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Best Mail Order Bride Countries: What Are The Possibilities?

Best Mail Order Bride Countries: What Country Is The Best To Find A Wife?

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

A lot of single gentlemen are willing to know what’s the best country for mail order brides. Well, the answer is pretty obvious: it all depends on your preferences. Starting from the way your woman should dress to her attitude towards ecological crises.

However, there are regions where beautiful mail order brides seem to try their luck the most. Women from such countries dream about meeting foreign men. Here’s a list of the best countries for you to get a mail order bride!

Slavic countries

If you have a soft corner for naturally beautiful Slavic women, you’re lucky! Slavic ladies are perfect spouses and great moms. With a Slavic wife, you will never get bored of her home cooking and will always be satisfied with your private life.

Finding a mail order bride in East European countries is easy, fun, and gives you something that no other woman has. Let’s dig deeper into what these ladies can offer.



Nothing shows us true Slavic beauty like gorgeous Russian mail order brides. These women seem to have everything men could dream of: jaw-dropping appearance, rare traditional values, and strong will to create loving families. No wonder Russia is on the top countries for mail order brides!

The thing about Russian brides is that you can’t predict what she’s going to look like! Russia is a huge multinational country, therefore ladies are all different and unique, too. You can find tall blondes with astonishingly long legs and petite brunettes with deep dark eyes full of power and wild character!


If you’re looking for a woman who can be both gently feminine and determined, you should definitely consider marrying a Ukrainian mail order bride. Local ladies put a lot of energy to look as good as they can, and will do anything it takes to keep their relationship passionate and exciting!

Ukrainian women know how to manage finances and keep everything in the right order, which makes them great companions in life. Choosing a dazzling Ukrainian bride will grant you an amazing wife, seductive lover, caring mother and a wonderful spouse overall!


Belarus has proved itself to be the golden cradle of true Slavic appearance. Local women have that Slavic beauty that all foreign men imagine. Tall girls with hair of different shades of blonde, these women also possess great life values and are really educated!

A true local woman is smart, responsible, truly devoted, and has great cooking skills! Your belly will thank you for marrying a woman from Belarus!

Best Asian countries to find a bride

Asia is a vast region, crammed with gorgeous mail order brides from various countries. Every country has something special about their brides, so don’t miss out on discovering the unique features of different mail order brides from Asia!

Asian ladies seem to attract men from all over the world with their oriental charms and exotic beauty. So what exactly makes each Asian country stand out? Here are the most popular destinations for finding beautiful mail order brides in Asia!


Filipino ladies are brought up in an environment, where people cherish their family the most. Thus, filipina mail order brides are caring, supportive, and are willing to make your life as comfortable as possible!

With a Filipino woman, your heart will always be full of love and passion, while her supportiveness will keep you motivated and devoted to your goals. These unique and important qualities of local women make the Philippines one of the best mail order bride countries!


Luckily to those, who admire jet-black haired Asian women with velvety porcelain skin, Vietnam is crammed with single mail order brides who are looking for foreign husbands! Local women have wonderful personalities, as well as breathtaking looks!

Many mail order brides from Vietnam love cooking at home, so if you choose to marry a Vietnamese girl, your plate will be full of various traditional delicacies. Choose Vietnamese brides, if you’re looking for stability and contentment.


China is the country with a rich history and deep-rooted traditions honoured by locals. Chinese mail order brides are a perfect example of balancing modern life and traditions. Local girls know how to dress well and how to attract Western gentlemen.

Besides their pretty looks, Chinese mail brides have one or several diplomas and various jobs! These stunning women are doctors, lawyers, chefs, police workers and great housewives too! You’ll never get bored of getting to know Chinese mail order brides!

Best Latin American mail order brides countries


Another great region to search for mail order brides is Latin America. Local women are hot-tempered, seductive, wild in their nature, and ready to rock the world! These ladies can take your life and turn it upside down, showing you what it’s like to live with beautiful and educated women.

Latin America is a huge place, with many countries full of sexy open-minded mail order brides. If you want to experience a wild side of the world, choose a woman from any country listed below!


When it comes to finding a mail bride in Mexico, it’s crystal clear that women here will sweep the world from under your feet. Local ladies are like no other, they’re hospital, open-minded, and have killer bodies.

Mexican mail order brides can be passionate and seductive in bed, but stay calm and shy in public. Their duality is what makes these women so desirable by men across the world!


Young Latina women from Brazil are perfect for men who are looking for exciting relationships with curvy pretty ladies. Local ladies are the best mothers and great lovers, that will always keep you entertained!

Mail order brides are gorgeous no matter what country you choose. Depending on your preferences, you can easily filter girls around the world to fit your taste. Slavic ladies tend to care about the family, Asian women are respectful and striving to be the best version of themselves, and Latino beauties live their life to the fullest, being wild and sincere at all times. There are endless opportunities for you out there, so why don’t you start your search today?