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finding a wife

How To Find A Wife? Tips and Places

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

The 21st century's trend is a high number of lonely hearts who struggle to meet future spouses. It's an unfortunate situation, and it might look like finding a wife is an extremely complicated task. However, there are many effective ways to do it nowadays. The experts prepared a valuable step-by-step guide for you on how to meet a wife.

#1. Explore the places around

What is the best place to find a wife? Every place! A future spouse might be everywhere: in the street, at work, in a bar... However, some places might not look obvious for lonely people, and they miss to try them. You can find information on some interesting places to meet a wife below.


The current time is full of numerous social initiatives. In each location, the number of volunteering groups increases. There's a diverse range of social problems, and you can help by contributing your time and hands. Choose the topic that touches your heart the most and attend a volunteering event on this issue. It's one of the best ways to meet a future wife who shares your values. A wish to help people in need unites hearts. It's a solid foundation for a successful relationship.

Art museums and exhibitions

If you didn't meet your type of woman at nightclubs and bars, you should try attending art exhibitions. The atmosphere of masterpieces, with its charm and history, brings special vibes to the location. An exhibition is a place where people go on purpose. Therefore, the chances to meet a decent intelligent woman get higher. Don't misthink exhibitions are only for experts. Art is accessible for everyone with open hearts to see.

Hobby classes

How to get a wife with the same interests? Predominantly, all decent and serious people have hobbies. Even if they don't, they are open to trying new practices. Single women often come to hobby classes. Besides having fun, it's an excellent opportunity to find someone perfect to make a couple. The similar interest is a wonderful ground for building a healthy relationship. Even if you're not into this hobby so much you can get new experience and find a wife.


They say you don't know a person well until you travel together. Travel groups are wonderful for meeting a person with the same values. Many single women join travel groups not only to visit new places but also to meet a future husband. It's easy to start a conversation in such circumstances as groups bring different people together. Choose a tour to a place you've always wanted to visit and don't miss a beautiful single member of your travel group.

If you prefer staying home, all the mentioned places are still available for finding a wife. Most of them moved online. There are particular sites and places for meetings on topics of hobbies, arts, etc. Therefore, you still have good chances to meet a wife.

#2. Explore the events for singles

There are special events for people who haven't met their soulmates yet. For example, speed dating is set to make many single people meet. These events bring together lonely people and provide an opportunity to talk with all. After conversations, people indicate with whom they would like to make a couple. If a girl you’ve chosen wants you too, you will get her personal contact.

The procedure of talking to several girls per evening will definitely increase your chances of finding a spouse. Even if you don't meet her today, you'll get a new experience of approaching women and realizing what you expect from them. The events for singles might be in the form of a game too, so attending such an event is getting pleasure at any result.

#3. Use your connections

If you struggle to meet your future spouse on your own, consider involving people around into it. Perhaps, your friends and colleagues know some beautiful single girls looking for marriage. Don't hesitate to ask people around you to help you. Undoubtedly, big private parties are an excellent way to get to know more people, including your future wife. Don't forget to involve persons you aren't so close to. The theory of social networking claims that weak connections are the most productive.

#4. Don't be afraid to approach women

You'll never get a woman if you don't approach her. It has worked for the centuries. Women aren't that likely to make the first steps, so, in most cases, it'll be you who initiate contact. In approaching women, you should remember some points. First of all, remember the contest. Some women might be unwilling to talk with you, and it's ok. Don't get upset about that – your future wife is somewhere nearby. In case a woman is interested in you, don't hesitate to demonstrate yourself from the best side. Show her you are worthy of being her couple.

#5. Try the newest technologies to find a wife online

Dating sites and applications are modern tools to meet a future spouse. In case you could hear dating sites serve for unserious intentions, be sure they've been missing a perfect chance for marriage. Dating sites differ in their purposes, and some of them focus precisely on connecting people willing to marry. So don't stop yourself from exploring the sites popular in your area where you can find a perfect spouse according to your preferences and expectations. For those who look for a foreign wife, there're mail order bride sites.

How does finding a wife online happen? There are steps men usually do:

  • Research the dating sites according to your expectations.
  • Read the reviews on them.
  • Consider which one suits your goals.
  • Become a site member via registration.
  • Set on essential characteristics for an ideal wife.
  • Explore the list of girls who fit your criteria.
  • Approach them via texting or calling.
  • Consider who attracts you most.
  • Arrange a meeting.
  • Marry if it's yours!

Don’t wait and try these opportunities to find a wife right now!