you'll finally reach for what you've been seeking for so long.

What makes a Cambodian wife such a wonderful choice for a relationship? Discover the main traits of local women and much more in this article!

👭 Cambodia female population:8.7 mln
👩 Average marriage age in Cambodia:21
🌐 Speak English:22.2%
💸 Avg. Cambodia Bride Cost:$3,000-$5,000
🌎 Most Popular Cambodian Cities:Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang

What do Cambodian girlfriends look like?

Cambodian girls possess a beauty that intrigues men from all around the globe.

  • Toned, petite bodies, honey skin, silky long legs, and luscious hair of darker shades.
  • Soft, feminine Asian facial features, big deep dark eyes, and plump lips.
  • Perfect poise that lets them to carry themselves with grace and elegance.
  • Amazing fashion sense and that helps them easily combine modern style with traditional accessories.
  • Great genetics that makes their beauty last for a long time.

What makes Cambodian girls great wives and mothers?

Stunning visuals aren′t going to make your marriage a happy one. Dating a Cambodian woman is like winning a lottery! You don′t only get a pretty shell – you also get an interesting best friend, a Michelin chef, a wise and intuitive wife, a loving and invested mother and so much more!

Even though Cambodian mail order brides are both stunning and intelligent, there′s a lot more to their personalities. Check out some of their traits below:

Cambodian wives are accommodating

Local brides are brought up in families where men are the heads of the family and women support their husbands. They′re willing to please their partner to make him happy, which makes Cambodian brides happy too! Women here are always open to discuss and negotiate any problems which your family life can bring up.

Cambodian women for marriage are tender

Beauties from this country have a tender nature, so don′t approach them if your intentions aren′t serious. Girls here are like princesses in the heart — they adore chivalry, manners, and honest conversations under the moon. If you date local girls, you′ll feel like a true knight in shining armor who loves a tender princess.

Single Cambodian women are devoted

Another amazing trait of local ladies is their devotion to hobbies and family. Cambodian women immerse themselves in creating a place called “home” for their boyfriends. Whether it′s their personal life or work, women in this country dedicate a lot of time and effort to do their best.

They are religious

93% of the population in Cambodia are Buddhist. Girls here cherish their religious holidays and traditions (Nirvana Day or Wessak for example).

Cambodian mail order brides are non-conflict

A Cambodian mail order bride prefers to save peace and harmony in a relationship rather than complain about the tiniest problem. Local females believe that it's better to discuss things calmly and achieve a compromise. That's why seeking a potential partner among foreign mail order brides is a good choice. If you pick one of the Cambodian women for marriage, your family life will be surrounded by tranquility and pure love.

How and where do you meet Cambodian women?

Distance isn′t a problem on your way to finding love anymore. There are mail order bride websites where you can meet Cambodian brides without any effort. However, if you happen to be in the country, take a look at these popular spots among local ladies:

  • Sihanoukville Beaches, Kompong Som Province. These beaches are one of the top attractions in the country, with both foreigners and local hotties enjoying the warmth of the ocean and beautiful exotic scenery. Meet Cambodian ladies by grabbing them a cocktail or some sparkling water to quench the thirst!
  • Pontoon Nightclub, Phnom Penh. One of the best nightlife locations across the whole country, this place is covered in tourists and local ladies like bees in the honey. The nightclub offers various drinks and themes for each day, so grab a couple of shots and go on a Cambodian mail order bride hunt.
  • Malis Cambodian Restaurant, Phnom Penh. Make your taste buds go crazy from the delicious taste of Southeast Asian foods in this fancy restaurant. It′s highly popular among sophisticated Cambodian brides as they love seafood. Order a lobster and make sure to gift pretty ladies a glass of wine if you see them.
  • Kirirom Park, Phnom Sruoch District. If you love nature and want to combine a nice walk with hunting down Cambodian girls, this is a great place to do so. Cambodian scenery is breathtaking, so take some snacks and enjoy your evening with a local lady in this park.

