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Indian Brides

Indian Mail Order Brides: A Guide to Beautiful Indian Girls For Marriage

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

Falling in love with an Indian woman is very different from falling in love with other ladies. It's because these beautiful Indian females help you discover a whole new world of raw passionate love. It's truly amazing how these exquisite beauties can give you a life-changing experience.

Nothing intrigues Indian women more than an interesting conversation. But, it's just one of the many fascinating qualities of Indian girls. Read on to know more engrossing details and understand your exotic Indian bride more.

👭 India female population:678.5 mln
❤️Indian brides on dating sites:Over 40k
👩 Average marriage age:22.2
🌐 Speak English:14%
💸 Avg. Indian Bride Cost:$3,000-$9,000
🌎 Most Popular Indian Cities:Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai

The secret behind the beauty of Indian brides

One word — elegance. That's what you see when you meet Indian women. They carry with themselves an aura of unparalleled grace. There’s certain delicateness with which they conduct themselves, leaving you in awe.

Indian women have been a subject of fascination for foreigners for ages. There have been several articles written by British scholars, officials, and travelers dedicated to the beauty of Indian ladies. Men have been seduced by their "Grecian features" and full figures which are enhanced by gorgeous costumes and jewelry.

It's also true their general feminine attitude has largely contributed to the beauty they carry. Although, this femininity must not be mistaken as vulnerability. In fact, to them, it's the source of feminine strength, Indian culture relates to Goddesses.


Most Indian girls have thick and alluring jet-black hair. Their glowy brown skin and striking dark eyes will pierce through your heart. You can also find them clad in stunning sarees paired with gorgeous jewelry. But, mostly, modern Indian women are dressed in Western attire which hugs their voluptuous bodies beautifully.

How beautiful Indian women captivate you with their personalities?

Underneath the beautiful body lies the strong character of an Indian lady. Indian women for marriage usually seem to be shy at the initial stage. But, once she opens up the doors, you'll see her bright world filled with endless dreams and possibilities.

Indian girls have colorful personalities. Physically, they channel it through their outfits which will always be adorned with beautiful colors. These lovely Asian girls can light up the room with their laughter. Being happy is their motto which is why their personalities seem so bright.

These mail-order brides have a really high tolerance and they endure all of it with a smile. You'll always see them wearing their smiles no matter how difficult life becomes. Their bright optimism will constantly give you the strength to fight. They love being happy but they love making the person they love even happier.

They're dramatic women and most of the drama is Bollywood-inspired. So, expect a lot of rollercoasters. No other woman can have you on your toes like an Indian lady. This gives you a hint to be ready for a lot of festivals, unexpected showers of love, endless future plannings, loud confessions, unpredictable ways of lovemaking, and of course, a long list of relatives who'd treat you like no less than royalty.


How do Indian girls for marriage see tradition and family?

The way to an Indian woman's heart goes through her family. Indian girls are quite close to their families and traditions. On your quest to find an Indian wife, you'll see a sense of pride when they talk of their culture.

To Indian women, her parents are given the position of God. So, never disrespect their closest people. In fact, they'll expect you to have the same love for parents.

Indian females have lifelong goals of caring for their family. Respect is the traditional theme encircling their family. Youngsters are bound to treat elders with respect. Hence, you'll always find Indian women behave humbly with your relatives.


As wives, Indian women are fiercely loyal to their relationships. They'll treat their husband's parents as their own and take care of them. Most Indian women are Hindu brides. So, expect celebrations like Karva Chauth wherein the wives fasts for a day to pray for the long lifespan of their husbands.

Indian women make amazing mothers. They'll ensure their kids excel in school and learn to be responsible adults. They'll shower their babies with love and when needed, they'll strictly teach them the valuable lessons of life. Indian women make the most ideal motherly figures.

Why do single Indian women enjoy being mail-order brides?

Before you buy an Indian wife, understand why these ladies find mail-order bride websites so profitable. While Indian women have a lot of local options, they don't want to settle for less. They’re breaking centuries of patriarchal rules of settling for an arranged marriage and seeking opportunities to find men of their choice.

To Indian females, being mail-order brides comes with the independence of exploring their own destinies in love. Through these websites, they don't have to lose themselves within certain boundaries. It's fascinating for them to write their own love stories this way.

Another factor attracting Indian women to dating websites is the opportunity to live overseas. They seek chances to hold green cards. Most of these women desire a life in the West where they can have the luxury of living first-world lives.

In the end, these websites turn out to be a beneficial medium through which two opposite sides of the world meet. When you find a wife in India, you'd be giving her a fairytale she'll always be grateful for.


How to win Indian girl's heart?

Of course, there's no telling as to what exactly a woman might seek in a man. But there are some points to remember before the conversation with Indian girls. Knowing these will help you score a name in their good books and thereafter, you can take the relationship ahead

Never discuss subjects on physical intimacy on the first chat or date. Showing off your knowledge about the Kama Sutra won't always help. Indian women shy away from physical bonding at the initial stage. So, it's best if you leave it on them to decide when they're ready.

Doing your homework helps! So, try to know more about their culture and diversity. Even a simple wish on festivals like Diwali or Holi is definitely going to catch their attention. In rare cases, if this doesn’t work, then you can simply mention Bollywood movies. The Bollywood diva in them is definitely going to want to chat.

