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mail order bride tours

Mail Order Brides Tours: Opportunities And Best Marriage Tours Offers For Foreigners

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

There is nothing better than pure and mutual love. Today, it's possible to find it on dating websites, offering contemporary and convenient communication solutions. And for those who've already met someone online, a mail order bride tour is the best option to check feelings out. It gives a wonderful opportunity to become closer to a soulmate and make one more step towards an ideal relationship and happiness. Romance tours allow guys across the globe to meet and interact with gorgeous and intelligent foreign brides in real life. Read to know more about matchmaking tours in detail!

What are international romance tours?

These dating tours are created for lonely guys looking for a partner for a serious romantic affair and marriage. In some tours, singles communicate with each other in small groups, and in others, men meet women on a one-to-one date. There're numerous companies across the globe focused on arranging these trips. The first of them was established in Russia, but now this industry is flourishing in different countries. Agencies offer safe and comfortable trips to the beloved's country, treating consumers in a professional and polite manner.

Agencies offer safe and comfortable trips to the beloved's country, treating consumers in a professional and polite manner. So if you don't know how to find a wife, this is a great opportunity.

How does it work? You have to register on the romantic tour's website, search for female accounts, and ask to have real dates with a partner suiting your taste the most. A reputable agency will navigate you from a native city to your destination. Their local offices are open all year round in the area you want to visit. The holiday package includes a bride visa kit containing all the necessary information and forms.

The romance tour teams know that organizing a date with a lady from another country and traveling isn't an easy task. They do their best to ensure you can meet the lady of your fantasies and reach dating success. International agencies offer services and legal assistance making the trip safe, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

πŸ’‘ Types:Group, Individual
πŸ’΅ Costs:$2,000-$10,000
🌎 Top Countries:Russia, Ukraine, China, The Philippines, Colombia

Types of foreign bride tours


There are 2 common romance trips popular among foreign men: group and individual. Read the information about each of them and choose the best option for you.

Group trips

This kind of tour offers guys to travel in groups to get unlimited access to interaction with foreign ladies in a particular area. It provides a transfer at a foreign airport, translation services, and round the clock assistance. The group tours team supplies you with the contact information of ladies you communicate with. Choosing this type, you pay less money, but your opportunities are also limited.

Individual romance adventure

Solo tour offers one-to-one meetings with foreign singles you're interested in. Arriving in the country, you get a lot of time for dating local girls. With personal support and a translator, you overcome language differences and get only positive emotions, exploring the culture and habits. In solo tours, you won't be distracted or influenced by other male clients.

Which mail order bride tour to choose?

Solo tour is the best because you may move abroad whenever you want or at a specific time. The individual trip allows focusing more on yourself and dating any single you like. You don't have to worry about spending extra money because all you need is already included in the price. A customized romantic tour can quickly get you back on track with the right partner.

Things to keep in mind when ordering singles tours:

  • Read the reviews about the agency you're cooperating with and about the matchmaking services it provides. Make sure the majority of them are positive.
  • Compare prices. See how much the services cost on different websites and what the difference is.
  • Let the team know what you really expect and want from the trip. For example, are you interested in sightseeing? Do you need an interpreter? Do you want to visit nightclubs?
  • Always keep in touch with the company. Exchange the contact details, be active when the trip is being arranged for you, prepare the documents you're asked. Try to be in control of everything you can.

Singles from all over the planet rely on dating services dreaming about finding an ideal soulmate. Foreign brides are extremely popular among guys, but what are the most desirable destinations? What countries are in big demand when it comes to international dating and romantic tours?

Ukrainian romance tours

Ukraine is one of the most popular destinations among lonely western guys, as they can discover numerous alluring and like-minded singles there. This country has various places for meeting Ukrainian girls for marriage with a fire in the eyes. It has many sports areas popular among women with an active lifestyle and hard-working character. Many guys like you want to get one of those tender, warm-hearted, and gorgeous spouses, who're ready to create their own family. They aren't so feminist as Western ladies, that's why Ukraine brides tours are so attractive for love seekers.

Russian marriage tours

Choosing Russian bride tours, you get in touch with seductive and intelligent ladies who combine the best female values. This country can boast attractive singles in seductive dresses wanting to find a reliable man from another country. In Russia, you get acquainted with numerous girls with high family values and loving nature. Would you like to get a charming and devoted lady? Select one of the Russian romance tours and succeed in dating.

