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Romanian Brides

Romanian Brides: Facts And Myths About Romanian Women For Marriage

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

Foreign grooms often choose Romanian girls for marriage for many reasons. These ladies are kind, loving, and extremely beautiful. But what else? What makes Western men seek Romanian mail order brides instead of dating local women?

Explore all the secrets of Romanian girls in this article and learn what marrying a Romanian woman is like.

👭 Female population:9.8 mln
👫 Gender ratio:94 men per 100 women
❤️ Women registered on dating sites:Over 160,000
👩 Average marriage age:26.7
🌐 Speak English:31%

How do Romanian women for marriage look?

‌Romania is situated in the southeastern part of Central Europe. It has lots of neighbors like Ukraine, Hungary, or Moldova. Do Romanian women look like typical European females living in this area?

  • Generally slim. Romanian women aren't inclined to corpulence, and you can rarely meet full-bodied girls in the country. Firstly, they're genetically well-set-up and graceful. Secondly, they mind what and how much they eat. Thirdly, they work out and do sports regularly. By the way, sport in Romania is significant and widely-spread.
  • Different in height. You can meet both very tall or quite short women in Romania. Average height is about 1.61 m.
  • Mostly fair-skinned. A lot of women from Romania are pale. That's why they like toasting on the beach and often have a nice tan in summer. But, in general, the coloring depends on the region. For example, Transylvania, Moldavia, and Bukovina have many blondes with blue and green eyes, while Muntenia, Mangalia, and Oltenia have many brunettes with brown eyes. A famous Romanian singer Inna comes from Mangalia.
  • Beauty addicted. There are two main reasons for Romanian women's beauty. Genetics and culture. And if it's all pretty clear with genetics, cultural reasons are more complex. Everyone teaches girls since childhood how important it is to be beautiful as it influences life greatly. Society believes beauty gives women a kind of social status, and it can take you far. That's why girls do their best to always look attractive.

‌All in all, if talking about physical appearance and facial features, Romanian women look diverse. A lot of them combine Slavic and Eastern European traits, but you can notice a slender influence of the Middle East too. Girls in Transylvania can also look a bit Germanic or Magyar. In southern Romania and especially in Dobrogea, some of them have Mediterranean looks. In a broad manner, Romanian women are very beautiful. Foreign men find them especially stunning because they're different from what grooms used to.

What are Romanian ladies for marriage like?

‌Are Romanian women as beautiful inside as they're outside?

  • Friendly. Friendliness is a quality of openness and kindness that makes you feel relaxed and cheery. That's how you're going to feel with your Romanian girlfriend. You can easily see she's affable and good-natured through her facial expressions, body language, and, most importantly, in the way she treats other people. She's good to be around as she always knows how to say things the right way.
  • Hospitable. The majority of tourists who visit Romania admit how comfortable they feel there as people are really great at providing a warm, helpful, and friendly environment. If you're ever lucky to visit your Romanian girl's home, you'll definitely be treated with cordiality and generosity.
  • Supportive. Romanian women are very good at providing emotional help and encouragement. No matter what idea you have or what you decide to do, she'll support you. Dreaming of enrolling for dramatic classes? Or want to buy a vintage car? Need to stay alone for a few days? Don't be afraid to acknowledge it and share it with your girl. She'll surely show total agreement.
  • Family-oriented.Family is, without exaggeration, the most important part of every Romanian woman. They value family over individualism. Important words to them are respect, love, encouragement, and nurture. The mental and physical well-being of all family members is of primary importance to all women who live in this country. Be sure, you and your children will always be a priority in her life.

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Myths about single Romanian ladies and their country

‌Is everything you know about Romania and its people (specifically women) true? Find out further.

  • Cheap. Many people assume Romania is poor and every item you desire to purchase there is inexpensive. It's not always like that. For instance, food is indeed less pricey than in countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, etc. Notwithstanding, if you acquire petrol, gadgets, or building materials, you'll pay a similar price as anywhere else in Europe.
  • Dangerous. Do you still suppose it's unsafe to visit Romania because you can get mugged? Or because taxi drivers are swindlers and people can be easily deceived by them? It was true to some extent many years ago. However, it's not today. People are friendly and helpful. They welcome foreigners and women are especially open to them.
  • Gypsy. What about the fact that all Romanians are gypsies? The idea is widely-spread by books, films, media. Let's make it clear. Gypsies or Romani people are the ones who come from India. It's an ethnic community. They live in all parts of Europe and the world. They make only 3% of the population in Romania. They're in the minority.


Things to know before meeting Romanian women

‌Before you get acquainted with girls from Romania, learn a few important details about her, her country, its traditions, and people.

