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Kazakhstan Brides

Kazakhstan Brides For Marriage And Women For Dating

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

What's Kazakhstan women dating like? Basically, it's similar to dating with any other Asian woman. There are fundamental things — you ought to have feelings, be compatible, and demonstrate some basic set of principles like respect, equal treatment, and care. However, there are some more specific details you should be aware of. What are they?

What are Kazakh mail order brides like?

  • Sociable.‌ Kazakh people are the ones who love to be in touch, going out, bringing friends over. There's a lot of socialization in the country. Even though there are not so many places to see and go to in Kazakhstan (if not talking about big cities), there are still a lot of fun things to do. Women especially like to come up with various sorts of events, celebrations, meetings. Family and friends are very close and spend a lot of time together.
  • Helpful.‌ The Kazakhs used to be nomads. And they also come from a post-soviet country. That's why these people have a communal mindset. So everyone tries to take care and look after each other. They always strive to be of help. Moreover, they never ask anything in return for being helpful. It's a cultural peculiarity and not every Westerner can get that type of behavior. But if you're planning to date a woman from this country, you need to know sometimes she'll be extra helpful.
  • Forthright.‌ They're upfront and honest about their attitude towards others. They'll never hide their true feelings and if they don't like something — you'll know it. Similarly, if you see them smile at you — it means they're surely sincere about it, and they definitely like you. Whether you like it or not, get used to it. No fake feelings if you date a girl from Kazakhstan.
  • Hospitable.‌ No matter if the Kazakhs like you, what they think about you, or what their attitude is, they'll still be extremely hospitable. If you're their guest, they'll serve you the best meal they can and give you any help you require. Why? This is because of historical reasons. They used to be nomads. They traveled a lot through the steppe. As you can guess — there were no hotels or guest houses. The locals' doors were always open to guests. So they're today.

Top “dont's” if you're with a hot Kazakhstan girl

  • Don't make “Borat” jokes.‌ Many Westerners have watched this movie and think it's hilarious. Many Kazakhs agree and also like it. But they also get a little (or not a little) offended when people start joking around about their country considering it underdeveloped. It's not nice and extremely impolite. The movie is even not relevant anymore as it was made about 15 years ago.
  • Don't whistle when you're at somebody's home.‌ It's kind of superstition, but locals take it really seriously. They believe if you whistle in a house, you're not going to have money and your financial situation is going to be very bad. It's a weird belief for some strangers as there's even no point in whistling while you're home. Like, why would one do that? But still, don't.
  • Don't make negative comments on food.‌ Many people think Kazakh people have weird eating habits and strange cuisine. But you have to stay respectful when it comes to someone's culture and history. If you don't like something, don't make comments like “It looks bad” or “It smells bad”. Try to not react at all or just to give a polite excuse saying you're not hungry.

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Facts about dating Kazakhstani women

Here's what's different between dating women from Kazakhstan and ladies from Western countries.

  • Girls don't make the first move.‌ Maybe just some of them do, but the majority of girls are quite conservative and traditional when it comes to dating. Actually, the whole dating culture in Kazakhstan is dictated by traditions, religion, and historical background. That's the system and reality people are raised in and used to. A Kazakh girl won't approach you first, so, be initiative.
  • Girls are expected to be beautiful.‌ Girls care a lot about how they look and men assume their women to look pretty. The beauty industry is huge in Kazakhstan. It's quality and not very expensive. Women always have their nails and hair done. Like, sometimes, literally always. There are jokes going around that Kazakh girls may just go to throw trash out and still be all dressed-up and wear make-up.
  • Chivalry is expected too.‌ It's a normal state of things in Kazakhstan when a man pays for a woman in a restaurant or movies. When he buys her a coffee when they have a walk or gives her flowers for their date. Unlike many Western feminist women, girls in Kazakhstan really want and even require all those things. They aspire you to be a real gentleman. The reason is the same — the country is still conservative and traditional and even patriarchal in its own way.

Tips for dating girls from Kazakhstan

To succeed and win her heart, follow certain recommendations.


Be a provider

Sometime ago when the country was in the Soviet Union, women had to work a lot. They had to do almost the same hard work as men. But after a tiring working day, they also had to come back home and do a lot of other household chores. Cleaning, washing, cooking, raising children were all women's responsibilities. Now the time has changed. Women in Kazakhstan usually make a choice. They're either housewives and take care of the family. Or they work. But the money they make they usually save for themselves. In any case, they believe their husbands should bring home bacon.

Be decisive

The majority of Kazakhs are Muslims. That's why they're usually serious about relationships and look for a life-long partner. They don't date for the sake of dating. They date to marry when the time comes. Women aren't supposed to have many partners. They want to meet a reliable worthy man and start a family with him. In fact, there's an endless amount of expectations society puts on women. They're usually supposed to get married by 30. Once they are, they're asked about the first kid, and then the second one, etc. So don't mess with her. She has enough trouble to deal with.

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Hot Kazakhstan girls are worth falling in love with, yes? There are many international couples today. Kazakh girls and Caucasian men are usually very happy together and are able to build a strong connection. What do you think about it? Want to give it a go?

💡 Interesting Facts About Kazakhstan

  • The world’s first space launch facility was built in the desert of Kazakhstan, which functions even nowadays.
  • When dating Kazakhstan women, you’re expected to taste their national drink Kymys to show that you’re ready for your relationship, and this drink is actually made from horse milk.
  • Kazakh have sports events known as Kyz Kuu, meaning to chase girls, which is a horse-riding competition, and thus, there are many women living there who can ride horses.
  • Since this country used to be part of the Soviet Union, the majority of people now can speak both Kazakh and Russian languages.
  • This country is known to have the largest steppe in the world.