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Croatian woman

Discover Croatian Mail Order Brides And Their Captivating Traits

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

Croatian girls for marriage come from one of the sunniest areas and gain guys' attention worldwide. When foreign love-seekers arrive in Croatia, they instantly fall in love with local ladies. The nature of a Croatian wife combines an eye-catching look, devotion, temptation, and other traits which make her ideal partner for dating and family life.

Would you like to explore all of the Croatian mail order brides features? Keep reading and find out the most interesting facts before starting to search for a Croatian girl for marriage in a mail order brides catalogue!


Croatian brides are the ideal example of Balkan beauty

Foreigners say that girls from Croatia are the epitome of Balkan beauty. Those who know Faretta Radic will agree with this fact. The majority of these women allure men with their olive skin, dark silky locks, and plump lips.

A typical Croatian mail order bride is tall but curvy and fit. However, when men start searching for a beloved in Croatia, they find ladies with different figures and skin tones (from pale to olive.) Instead of several layers of makeup, they prefer a natural look. They use cosmetics just to highlight their bright traits.

What are Croatian mail order brides like?

Guys worldwide are so obsessed with the idea of getting acquainted with a lady from Croatia that they spare no expense in their pursuit of the exotic beauty and charming nature of these girls. They rely on online dating and ask: how do mail order brides work? Before joining a dating website to search for your sunny beloved, remember several things about beautiful Croatian women.

They're cheerful

Foreigners choose Croatian women because they radiate warmth and happiness. They can teach everyone to love their life regardless of career success or financial status. Even in bad times, such a spouse doesn’t complain or whine, so her glass is half full. Settle down with her and enjoy her optimistic attitude to life.


They're sporty

If you look for a fit and sporty soulmate, you’re on the right track. Women in Croatia are into sports since their childhood. Warm waves of the Adriatic sea let them become excellent swimmers. Additionally, these ladies are ardent fans of their soccer teams, so they attend matches in the stadiums regularly.

They're passionate

Your romantic evenings and starry nights with a Croatian lady will turn into an infinite satisfaction. Her tempting nature and readiness for new adult things will bring you the best pleasure you’ve ever had. Men across the globe dream of marrying a Croatian woman because they’re sure with such a lady they can experience a whole range of emotions and satisfaction. Although your spouse is reserved in public, she forgets about manners when it comes to intimacy.

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What else men should know about Croatian women for marriage?

To attract a hot girl from Croatia, find out more extra details about her habits and interests. Bear in mind these aspects and succeed in dating a Croatian woman.

They can’t live without Spica

Tourists will agree, that there are numerous cute and romantic cafés in Croatia, considering the 4.04 million inhabitants of the country. Local women adore visiting them on Sundays to drink their favorite coffee, which is called Spica. While dating one of them, you’ll get convinced that your beloved doesn’t start her day without a cup of coffee.

These girls are talented in arts and handicrafts

Almost every Croatian lady knows how to make clothes and home decor with her own hands. In the case of immigration, nothing will stop your spouse from getting a job and building a career. It makes Croatian women seeking dating ideal partners for international relationships.


They have special names

Lots of Croatian women have names that correspond to a particular saint with the respective celebration day. Ask your beloved about the meaning of her name to get closer to her. Every Croatian girl will appreciate a foreigner who remembers her name day and brings her flowers.

These girls are great cooks

Croatian mail order brides come from families where women know how to cook since their childhood. When you bind a life with one of them, you explore her huge local cuisine comprising fish, crabs, risotto, and tasty salads. Your ration will contain numerous seasonal vegetables, olives, and garlic. Additionally, your beloved will treat you with amazing pasta, which is an integral part of Croatian cuisine.

The kind of marriage Croatian bride dreams of

When you meet Croatian girls, keep in mind that almost each of them has a desire to enjoy her traditional wedding which combines Western and Eastern European customs. It’s part of the cost of a mail order bride foreigners should consider before starting to date a foreign lady.

In Croatia, the majority of marriages are conducted according to Catholic laws in the church. Also, you may arrange a civil wedding in a special municipal service office. Both kinds of events take around 30–40 minutes.

Should you prepare for a wedding party?

Yes, foreigners should consider that all Croatian ladies would like to be in a center of the party which starts after that. The musicians play music and sing national songs traditionally performed at wedding parties. After the first newlyweds′ dance, all guests join for dancing, and the party may last all night long. Every such celebration includes:

  • Maid of honor and a best man (called “kuma” and “kum”)
  • Bridesmaids
  • “Barjaktar” (a flag carrier)—a special master of ceremonies
  • “Tamburaši”—a local music band playing live music

Newlywed's helpers

“Kuma” and “kum” play the most essential and visible roles in the ceremony. They assist the couple before the wedding and during the celebration process. They entertain guests and involve them in different activities. Additionally, bridesmaids help to create a friendly, funny, and relaxing atmosphere by drinking and dancing a lot. Be sure, if you choose a Croatian woman, your wedding will be unforgettable!

How do Croatian ladies communicate?

Croatian women tend to be straightforward in conversation. They speak loudly and use hand gestures in dialogue. When you’re soft-spoken, you may seem as unconfident man. However, these ladies rarely express anger and negative emotions in public. They appreciate properly spoken grammar and choose what to say carefully. Consider it when you want to make a good first impression.

Tips on how to attract a single Croatian mail order bride

When you rely on a dating site or Croatia marriage agency, being a foreigner isn’t enough to conquer a heart of such a woman. Use secret tricks to gain an advantage against other men chatting with your foreign bride.

Show your knowledge about Croatia

Foreigners must know everything about the country of their future wives. Learn about Croatian sports figures, celebrities, and popular events. Do you know about Nikola Tesla or Marco Polo? If yes, you’ll find extra topics for a fascinating conversation with a Croatian lady.

Use humor

When you meet Croatian women, remember that they appreciate guys with a good sense of humor. Their jokes may contain irony, cynicism, and dark humor. Sometimes it isn’t an easy task to recognize it. Also, these girls are used to laughing at difficult situations, but their jokes never offend other people. When you follow such a manner in a conversation with a lady from this country, you get more attention than other guys.


Care about your look

Croatian guys always care about their appearance and try to be well-dressed. If you want to make a good impression, choose a stylish and tidy outfit, stay well-groomed, and keep your shoes clean.

What foreigners should avoid with a Croatian girl for marriage?

There are some things that may cause unpleasant situations and confusion in a conversation with these ladies. Find out what you should avoid while talking to a prospective girlfriend.

Referring Croatia as Yugoslavia

Croatian ladies don’t like foreigners who consider that Croatians are Yugoslavians. The Croatian nation has endured many difficulties in asserting its identity as independent from surrounding countries and cultures.

Discussing the conflict between Croatia and Serbia

These women won’t appreciate discussions or comparisons between these nationalities. It’s a sensitive topic for the majority of Croatians, which evokes negative emotions.

Criticizing Catholicism

Lots of girls in Croatia find Catholic practices and beliefs as an important part of their identities. So, avoid insulting Catholicism. Also, you should avoid boasting about your non-religious position, as it can cause offense.

Avoiding eye contact

If you neglect or ignore eye contact in communication with Croatian ladies willing to meet single men, it means you want to hide something. To build a strong connection based on mutual trust and respect, maintain it.

Bottom line

There are various reasons why men search for beautiful Croatian women. They get foreigners like you head over heels for their femininity, positive nature, and charismatic sense of humor. Keep all the facts and dating tips in mind to succeed in dating the best of them!