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Malaysian Brides

Malaysian Women For Marriage: The Unexpected Facts About Malaysian Brides

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

You might even not guess how many women are seeking men in Malaysia. The country has quite many social, gender, economic problems and so lots of young girls want to marry a foreign guy. But can such couples make strong families? Is it possible to become life-long partners with a beautiful Malaysian woman?

Facts about Malaysian wives

You probably know very little about Malaysians, their culture and habits. Here are some interesting details.

They're obsessed with food

If you're a foodie, you'll make a perfect couple with a Malaysian girl. In fact, who doesn't like good delicious food? There are hawker stalls all around the country just because of that reason. What do Malaysians like? Many dishes like “apam balik” (a pancake-style snack), “nasi kerabu” (blue rice), “ayam percik” (chicken with sauce) and many more. And this passion is serious. They eat 5 times a day regularly. Though, you can never tell it judging by the way they look as they're fit and not overweight at all.


They repeat “lah” a lot

Have you ever spoken to a Malaysian woman? Or hear them speak in a movie? Or traveled to the country and heard locals speaking? This ”lah” expression is something used by Malaysians daily in almost every sentence. What does it mean? Firstly, you can say it to heighten something or to put emphasis on it. For example, she might say to you “No lah, I told you I didn't do that!”. You can also hear it when she admits something or opposes you. For instance, “Yes lah!” or “No lah!”. So don't be surprised when you start constantly hearing it from your Malaysian girlfriend.

They're diverse

You can compare the country with some big cities like New York or London. Why? Because it has people of lots of cultures and nationalities. Did you know Malaysia is notable for being the most diversified community in Asia? It appears from this that local girls are very tolerant. They accept other people and don't judge them by where they come from, how they look, or how much they earn.

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What you need to know about dating Malaysian women

The information below might be helpful if your intentions towards Malaysian women are serious.

  • Society values.‌ There are some things that are expected by society and something that's considered taboo. For example, being a very conservative country it's considered a bad thing to show your aggression if you don't like something. Otherwise, a calm and peaceful attitude to life and the people around is regarded as a virtue. Speaking of PDA, it's totally fine to hold hands, hug or kiss on a cheek. But more intimate things like touching or kissing are unacceptable.
  • Marriage laws.‌ If you want to marry your hot Malaysian woman, you need to do it in her country first. Not in your country or any other country for that matter. Why is that? Because there's only one valid document that can prove your marriage with a Malaysian spouse. And you can get it only in Malaysian government offices. After that, you can get married in your home country too.

What's your future Malaysian wife like?

A few characteristics of a girl you might start dating one day.


Let's have a look at some famous Malaysian women and their appearance. For example, Carmen Soo — a model and actress, Diana Danielle or Nur Fazura — actresses. They're gorgeous and extremely charming. Tanned skin, dark hair, and hazel eyes. Tiny fit bodies. Isn't that your dream? By the way, Malaysian women and non-Malaysian men usually have exceptionally cute kids.


Malaysian women are also famous for their enviable sense of contentment. This quality is quite uncommon in the modern world where people can't enjoy the moment but rather hurry in constant search of happiness. Malaysians are different. Their biggest values are kindness, sympathy, and acceptance. Caring and looking after each other is what really counts in this society. If you visit the country, the first thing that'll catch your attention is how happy people look despite all the worries and problems. They laugh and tell jokes. Children play around and enjoy themselves. You'll have a similar feeling of happiness when you start dating a Malay.

Why do hot Malaysian girls become mail order brides?


What are the reasons women want to marry a foreigner so badly?

Gender inequality

Even though the government has passed several laws that protect women's rights and support them to have the same access to medical care, education, social welfare, there's still a huge number of obstacles. For example, thousands of women still suffer a lot from sexual harassment. They're physically, verbally, financially, or emotionally abused. It's happening constantly both at home or at the workplace. Statistically, about 40% of women have been physically abused by their partners. That's why they're looking for a reliable Western man to marry.


Another obvious problem almost every woman faces living in Malaysia is difficulty and hardship. Even though the ladies are naturally cheerful and have sunny personalities, they still require basic things for a happier life. People have to work hard daily, often seeking odd jobs and still having no means to make two ends meet. Women refuse to marry local men because they know they'll live in constant need and won't be able to afford even taking their families out at least once in a while. On average, a man can earn $200-500 a month.

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Your life with a sexy Malaysian girl

Here's what might change in your life.

  • You'll try “milo”.‌ It's pronounced like “my-low” and it's drunk by everybody — kids or adults, expats or locals. The drink is a part of everyday life, and it's served everywhere. They might not have hot chocolate in a coffee shop, but they'll have milo.
  • You'll try durian.‌ It's like the whole world knows what it is. Do you? Have you ever tried it? It's a fruit, and it can also be bought everywhere in Malasia and locals like it. It's a mixture of something savory, sweet, and creamy all at once.
  • You'll take your shoes off at home.‌ Yes, Malaysians don't wear shoes at home. It's not even a custom. It's something axiomatic and taken for granted. Why would one take all that dirt into the place they live in? If you're at your girlfriend's home, take off your shoes, or it might look offensive if you don't.

Hot Malaysian women easily make men crazy about them. There are no obvious obstacles or challenges on your way to a happy life with a girl from this place. All you need is some cultural and dating awareness. And now you have that. Go and find your love!

💡 Interesting Facts About Malaysia

  • Some people consider this country to be the capital of world food and cuisine, where you can find various food types sold in the streets.
  • Durian is the stinkiest fruit in the world, and that’s why it’s prohibited to be consumed at hotels or in public places even though it grows in the country.
  • Malaysia is the country where you can find various fruits that you’ve never seen in your life.
  • The largest flower in the world, Rafflesia, is in this country.
  • The majority of women in Malaysia are well-educated and modern despite being religious.
  • Malaysia has many great small islands where you can visit and have romantic trips.