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Top 5 Mail Order Bride Movies

Top 5 Mail Order Bride Movies

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

Why watch a movie about mail order brides? Well, the reason is crystal clear! Because it will help you understand these ladies better. Nothing portrays the truth about the daily life of a mail order bride better than films! Positive attitude towards the mail order bride industry in the media is crucial, and such movies help men to stay motivated.

It’s easy to feel the emotions and see the obstacles that a man and a woman go through to build a strong bond and create a loving relationship. Although it’s acting, actresses show the realness and sincerity of such marriages. Plus, who would refuse a chill movie night with popcorn and good films?

The journey into mail order bride films world

Let’s start the most exciting part: listing the mail order bride movies. These films are from various decades and portray various moments of mail order brides’ stories. Check these mail order bride movies down below!

Birthday Girl (2001)

The life of an office clerk John Buckingham changes completely when he meets Nadia (Nicole Kidman), his Russian mail order bride. She is stunning but doesn’t speak English at all. And it also happens that she doesn’t want to open up to John. Later, the plot thickens with Nadia’s brother Yuri (Mathieu Kassovitz) and his friend Alexei (Vincent Cassel) arriving in the US to celebrate Nadia’s birthday.

The events are getting rather mysterious and violent, with Alexei kidnapping Nadia and demanding an immense ransom for her life. John, who’s grown keen on Nadia, decides to rob the bank he’s working in. After successfully robbing the bank, John gets kidnapped by Alexei too.

Everything seems too much: John finds out that Nadia is pregnant, moreover, she does speak English! However, the loving heart of a man doesn’t let John report Nadia to the police. He rescues her and the lovebirds having a flight across the country in disguise.

Although this movie isn’t sugar coated with love poems and flawless marriage, it shows how a true connection between two people can overcome cultural differences and hardships.

”Birthday Girl” is an amazing mail order bride movie packed with action and tension.

Mail Order Bride (1964)

The plot revolves around Will Lane, an old man who came to the town to find his deceased friend’s immature and rebellious son Lee Carey. His father left him the land to work on, but instructed him not to give it to Lee until he settled down. Surely, the first step of settling down is getting married.

Will knows that a young rebel like Lee won’t look for a future wife, so he decides to do it himself. After looking through various newspapers, he finds a love ad posted by Annie, a widow from Kansas, who happens to search for a husband.

Will arranges the marriage for them. Despite Lee feeling fishy about this marriage, he falls in love with Annie and grows to love her son like his own.

This is a realistic mail order bride film about growing and finding your love no matter what’s your past.

Mail Order Wife (2004)

This movie is about Andrew, a filmmaker from New York who gets hired to film a documentary about a doorman named Adrian with his newly found East Asian mail order bride Lichi. Things go smoothly at first, Andrew successfully documents every day of the freshly-created couple.

However, the plot takes an unexpected turn. With all twists and turns in the movie, it keeps you enchanted til the very end! Be sure to check out this thrilling movie about love, sadness and joy.

Later, suddenly, Lichi reaches out to Andrew and soon they leak a documentary to the public. Lichi and Andrew end up sharing a flat, which leads to a logical conclusion. Both fall in love with each other and decide to have a fresh start in their relationship. Anyone who’s slightly interested in how do mail order brides work should check this movie out!

Sweet Land (2005)

This mail order bride film brings us back to the 20th century in the USA. The movie is about Inge, an immigrant from Norway with German documents. She meets an old couple in Norway who like Inge so much they decide to arrange the marriage for her and their son, Olaf, who resides in Minnesota.

Sadly, when she arrives in Minnesota to meet Olaf, her life doesn’t seem as flawless as it had to. Due to her German background, local people look down on her and treat her like scum. They even go as far as forbidding Olaf and Inge from marrying each other! How crazy is that? After many trials and obstacles, the couple decides to stand up for themselves and earn the community’s respect. This story is gripping, breathtaking, and makes you want to experience the feeling of international love!

This mail order bride documentary shows how even an arranged marriage can result in a strong bond and deep love between people.

Mail Order Bride (2008)

This wonderful mail order bride film is a Hallmark special! The story revolves around Diana McQueen, a gorgeous lady who’s been leading a dangerous lifestyle for too long. One day she decides to escape from her awful boss, Tom Rourke, who’s old and bitter.

To cover her disappearance up and make it hard for her boss to investigate, she swaps places with her recently deceased friend who was supposed to be a mail order bride for a man named Beau. The change goes unnoticed, and Beau is surprisingly kind and caring! Later, Diana’s lies start to unravel to Beau and he finds out the whole truth.

Despite challenges that both have faced, their love grows strong and unbreakable.

This mail order bride movie is an amazing way to spend your evening and discover new facts about mail brides!

Is there more mail order bride documentaries?

Surely, the list of amazing movies about mail order brides goes on. However, brightbrides.org have chosen informative movies with the best reviews for you to check out!

Each one of these Mail order bride films portrays mail order bride’s life in various situations. It may not always be fairytale-like, but that’s how real life works, doesn’t it? These mail order bride movies are an amazing addition to your movie playlist and will let you understand the lives of young foreign women that look for love abroad a bit more!