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Where can I find a Cambodian bride?

One of the most effective ways to meet Cambodian women is to register on an international dating platform. It's a nice option to find an interesting girl before your journey to this country, by the way. In case you choose to look for a potential Cambodian girlfriend online, you'll have an awesome opportunity to get acquainted with dozens of beautiful females.

Usually, a website audience counts thousands of single Cambodian women, so you'll definitely find a lady with preferred personal and physical characteristics. They strive to meet men from abroad and date them.

If you still don't know whether it's the right choice to build a relationship with a Cambodian bride, check out mail-order marriage statistics.

What does Cambodian woman like in men?

Local girls dream about marrying foreigners for several reasons, but not every guy fits their taste. To know what your future Cambodian wife likes men, check out this list:

  • Tidiness. She likes her husband to be tidy and neat. Shave or trim your beard if you have it, keep your clothes fit and clean, and look after your shoes. A Cambodian girlfriend likes her man to be aware of his appearance.
  • Generosity. Men in Cambodia lack generosity and nice vibe. She likes her boyfriend to be generous and humble, just like a real gentleman would behave towards a woman. So show some kindness towards people around you and watch a local girl approach you with interest.
  • Secure mindset. She likes confident men who know their place in a relationship. She wants her boyfriend to trust her and be honest with her because local insecure men tend to get jealous easily. When a Cambodian girlfriend commits to her partner, she′s not going to look at anyone else.
  • Romantic attitude. Local lady dreams about finding a romantic man. She likes simple gestures: dates, phone calls, surprises, even a drunk night out in karaoke is a huge romantic thing for her! Keep the spark between you two alive, and she′ll always adore you.
  • Humour. Laughter and jokes mean a fun life with her husband. Do goofy things together, play around, let your inner child out and see her heart bloom with joy and immense love for you.
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Are Cambodian mail order brides worth your time?


Surely they are! With Cambodian girls for marriage, your life will be bright and positive. They make great wives, superb mothers, and best friends. They′ll give you strength and support in new beginnings, and if it′s not your dream, then what else can you ask for?

Moreover, marrying a Cambodian woman means getting a guarantee of a harmonic relationship and a strong connection with your wife. She'll give you the love and care you've been longing for so long. Cambodian wives have the never-ending resource of kindness and generosity.

Cambodian girls searching for marriage with a foreign guy can be a wonderful choice for you. Your woman will show you another side of love, which will differ from anything you've had before. So, pick a dating site and start looking for Cambodia brides right away!

💡 Interesting Facts About Cambodia

  • Cambodians don′t have a tradition of celebrating birthdays. Older generations might not know when they were born. Some of the youth, however, do it nowadays.
  • But when it comes to New Year celebrations, it′s crazy. They have a holiday in April and they love it. Traditionally, locals go out and throw water and talcum powder at others. In such a way, they wish each other good luck.
  • They know little about traffic rules. Any Westerner that travels to Cambodia, goes grey because of all the rage and madness going on when you′re driving. Literally, no one follows any rules.
  • Cambodians are known for strong family values. The elders are highly respected. Families live together under the same roof. Children are supposed to support parents.

Frequent Questions about Cambodian Brides

What is the average age of marriage in Cambodia?

Usually, a Cambodian girl starts looking for marriage between 18-25. However, there′re different situations, and many women marry even later.

How many wives can you have in Cambodia?

A man can have only one wife legally here. Cambodian brides want to be one and only for their partners.

How can I marry a Cambodian girl?

To marry a Cambodian mail bride, it′s necessary to follow the requirements of your country. For example, if you′re based in the USA, she′ll have to get a fiancee visa to become your wife officially.

Do Cambodian brides like foreigners?

Don′t even doubt that! Cambodian mail order brides are attracted by guys from overseas. They find them really handsome and attentive. These ladies believe that the western dating culture is more interesting than the local one. They think that foreign men are the courtship gurus who know how to win a girl′s heart step by step.