  • Budapest isn't Romania's capital. Still don't know the difference between Budapest and Bucharest? Well, the capital of Romania is… Bucharest! Remember that and don't make her feel awkward explaining basic geography to you. How would you feel if your girl confuses the capital of your country?
  • Vampires don't live in Romania. Do you know who Dracula is? Where does he really come from? Does he have anything to do with Romania? Not really. It's a fictional character. A man from Ireland created him and made him very famous. But Dracula or any other vampires are never mentioned in any Romanian folklore or literature. And no, Romanians don't keep bunches of garlic above their doors to protect themselves from vampires.
  • Romanian and Russian women aren't the same. Because of the close geographical location to Russia, foreigners think there are no differences. In reality, it's not like that. For example, Romanians often can't even understand Russians as Romanian has more to do with languages like Italian or French.
  • Romanians aren't that poor. Romania is often regarded as weak and poor. Westerners believe it's underdeveloped and low-lived. But it all depends. Yes, the income people get in Romania isn't that high as in many European countries. But living expenses are not so high as well. Romania is also considered as a country with an economy that's growing extremely rapidly comparing with other countries on the continent.

‌Romanian brides are great women that make perfect wives for foreign men. They're loving and caring, supportive and encouraging, hard-working and diligent. Moreover, they're very beautiful and hot. A perfect mixture of qualities a woman is expected to have. Every man dreams of an opportunity to date a girl like that. Why don't you try?

Why do Romanian girls become mail order brides?

The reasons why Romanian girls looking for marriage want a foreign husband are the following.


Violence and injustice

The country and its government are failing to protect women from violence and inequality. Even the European Court of Human Rights criticizes and condemns Romania for its lack of involvement in preventing and stopping domestic abuse over women. According to the official statistics, a lot of Romanians consider that domestic violence as normal. The European court even fined the country for justifying a man who attacked his wife and accusing her as the one who provoked the violence.

Poverty and hardship

More than 5 million Romanians live under the poverty line. They lack basic things like a shower or bath. Many of them even don't have access to running water. Their houses often need renovation, but they have no means to maintain them well. Big families of 5-8 people live in small flats with 1-2 rooms. Men and women are underpaid, lots of them can't get employed. Romanian single ladies for marriage strive for a better life for themselves and their children.

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Tips for winning the heart of Romanian brides for marriage

Meeting Romanian brides is just the first step to undertake. Dating and courtships are more important as this is the time girls can either fall in love with you for the rest of the lives or reject and forget you forever. If the first scenario is more preferable, stick to the tips mentioned further.

  • Don't refuse the food. Romanian women are famous hostesses. They love having guests around and try really hard to make the best impression. You might be invited to come at 6 on Saturday but she and her family start preparing early in the morning or even a day before. They clean, cook, lay the table, and get dressed. So compliments are expected. Say how nice their home is and how yummy the dishes are.
  • Don't confuse Romanians with Russians. Sometimes foreigners get lost among the similarities of names, languages, and cultures of Eastern European countries. Some of them think that Russia, Romania, Ukraine, or Belarus are much the same. But such an attitude offends locals. It shows your disrespect, ignorance, and even arrogance. Don't screw it up. On the contrary, give compliments to Romania and Romanians, and they'll love you.

Why marriage is important to Romanian women?


The majority of Romanian ladies dream about marriage since their teenage years. These are 3 main reasons for that:

  • Pressure of society.You've probably heard that a typical Romanian girl strives to marry as soon as possible. This is usual for the majority of Slavic countries. There, a woman in her 30 is often perceived as an ′"old maid." In Romania, it's also believed that a Romanian bride is successful in life only when she has a relationship. If she's single but climbs the career ladder steadily, people think she's still not happy with her life.
  • Desire to have a better life. Romania isn't a very wealthy country, and it experiences lots of problems. The top issues Romania faced in 2020 were health and economic situation. Logically, a typical Romanian lady hopes to find a better life with a potential husband.
  • Need to feel complete. This is another influence of society. An average Romanian woman doesn't feel 100% happiness if she's not in a relationship. Romanian girls hope for marriage every time they date someone. That's why they're only interested in serious relationships.

Romanian Brides F.A.Q.

Is it legal to get a Romanian bride?

Yes, it's perfectly legal to get a Romanian wife. You'll just need to take care of certain documents to marry in the USA and move in together. K-1 visa is one of such papers.

How much is a Romanian bride?

First, you should realize that there's no such thing as buying a Romanian mail order bride. You just pay for certain services on the dating platforms to meet Romanian women, buy tickets to visit your girlfriend, and take care of getting her to your country. In total, the expenses might range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Are Romanian women attractive?

Yes, Romanian girls are considered extremely attractive, just like the majority of Slavic females. They're slender, have expressive and seductive face features, and love taking care of themselves. That's why so many men dream of a mail order bride from Romania.