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Greek Brides

Greek Mail Order Brides: Know More About Single Greek Girls For Marriage

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

Numerous foreigners dream of finding Greek mail order brides who are often compared to Greek goddesses for obvious reasons. Guys are attracted to tall, perfectly built ladies with curvy figures and large eyes. But there are other reasons that love-seekers worldwide have a soft spot for Greek girls. Keep reading to know common features and traits of a typical Greek mail order wife, how to date such a lady and make her happy.

Greece and the Greek islands create a great atmosphere full of local customs, music, food, wine, and charming women, making it popular among tourists around the world. This country offers numerous places for foreigners, but its most charming part is girls. But how to attract such a lady when you know almost nothing about Greek life and people?

👭 Greece female population:5.2 mln
❤️ Greek brides on dating sites:Over 15k
👩 Average marriage age:29.9
🌐 Speak English:51%
💸 Avg. Greek Bride Cost:$3,000-$9,000
🌎 Most Popular Greece Cities:Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion

Why foreigners dream of marrying a Greek woman?

Guys from different countries are keen on these singles due to the combination of tempting and unique traits. Single Greek ladies gained a huge popularity thanks to the next qualities:

  • Spiritually balanced
  • Good housekeepers
  • Attentive mothers
  • Emotionally stable
  • Passionate in bad
  • Attractive and feminine

These ladies are proud of their nationality and speak of their heritage with great passion, sharing it with men. Greeks stick to local customs and beliefs but can adopt another culture. It makes them ideal brides for foreigners. But what about other special traits? Find them out below.

What makes Greek mail order brides unique?

Greek brides impress guys with curvaceous figures, charming characters, and cute faces. Lots of them are lonely looking for a partner from other states.


They are bright like their local festivals

Greek singles are known as active, easy-going, and life-enjoying. They can't miss traditional carnivals period "Apocries" or "Apocria." The Greek name Apocries means abstaining from meat, so local ladies stick to it. Girls from any part of the country celebrate it, participating in masquerades, funny events, and parties. Greek women enjoy having fun in bright costumes with masks and joking. For having a real date, it's better to pick a period of holidays. Choosing one of Greek singles, you discover her bright personality full of joy and seduction!

They're sociable

Single women from Greece adore meeting for a cup of coffee with friends and relatives. They love gatherings with boyfriends for a coffee in cozy cafes and restaurants. Old casual cafes are incredibly popular among young ladies in Greece. Visiting a beloved, you can find numerous pleasant places in every city. Planning to meet a soulmate, invite her to some comfy place or ask about her favorite place for meeting. Do you want to get a sociable lady who likes gatherings with other people? Meet Greek women online and enjoy every moment of life!

Greek women like traveling

Greek singles are keen on traveling, including across their marvelous country. The majority of them are dreaming of a romantic evening with a lovely man on Santorini island. They imagine an ideal date with a foreign guy under sun rays in the cozy sunset, live music, and a bottle of wine. Local women also adore mesmerizing landscapes and wonderful pillars of Meteora. Going to Thessaly, you can arrange a date of your highest expectations. Huge boulders and rock formations impress not only every foreigner but also local ladies. Nevermind if a soulmate has already been there. Do you want to get an adventurous spouse who doesn't like sitting at home on weekends? Marry one of these singles and you won't regret it!

Single Greek ladies please men with food

Settle down with such a partner and discover delicious Greek cuisine. With your beloved, you get to know a taste of numerous cheeses which ideally match the wine. Your beloved's dishes include virgin olive oil, capper, and potatoes from Naxos. Such a spouse delights you with citrus fruits from the Peloponnese, local honey, wine, spices, and nuts. She knows numerous ways of cooking traditional dishes and pleases you with them. Would you like to have a wife who gladly meets you in the evening with a tasty and extraordinary dinner? Marry one of these brides and get impressed by her cooking skills!

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Why Greek wives prefer foreigners?

Numerous girls from Greece seek romance with a partner from abroad for different reasons. Domestic violence is the most popular of them because ladies of all ages sometimes suffer from abuse in their families. This factor pushes them to look for a husband from another country where women are respected and treated better. Also, Greek brides find international romance and marriage the most fascinating adventure in their life. It's an opportunity to start a new life, which is happier with a loving and caring man. As a foreigner, you have all the chances to get acquainted with one of these ladies and start a long-termed connection! Just start looking for a foreign girl and be sincere in your desires!


How to find Greek brides?

These women appreciate constant and good men's attention. It's because local men aren't simpletons and know how to approach and seduce girls. Nevertheless, Greek girls are more attached to foreigners like you. But where to find them? To save your time and energy, choose a reliable dating site. Without wasting time on women looking only for local guys, you get in touch with the most charming mail order brides online.

Meet Greek women: Get prepared for a real date

For having a perfect date, choose a pleasant cafe or restaurant. You shouldn't worry about punctuality, because locals aren't good at it. Greek singles have a laid-back lifestyle and don't expect you to be ideal. When she kisses you on the cheeks, don't think she's ready to go with you to bed, as it's just a habit. If a beloved invites you to her house, it means she trusts you. Behave there politely, don't enter closed rooms, and take your shoes off. Such a lady is incredibly hospital, so try to be inventive and please her with a cute gift. It may be a bottle of wine, a teddy bear, sweets, or roses.

