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Foreign Girls Vs American Girls

Foreign Girls Vs American Girls — Who’s The Best Pick For You?

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

Women from different countries aren’t the same. Their appearance, their voice, facial features — all foreign ladies have something special about them. You never know what unique qualities foreign girls have until you get to know them! However, how different can girls around the world be?

Why are these women so different and how to choose the best one? That’s the question for you to solve today! Let’s list some of their main distinctions that make foreign women vs American women so contrasting:

A deeper look into the difference between American girls and foreign girls

There are several major distinctions between girls who live in the States and those who live abroad. Each woman is unique, however, some things unite ladies abroad and distinct them from women living in the US. Let’s compare American girls and other women across the world!


Attitude to higher education

Americans are educated, and so are foreign brides! A lot of ladies abroad get into universities after finishing high school. Education is immensely important to foreign women because it secures them a well-paid job and financial stability! Thus, girls abroad are highly devoted to studying and have a strong desire to be their best.


Foreign women seem to appreciate American men more than local girls do. They have a sense of respect and acknowledge the attention American gentlemen give them. Women abroad are more chill and prefer chasing small but accomplishable goals, while American girls tend to dream big, unrealistic dreams.

Family values

Another important difference between American girls and foreign girls is that the last ones appreciate family the most and consider it the most important part of their lives. Family is crucial to foreign ladies because the deep-rooted love for relatives runs in their blood. If you’re looking for a great wife and amazing mother for your kids, choose a foreign woman – she’s got what it takes to raise wonderful children.

Attitude towards career

Career is a huge part of American women’s lives. These girls aim for the best position and job they can get as soon as they decide who they wanna be. It even comes down to prioritizing career over family.

Foreign girls, on the other hand, think of their careers as stable sources of income and a good way to assert themselves in society. They value family way much more than their jobs!

Attitude towards elegant look

Foreign ladies remain elegant and stunning no matter where they go. Whether it’s dinner in a fancy restaurant or grocery shopping, foreign women will turn everyone’s heads. Tell me, what kind of man doesn’t want to have a gorgeous girlfriend by his side that compliments his image so well?

American ladies, on the other hand, don’t put too much thought into dressing up. They can go grocery shopping in the pajamas and wear jeans and a t-shirt to a restaurant. It’s fine, but wouldn’t you prefer a woman who’s taking care of her appearance? Women abroad know how to be an eye-candy at all times.

If you compare American girls vs foreign girls, it’s prominent that ladies abroad take good care of themselves because it’s how they were raised! Looking effortlessly beautiful is in their blood. Despite their gorgeous image, these women are down-to-earth and don’t think too highly of themselves. Foreign ladies are perfect for creating a loving strong relationship.


Tips on how to attract a foreign woman

If you decide to approach a foreign girl, you need to know how to stand out and make her interested. Ladies abroad love meeting Americans, so there’s a lot of things you can do to secure a nice chat with a foreign lady:

  1. Be yourself. Don’t try to seduce her by fake qualities.
  2. Be understanding and open-minded. A foreign woman appreciates honesty and courage in a man.
  3. Be curious about her life. The more you ask about her, the more she likes chatting with you.
  4. Have fun. Don’t try to be too serious at the very beginning, as it might scare a foreign lady off.


There are many prominent differences between American ladies and women abroad. Starting from the way they dress to the way these ladies treat family. You’ve taken a deeper look at their differences and now can decide which ladies suit your preference better!