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BrightBrides is young mail-order bride service that wants to expand its staff. If you are a creative writer, a communication and dating expert, or looking for customer service manager position, you are in luck! Here is what BrightBrides offers to its employees:

  • Fun and helping coworkers
  • Stable and constant workload
  • Interesting and unique tasks
  • Flexible work hours
  • Decent payment for decent work

So, if you want to find a great and modern place to master your skills, BrightBrides will be perfect for you!

Creative Writer (Freelance)

We are looking for a skillful and talented creative writer. Applicants should have at least 2 years of experience in creative, academic, or technical writing. Understanding of how online dating is working is not required but desirable.

Our perfect candidate should have the following responsibilities:

  • Constantly produce high-quality and unique content
  • Successfully and efficiently work with other writers on common projects
  • Search, analyze, and use current information about mail-order brides services
  • Structuring the content according to a given task
  • Communication with editors and other writers
  • Be able to improve writing style and skills based on the editor’s feedback

Requirements of a creative writer:

  • Proper level of English
  • 2+ years of experience in academic, technical, or creative writing
  • Basic understanding of HTML layout
  • Writing high-quality materials and following the deadlines
  • Ability to work on group projects with other authors and editors
  • Attention to details and dedication to make high-quality materials

Customer Service Manager

Our website needs customer service managers who will be able to help our clients. An applicant should have decent experience in the field of customer support – 2 years of working as a support manager. Excellent English and communication skills are required. It would be great for you to know how online dating works, although it is not demanding.

The responsibilities of a support manager include:

  • Communication with clients
  • Providing them with technical and communication help
  • Creating and resolving support tickets
  • Answering customers questions with the help of the online chat
  • Redirecting customers with technical issues to the technical department
  • Providing customers with information about the site’s functionality and navigation

Requirements of a support manager:

  • Perfect conversational and conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding customer service practices
  • Fast and effective problem solving
  • Defuse the situations with challenging and angry customers
  • More than 2 years of support service experience

Communication/dating expert (Freelance)

We have expanded our staff, which is why we are now hiring dating and communication professionals. An applicant should possess experience working in the online dating industry for at least 3 years. An applicant must possess a general understanding of online dating and mail-order bride services. BrightBrides will provide all candidates with excellent opportunities to find an exciting and well-paid job.

We are looking for an online communication professional who makes customers feel more confident.

Dating experts is a person with the following responsibilities:

  • Interacting with customers in private chat rooms
  • Giving customers with high-quality advice on how to advance communication
  • Evaluating and improving communication skills of clients
  • Developing a plan for steady communication improvement

An ideal CV of an applicant has to have the following elements:

  • 2-3 years of experience in the field of online dating
  • Graduate degree in Psychology or Communication Science
  • Experience of working with customers via online

If you would like to apply for any of the positions above, please send your cover letter and the resume to hello@brightbrides.org. Don't forget to include the position and your name in the subject line.