Pros and cons of marrying a Greek woman

Oftentimes, men who want to date Greek brides online wonder what wives they make. Below, you'll find out the advantages and disadvantages of getting married to a lady from Greece.


  • Your house will be your fortress. If you want to create a family where everyone will support each other, protect their kids, and respect parents, get married to Greek mail order brides. They know how to love and take care of their husbands since they see the example of their mothers and grannies all the time.
  • You'll always have a lot of tasty food to eat. The national cuisine is a huge part of the Greek culture and lifestyle of locals. They love their dishes and cook them perfectly in every family. Women learn to do that from a young age, and the family recipes are transferred from mother to daughter regularly.
  • You'll feel important and appreciated. Marrying a Greek woman means being always respected for being a breadwinner and a leader of the family. That’s why your decision will be perceived by your Greek wife as an axiom to follow. Consequently, she'll never argue with you on the key questions of your family life but accept your point of view.
  • You'll have a lot of kids. If you’ve ever met Greek women for marriage, you already know that they love children a lot and want to have many. Greek ladies also don't postpone childbirth for ages and want to become mothers while young.


  • Her family will be everywhere. While searching for a Greek mail order bride, be aware of the fact that the parents and siblings of your girlfriend will always be around you. If you intend to live in Greece, her family is likely to live in the apartment one floor away from you, it's Greek tradition.. They'll often come to visit you and the invitations won’t be needed. At the same time, it can be a plus: your wife’s relatives will live longer with you living close to them.
  • Greeks are too emotional. That is the reason why you’ll sometimes feel like you’re living with a volcano in your house: a Greek woman is impressive, hot, and too unexpected in her actions.

Tips on communication with a Greek mail order bride

Foreigners who start dating women from Greece online often make the same mistakes which ruin their emotional bond with a beloved one. When you know how to avoid mail order bride scams, find out how to act and what to say when you date such a lady.

  • Greek girls are inclined to share personal details of their lives, and they value open Western men who answer their questions which may seem too confidential. Your beloved one can ask you about your work, relatives, children, and ex-relationships.
  • Never share negative comments regarding Greek politics, people, or nation. These women are proud of their homeland, so your critics may insult them.
  • Don't try to seem better than you really are. It isn't a good idea to exaggerate your positive traits because the truth will come out sooner or later.
  • Surprise a Greek bride with your knowledge of Greek culture. The history and culture of her country is one of the most ancient and exciting on the planet.
  • If a Greek woman strays from the topic, give her time to finish her speech before redirecting the dialogue back to the point.
  • In Greek culture, name days are more important than birthdays, so local girls celebrate them by spending money and effort. Ask a soulmate when she has her special day and wish her all the best on that day.

Some Cultural peculiarities of Greek Brides

Get some insights into the souls of Greek ladies.

Engagement traditions in Greece

Greek women consider dating seriously as it leads to the biggest dream — engagement and marriage. Greek couples going to get married have to "get engaged," and they consider it as essential as marriage. Greeks celebrate engagement like a wedding, with parties, tasty dishes, jokes, and friends. Man and woman exchange rings but wear them in the wrong hand compared to the wedding procedure. To conquer the heart of a Greek partner, show your serious intentions and agree to celebrate the engagement. Don't ignore their engagement traditions to succeed in relationships!

What attitude to religion do Greek wives have?

The majority of Greek women belong to the Christian Orthodox Church. However, they are used to living in a society with different religious groups such as Muslims, Catholics, and Jews. Although faith is a part of their daily lives and Greek orthodox tradition, women who seek love overseas accept foreigners with other views and religions. So, be sure your faith won't cause difficulties in your relationship and family life with a Greek woman.

What kind of family does a Greek girl want to create?

Greek women interested in dating a foreigner would like to create a nuclear family with several kids. They come from extended households where two generations live together. The ‘γιαγιά’ (grandmother) and ‘pappoús’ (grandfather) play an essential role in child raising, so girls have strong family ties with their parents. Such a lady doesn't reject their help. Also, parents choose two godparents after the birth of their children. Your future Greek wife respects the parents' opinion and wants to create a family where all the members help and support each other.

What language do they speak?

The official language of Greece is Greek, which is spoken by 99% of its citizens. Also, there are some non-official minority dialects. The most common foreign languages these girls learn are English, German, French, and Italian. Going to date with such a woman, you won't be a barrier while speaking, as she probably knows English, or, at least, learns it at university, work, or by herself.

Greek brides are known as personalities who know how to enjoy life. They attract foreigners with open-mindedness and easy-going nature. Dreaming of romantic dates, they join international dating websites for finding a compatible man. By choosing one of the best sites, you can get closer to happy relationships. Don't miss the chance and use the knowledge from this article. Find a common ground with the desired lady and start the best chapter of your life online!


What was the typical age of marriage for a Greek woman?

Greek girls get married at the age of 20 to 26 years nowadays.

What are Greek wives like?

Greek wives are positive, caring, and active. They do their best to comfort their husbands and children. Cooking is one of the ways they show their love to their partners and kids.

Are Greek women affectionate?

Yes, they are. Once you start dating Greece girls for marriage, you′ll notice how gentle and loving they are: they′ll surprise you with small unexpected gifts and ask you out for unusual dates on your anniversary. They′ll also hardly hang out without you, so be ready to get acquainted with all their friends.