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Pakistani Brides

Pakistani Brides For Marriage: Your Best Chance For A Love

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

Where and how to find a Pakistani bride? If you're interested in a marriage with a girl from this far and exotic country, you need to learn a lot before you actually meet and start dating. Your cultures are expected to be widely different. So what should every Western bachelor know about single Pakistani women? Read below.

Who are Pakistani brides?

Pakistani mail order brides are women found in the catalogs of international dating sites. They're singles looking for foreign boyfriends and potential husbands online. Pakistani brides are smart, goal-oriented, and traditional when it comes to building a relationship. Although most Pakistani ladies seeking partners from abroad are young, you can meet female members of different ages on a platform. Their main purpose is to get acquainted with a handsome, reliable man who is ready for family life. Therefore, if you're interested in something serious, you can meet Pakistani girl online.


What are Pakistani brides like?

If you want to date a girl from Pakistan, here's what you should know about this nation.


Pakistan is a region that has to deal with lots of myths and stereotypes. Its global perception and the reality locals live in are often very different. What do you think about Pakistani women and men? Reserved, non-democratic, distant? In fact, not at all. There are so many ethnicities and cultures in the country. Due to various reasons that deal with geography and history, Pakistan's become a real melting pot of cultures and influences. You can meet about 15 ethinc groups in the country that have different cultures, cuisines, music, customs, and traditions. There are about 76 languages spoken at this place. The national one is Urdu.


Almost 97% of the population are Muslims. This religion often regulates and guides all people's lives aspects. What are the traditions? Muslims pray five times during a day. They never work on Fridays as it's a holy day. There's also Ramadan happening during the whole month when people fast. Does it mean your Pakistani bride is going to be that religious and follow all these obligations? Probably, not. Mail order brides are much more westernized. However, her religion is still very important to her.


Those dreaming of a serious relationship with a gorgeous woman should find a Pakistani wife. A local lady believes that family is the most valuable thing a person can have in life. She devotes herself to her husband and kids and turns into a caring spouse and loving mother. Notice that 74% of foreign-born Pakistanis living in the USA are married.


Pakistani brides are well-mannered, patient, and respectful. Showing off or criticizing someone's opinion isn't about those girls. They're quiet and attentive, preferring to observe and listen to an opponent during a conversation rather than trying to persuade someone that only their statement is right.

By the way, you can also pick Afghanistan ladies for marriage because they're as family-oriented and respectful as Pakistani wives.

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Why do sexy Pakistani women become mail order brides?

Here are the most obvious reasons why women from Pakistan want to marry a foreign husband.

Gender inequality

Pakistan currently ranks the third lowest country in the world for gender equality. The opportunities for women there are extremely limited. Even when it comes to such an essential part of life as medicine and healthcare — women don't have the same access. There are lots of obstacles in getting a quality education. Not to mention the problem of unemployment and underpayment. Women have no equal opportunities to work and get paid. They have to be housewives, taking care of the household, bringing up children, and fully depending on their men.

Gender-based violence

One in two woman in the country experience domestic abuse, sexual violence and gender discrimination. Pakistan is always on top on the lists of the most dangerous countries for women. And even despite the laws and regulations passed by the local authorities, a number of sexual crimes and domestic violence is promptly increasing. However, Pakistani ladies are the ones of the most mighty. They endeavour to make their voices heard. They demand change and fight for it.


Although Pakistan isn't the poorest country, there are still many economical problems. A large number of families are considered needy, and that's why lots of Pakistani girls are searching for marriage with foreign men. They want to escape severe reality and raise their future children in a healthy environment where they’ll have better educational and career opportunities.

An average Pakistani mail order bride strives to meet her soulmate and go hand in hand with this man through life. Even if she has to move from her native country, she doesn't mind because this girl is ready to fly overseas to be with her romantic partner. The desire to love and be loved motivates a Pakistani lady to look for a potential husband abroad.

