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Slovenia is an impressive country in Central Europe that is famous for its breathtaking views and westernized women in the Balkans. The charm of beautiful Slovenia brides makes men's desire to pursue them irresistible. A lot of guys like you dream of getting one of these singles on real mail order bride sites. Slovenian wife adds incredible excitement to life, becoming your best friend and passionate lover. Before you go looking for your perfect Slovenian girl for marriage, here's everything you need to know about her.

What are Slovenian women like?

Slovenia is incredibly popular in the international dating market because its girls are more beautiful and interesting than ladies from other European lands. Owing to huge popularity, they caught the attention of men. An enormous number of foreigners arrive here in pursuit of finding one of the gorgeous Slovenian girls.


Wine lovers

Slovenia is famous for its wines, and almost every Slovenian mail order bride who lives there loves to talk while tasting their wines. Make sure your beloved will enjoy romantic evenings with her favorite red or white wine.


It's hard to say that Slovenian women are skilled in makeup, but when it comes to clothes, they love being stylish. Every lady from this country attracts men's attention by her ability to choose and combine clothes.

Honest and direct

Women in Slovenia are friendly and honest, so they expect you to behave the same. Slovenia ladies don't like to be deceived, so you should prove that you're someone they can trust. Meantime, you can be sure that they will be open and honest with you.

Open-minded in terms of religion

The majority of Slovenia single ladies are Catholic Christians, but they're accustomed to living in a secular society that places more emphasis on civic values ​​than religious ones. While dating a man from another country, they don't consider religious differences to be a decisive aspect in their connection. Undoubtedly, you won't have any problems on this basis.


Slovenian women know all your tastes, food preferences, and expectations. One of them may amaze you with her culinary skills and readiness to maintain your house in order. Slovenian partner does it not because it's her duty, but because of her desire to please you in everything.


How do Slovenian women for marriage communicate?

Slovenian ladies are famous for their indirect interaction style. They do all their best to avoid conflicts and the raising of voices. Your perfect Slovenian match never criticizes you, your friends, relatives, or people around. Make sure your girlfriend doesn't show anger in public. Instead, in case of some misunderstanding, she tries to find a common ground with you. Additionally, eye contact is incredibly important for her. It shows your genuine interest and helps to deserve a lady's trust. When you notice that a girl you like looks in your eyes for a few minutes, it means she's interested in you. Use the same tactic and get closer to a woman of your fantasies!

How to court and attract Slovenian Brides?

Men who'd like to start a romance with one of the Slovenian women should bear in mind several tips. Follow them and enjoy a harmonious relationship with one of them.

Choose general topics for a dialogue

Common interests are the basis of a healthy connection. Also, ask a Slovenian bride for her opinion on issues that are important to you. It's recommended not to communicate on political topics (unless your partner wants it), but simply enjoy communication.

Take the lead

Although Slovenia brides seem to be independent in making decisions, they need an initiative man by their side. When they're in love, they prefer giving the leading role to the strong half. Be proactive to make a good first impression. But if she is shying, tell her about your hobbies, interests, work, relatives, and more. Don't forget to ask your soulmate about her interests, goals, and views. If you notice a mutual attraction, offer to chat via video or set a date in person.

Take care of your appearance

We all know that judging a book by its cover doesn't make sense. However, let's be realistic: a lady won't explore your inner world if your outer shell doesn't look attractive enough. Don't overdo it and don't wear overly fashionable clothes. Just show her that you take care of yourself, that you smell good, and that your clothes are clean and in good condition.


Forget about pressure

Men who'd like to get closer to Slovenian women should take their time with intimacy. Not all women from Slovenia agree to have sex on the first date, as they prefer to get to know their partners better. Also, don't try to control her every move, allowing your girlfriend to have freedom of action. Make sure, Slovenian ladies are devoted, so they may take your pressure as a sign of aggression.

Show respect to her family

Family ties and relationships are very important for every Slovenian woman. In Slovenia, couples often visit each other's relatives to create a strong bond and get new experiences. Show your respect and good attitude toward your girlfriend's parents to get extra 100 points to your dating success.

Don't talk about woman's place in the family

Slovenia brides are accustomed to the traditional family roles. However, it's better not to emphasize a woman's place in a relationship. For your babe, intellectual development is also crucial. She probably has a degree, so she won't stop exploring new fields and learning new things. The more you talk to her, the more you learn how smart she is. Pay attention to what you say, because your future bride admits everything you talk about.

Do Slovenian women for marriage value family?

Ladies in Slovenia not only maintain harmonious relations between all the relatives but also do everything to create a friendly and cozy atmosphere at home. She likes to keep everything in order, as her mother has taught her. Be sure your spouse never prioritizes a career, spending a lot of time with children.

Slovenian brides in their 20's and 30's often live under the same roof with their parents until they get married. Obviously, your girlfriend wants to create a similar family with strong ties and one or two children. She likes spending time with grandparents, so if your mom would like to help with raising children, your sweetheart doesn't mind it. Instead, she'll be happy to communicate with her.


Can you expect sex before marriage with Slovenian lady?

Although Slovenia is a Catholic country, young couples are modern in terms of having sex. Similar to order Russian brides, these women are straightforward and honest in their intentions without playing games. Feel free to discuss your possible intimacy, but take your time and choose the right moment. If your girl falls in love, she accepts this aspect in a relationship. Demonstrate your serious intentions to earn the trust of a Slovenian beauty and take the next step in your connection.

How to find a wife in Slovenia?

If you like to find a Slovenian girl online, choose the most popular dating platforms which have won huge respect and support from single men and brides around the planet, especially in Slovenia. There are many top-rated dating websites that focus on international dating and long-distance dating with mail order wives.

Modern dating platforms offer intuitive navigation and fast search, connecting guys like you with Slovenian ladies any time. Just go through free and easy registration, create an account and start exploring the database. These websites provide users with a detailed search, allowing you to look for a soulmate according to personal preferences. Use convenient chats and messages to hold contact with your lover despite the distance and time zone differences.

Slovenia brides catch guys' attention worldwide for obvious reasons. If you're one of those men seeking love online with these incredible women, don't miss your chance to get acquainted with a marvelous lady from Slovenia on one of the mail order bride sites.