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mail order brides prices

How Much Is A Mail Order Bride: Calculations

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

A mail order wife cost is the first thing you should research before you start looking for a foreign girlfriend. However, the financial aspect shouldn't scare you away as it's not that expensive to get a partner from abroad. An average guy can afford mail order brides, but it's necessary to prepare your budget a little. Below, you'll find how much is a mail order spouse and a detailed description of expenses you may face.

What does mail order brides price imply?

When men find information on mail order brides cost, they start wondering whether it's possible to buy a lady they like. No, you can't buy anyone on the internet. You can be sure that mail order spouses are legal and single women aren't for sale.

What do you spend money on then? You may invest in effective tools, increasing the dating opportunities and chances for success. Websites offer a wide range of options created to make online interaction smooth and pleasant:

  • Live chat. You'll access an instant messenger equipped with stickers, emojis, and templates
  • Video calls. To enjoy a conversation with a pretty girl, you're offered to use a webcam and have a one-to-one virtual meeting.
  • Live stream. You can join a session and send messages to get acquainted with a woman or other members.
  • Likes. This feature allows you to express your interest.
  • Search. When seeking a mail order bride online, apply appropriate parameters to meet someone matching your requirements.

With them, singles forget about distance and dive into virtual communication. Today, foreigners may pay for reliable and trusted dating platforms but first they should get acquainted with the foreign bride 101 to make the right choice and build a harmonious relationship.

What are the constituents of mail order bride costs?


There are numerous aspects that can change the final mail order bride cost. Knowing about them, you may control your expenses and save money. Dating experts and experienced guys admit the next nuances:

  • Website membership you choose
  • The participation period on the site
  • Gifts
  • Number of trips to a lady's country
  • The bride's visa's cost.
  • Additional expenses

Let's have a look at each of these points in more detail to how is the mail order bride pricing assessed?

Mail Order Brides Platforms

Seeking a caring spouse overseas, singles register on a popular dating platform, offering both free and paid facilities. Willing to start a serious romantic affair online, you need to use prime perks, which are usually paid. Free visitors have a limited list of opportunities. Basically, they may only view girls' accounts and receive messages. So, you should invest in safe and convenient interaction with potential partners.

Popular sites focused on online dating offer membership plans or credit packs. Prices vary depending on the place. Men admit that paid subscriptions are in the range of $80-650 per month, credit packs are lower in price.

Be attentive with websites offering just free participation, as they may be full of bots and empty pages. So trustworthy platforms where you pay for services aim to prevent you from mail order brides scams.

Generally, singles pay the price for the Premium status to use the next perks:

  • Chat or instant messages
  • Video chat
  • VIP-ranking
  • Private content browsing
  • Virtual gifts
  • Extra search.


The courtship period also affects the final price. When you fall in love with a charming single, you want to impress her, showing a huge admiration. Guys spend various sums on gifts and cute things making girls smile. The mail order brides pricing depends on the lady's character and preferences. Willing to get special attention from the man, she expects you to buy pricey gifts or vise versa. Get ready to pay up to $ 2,000 a month on chic bouquets, jewelry, soft toys, and perfumes. If she prefers an emotional attachment and mental connection over luxurious gifts, you may save money for real meetings or other options.


Another factor a mail order wife cost depends on is the number of your personal meetings. Being deeply in love with a foreign lady, you need to see her in real life. The trip can be the most essential cost for outlanders. The sum depends on the frequencies of your offline dates, the activities you're going to do together, the place you're going to stay at, and many more.


✈️ Airfare

Some dating sites offer a romance tour which includes booking tickets and other services. But arranging it by yourself, it's better to compare the flight prices between various airlines. Many world-known foreign companies offer higher levels of service than would be expected on domestic flights in the United States or other popular mail order brides countries. On the contrary, numerous small airlines offer lower levels of service and more pleasant prices. You can choose a woman of any nationality, but many think that the best countries to find a wife are the countries of Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

🛌 Accommodation

Average cost of mail order bride depends on the place you're going to live at too. Apart from regular hotels, you can rent apartments, guest houses, single rooms, or even a bed in a hostel. It also depends on the country of your visit. For instance, in Ukraine, guys find hotel rooms for $7 and meet beautiful girls. Prices in Colombia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Costa Rica are just a fraction of what you would pay in Western Europe, the United States, or Australia.

