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Taiwanese Brides

Taiwan Mail Order Brides: Meet Gorgeous Taiwanese Women For Marriage

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Dominic Carroll
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Many Westren and American guys are keen on Taiwanese women, as they have numerous magnetic features. Those beauties impress foreigners with their stunning looks. They make men crazy with their smooth, fair skin, brown eyes, and shiny straight hair. Taiwan females are gorgeous and young all the time. Getting such a wife means you have an intelligent and hard-working partner, who can raise your kids in harmony and peace. With such a spouse, your daily life will be full of bright events. She adores outdoor activities and can teach you to value every moment of your life. Are you interested in this fairytale? Keep reading to learn about Taiwan princesses more.

Taiwanese brides and gender roles in the family

These Asian girls for marriage are naturally romantic, loving, and devoted. They feel dedicated to their husbands and expect the same from them. Today, many young singles would like to divide household responsibilities with their man equally. They're hard-working and want to be reliable and financially stable. Taiwan singles aren't looking for men with a big wallet, they want to be equal to their partner. Searching for an intelligent and hard-working person, you have all the chances to find your perfect wife among these women.


Special features of mail order brides from Taiwan

They stick to the “face” concept

Ladies from Taiwan don't like conflicts, which makes them ideal partners for family life. To create harmonious relationships, learn about the local “loss of face” concept. These girls easily embarrass, and in their country, it's impolite to deliberately embarrass someone. People avoid raising voices and blaming, so consider it while chatting with Taiwanese brides even online. Such a spouse prefers solving all the problems in private, she never quarrels in public. To get close to your foreign love, never bully or insult anyone not to “lose your face.”

They have Fear of four

Dating Taiwanese ladies, consider that every culture has unlucky numbers. In Taiwan, the number 4 people find one of the most tricky ones, as it sounds like a word for death in Chinese. Because of it, there is no 4th floor in hospitals and hotels. People will even give up a cell phone or car number if 4 appears too often. Probably your beloved also behaves like that, so accept this fact not to scare her. Try to understand such fears and prejudices.

They interact in specific style

Owing to the “face” сoncept, women seeking men from Taiwan can speak indirectly. Sometimes it's problematic to understand what your soulmate wants to express. Your beloved has more than ten ways to say “no” and many more ways to say “yes” when she means “no.” She doesn't want to hurt your feelings. When you become closer to each other, interaction turns to be more direct and fascinating. Also, she values a well-written message. Taiwanese appreciate a deep and broad understanding of the context so that the main point is delivered and understood. Bravity is not particularly appreciated, especially if something is sacrificed in the delivery of a message.

These ladies use physical gestures

Visiting a foreign girlfriend, you notice the majority of citizens use lots of gestures during communication. They tend to beckon other people with palms down and wave towards the ground. Calling people by rolling their fingers, palms up, is widely considered grossly suggestive, especially when a guy points to a lady. Locals practice the tradition of shaking hands, especially in business circles. But strong or overly vigorous handshakes people find aggressive, so remember it to avoid awkward situations. Males and females usually don't shake hands during meetings, preferring light, respectful nods instead.

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Favorite activities of Taiwan brides

They adore singing

Karaoke is one of the most favorite recreations of Taiwanese women. There are numerous centers across the country where locals gather and have fun. Coming to your beloved, don't forget to go there with her. During typhoons, many young Taiwanese spend the day playing karaoke or mahjong. Try it, and you'll see a foreign cutie full of life energy and exciting sides.

They like taking hot baths

In recent years, hot springs known as wēnquán in Chinese and onsen in Japanese have been making a comeback thanks to government efforts. Since the Japanese introduced their rich onsen culture to Taiwan, more than 100 hot springs have been discovered, mostly concentrated in the northernmost part of Taiwan. Probably, your girlfriend often meets with friends there to relax. That's one more idea for a successful date with your lady.

These ladies go to the Taiwanese opera

Women in Taiwan are intelligent, so they prefer going to the opera on dates. In Shakespeare's time, men often had female roles on stage. Taiwanese opera turns everything upside down: girls often play strong male parts. If you have time in Taiwan for an unforgettable meeting, attend at least one performance. Undoubtedly, you'll never regret it.

Taiwan mail order brides are adventurous

If you love traveling, such a spouse is an ideal variant for you. Coming to her country, visit Luang Village, an open-air museum in central Taiwan. This place is a must-see for anyone looking to learn more about domestic life. Dozens of well-preserved traditional houses and city attractions line the streets of this unique location. As you walk along with it, take a step back in time to see how previous generations lived. Become closer to your foreign beauty through learning of her culture. She'll value it!


These women like festivals

When you're in Taiwan, take part in the Aboriginal Festival with your lady. The Taiwanese Aboriginal groups are incredibly welcoming, letting interested visitors participate in the most important ceremonies. One ceremony is the pa-tai, or "ritual of short people," performed every two years by members of the Saisiyat tribe in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan. Enjoy the all-night singing and dancing ceremony, learning more about old local traditions and culture.

They have special view on swimming

Dating a Taiwanese girl, mind her superstition of deep water. Many women don't dive into water deeper than their heads, and most public pools are no more than chest-deep. The water is usually much lower than in most Western countries. Local people have a fear of deep water thinking their bodies are especially vulnerable when immersed in water. Taiwanese believe that disgruntled ghosts hiding underwater might take possession of them. During the seventh lunar month, usually August, many people, especially elders, avoid swimming in the sea.

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What about religion in Taiwan?

Religion in Taiwan is complex. As with many communities of Chinese descent around the world, many Taiwanese follow beliefs mixing aspects of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and folk religion. Traditional principles of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism are widely represented in everything from temple festivals and literature to the visual and performing arts. Visiting a soulmate, you can learn about the heritage of the Hakka, Holo, and indigenous people of the country. But be sure Taiwanese women interested in dating a foreigner don't fond this aspect being essential for harmonious family life.

If you have decided to settle down with one of these charming ladies, you can find them on online international dating websites. Their popularity is growing every day, and more and more ladies rely on them. To use all dating functions, you choose a reliable site and join it. Browsing a platform, you discover how many young and gorgeous girls are looking for a foreign man after 25 ready for family life. Use the information from this article and go ahead towards your happiness!

💡 Interesting Facts About Taiwan

  • There's a custom in the country of never opening a gift in front of the person who gave it. The only exception — weddings. Guests usually give the groom and the bride a red envelope and a couple opens it and counts the money.
  • Most meals should be cooked and served appropriately. Some dishes can be cold but in the majority of cases, most of the ingredients have to be freshly cooked.
  • They have their own calendar except for the common one used by the whole planet. It's a lunar calendar they refer to for the traditional holidays like Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Valentine's Day, Ghost month, Full Moon Festival, and so on.