Additionally, Indian women are in for men who give equal importance to career and family. They usually have the hots for ambitious men. Strike conversations about what you plan to do with life, what your ambitions are, and how you picture your love-life to be. Also, try to know their views on these topics. You'll find yourself amidst deep, meaningful conversations that can spring into a beautiful relationship.

Don’t forget to bombard her with genuine compliments. Indian women are impressed by men who point out the positive aspects of their personality and appreciate them. In the end, they love pampering and flattering, but then who doesn’t?

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The essential growth of Indian mail order brides globally

A huge vat of thanks to Indian mail-order wives websites for bringing different cultures together to the same platform. Because of these sites, there's tremendous growth in women who're now seeking to marry foreign men.


These resources provide you with numerous alternatives to get you the life partner you're looking for. You can go through thousands of Indian women until you find one stunning, perfect Indian wife who'll win your heart at every point of life.

Why do Indian mail order brides want to marry foreigners so eagerly?

Indian women want to be appreciated and deeply loved by their partners, which is why they choose foreign men who love them for their interesting personality and life values. Girls in India are often treated poorly by local men and are striving to create a peaceful and loving family where both parents have the last say.

Hot Indian brides know how to make the best wives and most caring mothers and international singles seem to be seeking it the most. Foreign guys bring fresh air into the life of Indian women as they're independent, self-sufficient, and courageous.

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What qualities in men do mail order Indian brides like?

Although local women are likely to get interested in foreign men, it's still not enough to keep their attention for a long time. You need to know how to attract them and steal the spotlight from other men. Check out these qualities which make the hearts of Indian beauties flutter the most:

  • Ambitiousness. Local girls want their partners to be the go-getters and inspire them in life. If a man is ambitious and gets what he wants, it's a 100% love shot in the hearts of Indian mail order brides.
  • Honesty. Men can dress up and look charming, but there's nothing Indian girls cherish more than straightforwardness and honesty. Women think this quality helps to create healthy relationships and deeper connections.
  • Good sense of humor. Yes, Indian ladies love humorous men. If foreign lads can make local girls laugh, then they're going to be fun people to create bonds with. However, take this with a grain of salt because being humorous doesn't mean joking around all the time.
  • Family priority. As cliché as it may sound, girls from India are looking for men who are ready to settle down. Party animals aren't a turn-on for beautiful mail order Indian brides, so show your serious intentions to them and see their eyes fill with joy!
  • Individuality. Indian beauties appreciate men who can love them for who they are without trying to change their personalities and looks. They say “true love is accepting and forgiving.” Show your unique sides to them to stand out from the rest.

Are beautiful Indian  brides for marriage possessive?

Depends on what is “possessive” to you. Local women are fiercely loyal to their partners, so it's natural for them to expect the same in return. Girls from India won't tolerate you flirting with other women once you're in a committed relationship. Although they fall in love deeply, they've got self-confidence and will talk to you about anything that worries them.

They're not crazy or obsessed with their partners in a bad way. Hot Indian brides respect personal space and won't run through your phone texts or get jealous if you look at other ladies. Just let her know you're serious about creating a family together.

Indian brides are absolutely desirable as they’re the ideal wives and mothers any man can dream of. Having an Indian wife means being with a warm caring partner who supports you in becoming a more successful man. So, connect with these awe-inspiring ladies and let your kismet smile on you. This is the love you've been looking for. So, grab your chance now to meet these remarkable Indian ladies and find your path to a fulfilling, happy life with the one true Indian love.

💡 Interesting Facts About India

  • A lot of Indians are vegetarians. This is because of their main religion — Hindu. The statistics are still vague but it's roughly estimated that about 25-35% of Indians don't eat meat.
  • However, Hindu is just one of the many religions in India. The country is one of the most diverse in the world when talking about people's beliefs. There are Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and Christians, and many other minorities.
  • The country is the second after America with the biggest number of English speakers. English is one of the 22 official languages of India.
  • There are three most interesting and exciting topics for all Indians — astrology, Bollywood, and cricket. They can talk about them forever.

Indian Brides F.A.Q.

Can an Indian girl marry an American?

Yes, there′s no problem with marrying an Indian girl. These ladies aren′t forbidden to have foreign husbands, so you can seek a potential wife among local females.

However, like any other bride from abroad, she should follow the requirements connected with the marriage question in the US. To arrange a wedding in your country and register everything officially, your girlfriend will have to apply for a fiancee visa. Once she gets it, she′ll be allowed to stay in America for 90 days and marry you during this period.

Are Indian women loyal?

Indian ladies are loyal and flexible when it comes to a relationship. They respect the decisions and opinions of their men and accept their ideas without judgment. Indian mail order brides always try to understand the behavior and actions of their partners. These females support their spouses and never leave them alone with their problems.

How much do Indian brides cost?

If you decide to look for an Indian mail order bride, you should be ready to spend some money on different services. Moreover, real-life meetings will also take place. Here are the expenses you′ll face when dating an Indian woman:

  • Online dating - at least $10 per package of 20 credits.
  • A one-week trip to India - around $1,500.
  • Real dates - meals for two will cost $20-$25 at a mid-range restaurant.
  • K-1 visa- $800.

Depending on the dating period, gift cost, and how much you′re ready to spend on getting an Indian wife, you′ll have to prepare around $5,000.