Notice that you can extend your search and find an Asian mail order bride from any country online.


Facts about Pakistani girls for marriage

Here's something you might have not a clue of about women from Pakistan.

  • Сollectivism.‌ That's a feature peculiar to the whole nation. It means one person prioritizes a group of people or a society over themselves. It's such a value when you're not led by individualism but rather know you can always rely on people around. Or, to put it in more simple words, women from Pakistan aim to create families. Because of religious, cultural, economic and societal principles, you just can't live a different way in this country. That's one of the reasons to take such a woman for a wife. She'll be the most loyal and supportive partner.
  • Hospitality.‌ If you ever happen to be in Pakistan, you might get a bit surprised by the fact people around are extremely sympathetic, peaceful, and hospitable. Despite all the exaggerated rumors going on in the media and the films, people there are very welcoming and attentive. It just cannot be the other way as according to their religion — a guest is a blessing from God. Islam teaches them that a visitor ought to get the finest treatment. That's why even the poorest people are always ready to share food or lend a willing hand to anyone who needs it. And that's what your Pakistani bride is going to be like.

I think that there are multiple reasons to find Pakistani women for marriage, but some facts require a closer look. Islam is a pretty complicated religion strictly followed by girls from Pakistan. However, if you're not afraid of challenges or you're a Muslim, you shouldn't worry.


Tips for dating Pakistani women for marriage

If you meet a Pakistani girl online or somewhere else offline, follow the next pieces of advice.

  • Keep calm.‌ Because at least someone has to. In your international relationship with a Pakistani woman you're not the one who'll be the most energetic and vigorous. Yes, Pakistani culture is bright and colorful, passionate and whirlwind. And so are the people. They never hide feelings and seem like they have never heard about patience and self-control. Sometimes they might lose it. And even though the women are usually more quiet and moderate, especially in public, they might not be like that at home. And it's not about something negative. It's about love and care they express.
  • Show macsuline qualities.‌ Actually, it's a tip that would work on almost every girl. Pakistani women are no different when it comes to common characteristics girls usually expect a man to have. Firstly, be initiative and prove you can be a leader in your relationship. Secondly, presents are recommended. Flowers, perfumes, nice clothes items or bags. Anything nice will make her like you more. Finally, have some humor. Good jokes, funny stories will make her feel more relaxed and comfortable when she's with you.
  • Dress up well. Pakistani women looking for marriage are fashionable and elegant. Normally, they want their boyfriends to look appropriately as well. Pay attention to your appearance, clothes, shoes, and cologne. Iron your shirt before a date and make sure all pieces of your wardrobe are clean.
  • Respect her space. Single Pakistani girls don't hurry up with kisses and hugs, so don't try to rush things. Otherwise, you'll only scare your woman away. Besides, you have to remember that sex before marriage is unacceptable in Pakistan.
  • Make her feel special. Many Pakistani females don't even get the attention they deserve from men. Compliment your sweetheart, give her pleasant gifts, praise her decisions, and tell her how important her opinion is for you.

When you find Pakistani brides, those tips will help you show you're a worthy guy.

Your life with a Pakistani wife

Here's what you should get used to if you're planning to marry a woman from Pakistan.

  • Big wedding.‌ It won't necessarily happen if you both decide it's not reasonable or whatever your reasons are. But you probably know weddings in Pakistan are a really big deal. Families start preparations months before the most important day comes. Or, to be more precise, days, as Pakistani weddings last for about 3-7 days. The celebration is full of various traditions and customs and always looks extremely beautiful and… expensive. Yes, someone needs to pay for all those costly dresses, music, food, and drinks. But parents know about that and start saving in advance.
  • More sport.‌ Pakistanis are real sport-lovers. You know which is the most favored one? Cricket! British brought it to the country many years ago, but now Pakistan has a top cricket team itself. Other common activities — hockey, squash, and badminton. Both men and women love playing it during leisure hours. Want to try some of it with your mail order bride and her family and friends?

