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Getting A Cuban Bride Or Dating A Cuban Woman: Possible Challenges And Surefire Benefits

What are Cuban mail order brides like? Are they as beautiful, smart, and friendly as depicted in films? What wives do they make for foreigners? Why do they look for husbands abroad? If you`re interested in dating a girl from Cuba, you`ll find answers to all these questions below.

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How do Cuban brides look?

Ladies from Cuba are attractive. They`re participants of a variety of beauty contests. For example, Jennifer Alvarez Ruiz was one of the representatives at a Cuban beauty pageant. But do all girls look similar to her? Of course not. Women from all around the island are very diverse and their appearance is different too. But let`s try to generalize how a lot of them look.

Cuban Woman

  • Hair and eyes. Generally, their hair and eyes are all shades of brown from light to dark. But you can meet people with blue eyes and blonde hair sometimes. For example, a super famous actress Cameron Diaz is half Cuban, but it seems like she has nothing to do with typical Cuban appearance.
  • Skin. The shades of Cuban girls` skin color are amazing. Tanned, golden, bronzed, peanut butter, amber, caramel, milk chocolate. Sounds delicious, right? Eva Mendes is a good example of how great the skin of Cuban girls look as she`s a daughter of Cuban parents.
  • Body. Have you ever seen Yvette Prieto Jordan, a wife of basketball legend Michael Jordan? Her figure is amazingly beautiful and hot. By the way, she met her future husband when she was dancing at the club. He fell in love with the way she moved her curvaceous body.

Cuban girlfriends and their character

Cuban women are gorgeous. Are they as good inside? What are their most common personality traits?

Energetic, assertive, and full of beans

It`s a common quality for many Latin women. They know what to do to achieve their goals. Cuban women aren`t an exception. They aren`t softies or white hands. Oppositely, they aren`t afraid of hardships or struggles. The thing is the country`s economic situation isn`t that great and girls need to undertake efforts to succeed in life. Did you know Cubans earn approximately $30 a month on average? It explains girls` vigorous nature — they need to be resourceful to survive.

Calm, easygoing, and relaxed

Cuban brides take everything easy. If you`ve ever been to Cuba, you`re familiar with the island`s atmosphere. No one hurries. No one hustles. Locals enjoy a slow life and the mood is so infectious that tourists catch it instantly. Such inner peace is explained by a simple but important factor: Cuba is one of the safest countries in Latin America, with almost no violent crime. Speaking of which, the island is one of the most sought-after destinations for solo female travelers in the world. A relaxed and happy woman — a happy man by her side.

Free, loving, and passionate

Women from the island are freedom-loving. They`re never afraid of what others will say about them. Cuban girls live the way they want. If they wish to dance passionately — they do that no matter where they are. Want to sing loudly? The same. They also express feelings openly and never hide what`s on their mind. They can easily discuss the most intimate topics with their partners and never feel ashamed of that. As a result, their boyfriends feel light-hearted and jiggy. It frees from a lot of pressure.

Why marrying a Cuban girl is a good idea?

There are many advantages Cuban girls have over their counterparts. What are they?

They`re hot

It`s not only about their natural charisma and drawing power. Their bodies are attractive not only because the women have good genes. More importantly, they work hard to have the figures of every man`s dream. Sport and diet are their best friends for that. Moreover, Cuba`s coastline stretches for more than 5,700 km. Can Cuban ladies afford to look bad having so many beaches around? Of course not. These mail order brides love feeling the male gaze when they walk along the beach in a bikini.

They`re mature

Girls from Cuba have one wonderful characteristic. Or more precisely, they combine two opposite traits. On the one hand, they`re mature, serious about relationships, and family-oriented. On the other hand, you can never call them fun-killers! It`s not like they marry a man and become avid housewives with hair curlers on their heads and crying children. They love fun and parties and your family life will never be boring.

Cuban girls

Things to know before meeting Cuban girls

Dating a Cuban girl isn`t challenging at all for the majority of foreign men. On the contrary, it`s enjoyable and fun. However, there are a few cultural peculiarities to remember.

  • They talk loudly. Just like many other Latinos. It`s just the way they are — expressive, bright, passionate. So when she starts raising her voice talking about something briskly and arduously — don`t take it personally. She`s not mad at you. When she is, you`ll get it immediately.
  • They love domino. It`s mostly concerns men, of course. But if you`re lucky to visit your Cuban girl and meet her family, be sure her male relatives will take you to play domino with them. Don`t say no! It`s a national past-time and social activity. They can do it for hours. Seeing many men playing it in the street is extremely common.
  • They`re smart. When planning to meet your Cuban lady, get ready not to get outplayed thinking she`s not really that brainy or quick-witted. She indeed is! By the way, Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. It`s almost 100%. Can you imagine that? When the Cuban Revolution happened, Fidel Castro (an ex-Prime Minister of Cuba) started the Cuban Literacy Campaign with the aim of solving the illiteracy problem and making the school accessible to everyone.

Tips for dating Cuban mail order brides

Here are a few recommendations for dating girls from tropical paradise — Cuba.

  • Respect her strong independence. This was determined by history that women weren`t that suppressed by men`s power. They were allowed to study and work and had no big challenges with equality and respectful treatment. That`s why they`re so educated and appreciate their personal freedom to do what they want — to build a career, have time for hobbies, balance family and work. Don`t interfere with that.
  • Be a reliable partner. Many local Cuban men are quite hoity-toity and air-headed. They aren`t really family-oriented. They rather prefer to date a few girls at a time, have affairs, and not to care about the consequences. Cuban women, on the contrary, have strong family values and that`s why they look for a man to have a serious relationship with. So, prove you`re dependable, stable, and trustworthy.

If you marry a girl from Cuba, your life will never be the same again. You`ll have the happiest family where love, support, and care are the dominant feelings. If equality and partnership are about you and you`re ready to settle down — find a Cuban woman and start your love journey. A lot of them are waiting online to meet a guy like you.

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