Latin romance tours

Ordering a Latin romance tour, you'll never get disappointed or frustrated. Latin America is famous for passionate singles with sun-kissed skin and curvy figures. These ladies respect foreign men, finding them more loving, caring, and good-mannered in comparison to local guys. They consider them to be attentive husbands and good fathers. With a Latin spouse, your life will be full of bright emotions, festivals, and fun. Choose a romantic adventure to one of these countries and get closer to your happiness. For instance, Colombian marriage tours always get the best reviews.

Romance tours to Asia

Asian countries belong to the most desirable destinations for foreigners, and that's why Asian dating tours are always in demand among men. Asian ladies are well-known for stunning natural beauty, sensuality, and devotion. Thanks to the numerous positive traits, Asian brides become perfect wives making every foreign guy happier and more successful. Unlike many American ladies, these women don't consider femininity to be a drawback. Being tired of career-oriented ladies always dissatisfied with something, arrange a romantic trip to Asian countries and discover a soulmate.

Sites offering best foreign bride tours



This dating service was created for singles like you dreaming of interacting with foreigners from different parts of the planet. Loveme allows meeting ladies in over 20 different cities in 8 countries. It arranges tours to Ukraine, Russia, Latin and Asian countries. Just choose the most preferred one and find your destiny!

What Loveme offers:

  • Coach transport to and from all AFA events & Airport pickup.
  • 6 to 16 nights in prime international hotels with a cozy atmosphere and tasty breakfasts.
  • Daily support, effective pairing options, and translation services.

Anastasia date

Created in 1993, AnastasiaDate attracts clients from North America looking for singles in Eastern Europe, particularly from Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and other countries. The AnastasiaDate site supplies you with likes, emails, chats, phone conversations, and translation options. Still, the best attraction is a romantic tour to the desired country.

Being one of the popular mail order bride websites, it has a system for checking new accounts. Every verified profile gets a "Confirmed" sign after checking the email and some other provided details. During registration, a lady indicates her name, location, interests, e-mail address, and even a profile on social networks. You can be certain you arrange a real meeting with a genuine lady whose goals are the same.

What Anastasia date offers:

  • Packages that include airfare, hotel accommodation, and arranged meetings with women.
  • 24/7 assistance with any request or question.
  • Interpreters in case you need help with understanding each other better.

How to make the most of romance tours

Even though agencies with good reputation and years of experience do their best to make sure their marriage tours are perfect and clients have nothing to worry or care about, there are things that depend on you only. Here are a few recommendations to follow.

  1. Learn the culture of a country you're going to. No matter where your romance tour is going to take place, it's better to get ready and to learn the most important facts about the local culture, its etiquette, PDA, taboos. For example, did you know that it's customary to take off your shoes when you enter somebody's home in Ukraine or Russia?
  2. Don't be shy to express what you don't like. Tastes differ, and it can happen that one thing someone finds exciting and cool would turn out terrible for you. For instance, you may have no intent to hang out at clubs till 4 a.m. Let the organizers know about it! By the way, that's why solo mail order bride tours are a better choice, as they're customized.
  3. Talk to many women. You never know who of the many girls at a meeting is going to be "the one." That's why it's advised not to be fixated upon only one lady. Be active and sociable. In this case, you're doomed to succeed in your love search.
  4. Relax. A big team of professionals works hard to make sure romance tours run smoothly and pleasantly. Thus, you have nothing to worry about. Just relax and enjoy the process of communicating with the ladies. And, by the way, don't brag around and don't pretend to be someone you're not to impress them.

Top stereotypes about romance tours debunked

There's something you might consider wrong about mail order bride tours. The real facts are:

  • It has nothing to do with sex tourism. Single tours are created for men who want to find a woman for dating and marriage. So you won't meet "easy" girls to hook up with. You'll get acquainted with the ladies interested in creating families with you. And be sure that mail order brides are legal.
  • You can't buy a woman. Another misconception is that if a man buys a tour, he buys a girl. Also, cost of mail order brides may confuse because guys don't get what they pay for. So, here's how it all works. You pay for the agency's services, flight tickets, accommodation, but not for a woman. Girls on such tours have every right to reject you if they find it necessary.

Foreign romance tours for singles gained huge popularity among men and girls. It's a great way to learn more about a beloved and get a fascinating dating experience. Before popping the question, such a trip is a must-have for every foreigner. Stop doubting its effectiveness and make a step toward our destiny!