When you meet a Pakistani woman, your life is never going to be the same. You can hardly find a better wife than the one from Pakistan — beautiful, caring, helpful, hard-working, and supportive. Don't you want a partner like that?

How to find a Pakistani bride?

Before you decide whether you should get married to Pakistani mail order brides, we suggest that you find out where to find them. Today, meeting a woman from this country offline can be challenging due to a lot of reasons. They’re the following:

  • Pakistani brides don’t travel abroad. Unless they come to Western countries as refugees or to ask for political asylum, they’re not allowed to leave their country alone and travel without men. Therefore, you’re not likely to meet them in your city of residence in the US;
  • Pakistani brides don’t date and flirt for marriage with men as American girls do. Since the society in Pakistan is very strict, local women have almost no chance to meet and date foreigners. The relationships start with the men’s initiative and end due to their will as well;
  • Pakistani women for marriage are very spiritual. In this country, people are predominantly Muslim, so they often avoid communicating with people from other cultures and beliefs. Thus, they may act reserved and scared if you try to hit them on the streets of Islamabad, and you’ll fail to meet any Pakistani bride there.

The alternative to offline dating is using Pakistani dating platforms. There, you can meet single Pakistani girls, communicate with them, and understand what the background of Asian brides to marry is. You’ll see how they’re different from other women and whether that’s what you’re looking for.

To meet single Pakistani women, you need to do the following:

  • Join either of the local dating platforms for free. Before you do that, read reviews to find out what apps or websites are the most reliable;
  • Create your profile. Don’t hesitate to add information about yourself, including your interests, hobbies, and expectations of a potential girlfriend. Upload a few quality pictures to make you page look more decent;
  • Start chatting with girls you like. Interact with registered users: like their pictures, comment on their statuses, and text them in chat. Be attentive and sincere, and your effort won’t go unnoticed.
  • Use all the tools offered to you to establish distant relationships. Send virtual gifts, order flowers, call your woman once in a while so that she can feel that she’s important to you.

Yes, Pakistani brides are stunning, but a man should be aware that only 46% of local girls are literate. Of course, it doesn't make them worse partners, but for someone, this fact can be a problem. However, I believe that Pakistani ladies are wonderful wives.

Kim Evazians

I can't fully agree with you, Kim. I've seen Pakistani women, and they didn't seem less intelligent than other Asian females. Moreover, even if a guy meets a Pakistani girl who doesn't have higher education, he won't focus on it. I mean, no one will check her degree or studying performance.

Paul Sanders

💡 Interesting Facts About Pakistan

  • Malala Yousufzai is known to be the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize, and she’s from Pakistan.
  • Pakistan is a Muslim state, and the women from this country are quite religious and traditional.
  • Truck Art is a tradition of decorating trucks for a special event, which is considered to be a tradition of Indian culture as well.
  • If you hurt your Pakistani girlfriend, you need to give her mango, which is more than fruit and symbolizes mitigation and conflict resolution.
  • Every man and woman in Pakistan is in love with their Pakistani cricket team.
  • If you want to have a romantic adventure, Pakistani nature will impress you with its great mountains and mesmerizing landscapes.


Is it easy to get a Pakistani wife?

Getting Pakistani girls for marriage may not be as easy as getting married to European brides. However, it’s possible with the right approach described in our guide.

Can you get a Pakistani bride as a foreigner?

Yes, you can, but you need to be ready to overcome cultural barriers to be understood. Also, you should be flexible and tolerant towards Pakistani women, their beliefs, and worldview. Respecting their traditions and family is a must if you want to conquer a Pakistani mail order bride.

Are there any free Pakistani mail-order bride sites?

Yes, there are a lot of dating platforms that offer mail-order brides’ services in Pakistan. Still, you should trust only those with the best reputation and experience to not get scammed.