🗺️ Country travel

Coming to a beloved's land, you'll probably be interested in little trips across the country. Being in a rush, catch trains to major locations for under $50. Comparing prices, many countries are much cheaper than the U.S. So, if you're a middle-income Western guy, living cost and the male order bride cost shouldn't be a reason for you not to look for a foreign bride.

🛂 Visa

Mail order bride price always includes expenditures on the visa. American men usually don't have to obtain any visa for visiting mail order brides' countries. However, your foreign girlfriend will have to if you want to do everything legally. It's called the fiancé visa (or K-1 visa), and it's obtained by the foreign fiancé to travel to the United States to get married. It also gives adjusting status to a permanent resident. The visa for a foreign wife cost ranges from $265 to $600 because you can spend money on additional translation fees and services.

✅Additional expenses

Searching and getting a mail order bride from another country imply other possible expenditures that influence average mail order bride costs. Here are a few examples:

  • Moving. How much is a mail order bride's moving to your country? It depends on where she and you come from. But if, say, you're from America and your partner goes to you from Ukraine/Brazil/Thailand, then the one-way ticket price for one person would cost about $600/400/1200 respectively. Plus, calculate possible expenditures on documents, international passport, translation fees, transfer, and you'll get another $200-500 to add to the final mail order wife cost.
  • Wedding. Of course, this is impossible to count how much you're going to spend on your wedding day. At its best, you may avoid any expenditures and get the cheapest mail order bride who won't need any ceremony, marriage banquet, flowers, and presents. Another possible scenario is when both of you want this wedding and are ready to dip into your pocket. The average cost of a wedding in the US is $15,000-30,000.

How to decrease the mail order bride pricing?

Mail order bride prices are so different because there are a few ways to cut down your expenses. Usually, you can save on your trip to your girlfriend's country, but that's not only it. Here are a few most popular ways to do that.

  • Tickets. If you book in advance, you can save up to $200-600 on average. Another tip is to compare prices at different airlines. Also, flights with a transfer are cheaper.
  • Accommodation. If you stay at your girl's home and don't pay for a hotel, you save up to $500-1,500. This reduces mail order brides cost a lot. If she doesn't have an opportunity to share her home with you, go for cheaper hotels. Read the reviews, you surely can find something nice and clean, but not costly.
  • Food. Don't splash out on Michelin restaurants, buy food at local supermarkets, and cook at home. It may save you another $200-500+.
  • Dating platforms. This category is usually not recommended to save on. It's always better to choose trustworthy websites with a good reputation. However, you may omit certain features or services and use only the basics like chatting or emailing.
  • Dating a woman. Similarly, it's advised to spend some money on flowers and presents to make your beloved girl happier and more interested in you. Nevertheless, it's not obligatory to dip into means and buy very expensive items like jewelry or gadgets. Just stick to your budget and see what you can and what you cannot afford.

The average total mail order bride price

Let's summarize all possible expenditures and find out the approximate mail order brides cost.

  • Dating. Monthly payment for a dating platform is about $100-300. Expenses on courtship like presents—$50-300 a month.
  • Offline meeting. A big part of a mail order bride cost is a personal meeting. Tickets, accommodation, food are, on average, about $2,000-7,000.
  • Life together. If to include the prices of moving and wedding to the final cost of mail order brides, you'll need at least a few thousand dollars to take your fiancé to your country. The budget on a wedding is limitless.

So, how much does a mail order bride cost? If to sum up the essential things you can't get a wife without, the price will be about $3,000–$10,000 for the whole period of dating and meeting (which is usually about 4-6 months). Anyway, the price seems fair and affordable for your happiness. Don't you think so?