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Asian mail order brides

Asian Mail Order Brides - Find Beautiful Asian Brides For Marriage

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

From the moment a single man resorts to Asian mail order brides, he is forever lost to his compatriots. When a gentleman is tired of stubborn and demanding girls of his country, he strives for someone gentle and mysterious.

Lately, bachelors have preferred to see Asian brides as life partners. Even the recent boom of Slavic brides is smoothly shifting towards Asian women. Thai, Korean and Filipino ladies have become the leaders on the future wives market. This particular group hits the most unique and exotic features that make Asian women for marriage so alluring.

Asian Brides Statistics

👭 Asian female population:2.14 billion
❤️ Women on dating sites:Over 500,000
✅ Real Asian dating sites:EasternHoneys, TheLuckyDate, AsianMelodies
👩 Average Asian brides age:25-34
🌎 Popular Asian wives countries:The Philippines, Thailand, Japan, China

Lots of American couples involve a partner from this region, and those families are strong and happy. Let's check out some statistics connected with Asian brides:

  • In 2020, more than 7,000 ladies got K-1 visas to go to the USA and marry their American partners.
  • 31% of immigrant women from Asia are married to men of other ethnicities in the US, while the male percentage rate is only 15%.
  • According to the survey, 47% of single Asian women from the Philippines used dating apps to meet someone new in 2020.
  • Over 18% of Japanese girls used dating platforms for less than 3 months in 2019.
  • 32% of females in Vietnam use such sites a few times a week.

Who are Asian mail order brides?

Asian mail order brides are ladies willing to have a long-lasting relationship with a foreign man. They join international dating sites to get acquainted with guys from the USA, UK, Australia, and other countries. Of course, each lady has her own reasons for seeking a partner from abroad, but the desire to love and be loved unites all of them. Some of them are disappointed in their previous relationship, while others believe that their soulmate could be overseas. So, if you've always been fond of Oriental females, you have a wonderful opportunity to meet an Asian girlfriend online.

Top Asian Women Profiles
Li Li EasternHoneys
Li Li
Online at AsianMelodies
Beijing, China
Online at EasternHoneys
Alula DateNiceAsian
Online at DateNiceAsian
Yiyi easternhoneys
Online at AsianMelodies
Business owner
Hangzhou, China
Online at EasternHoneys
Investment Projects Director
Feruza easternhoneys
Online at OrchidRomance
Makeup artist
Almaty, Kazakhstan

If your biggest dream is to find a wife who desires to please you, appreciates your love, and values your efforts to make a family then Oriental mail order brides are exactly what you need. To buy an Asian brides platform membership isn’t challenging these days. Eager to find your soulmate among beautiful exotic nations without leaving your hometown? So, look through the information below.

TOP Asian Brides And Dates Sites:

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How much does an Asian mail order bride cost?


On average, ordering the Asian mail order brides costs from $15k to $30k. There's a list of the main expenditures to consider while planning a meeting with an Asian wife.

Asian wives believe that males should make investments into their future happy marriage. No matter whether they pay on traditional dates, buy presents, and take girls on vacations, or they look for a match online. Therefore, the financial aspect is crucial, so you should have a clear understanding of Asian mail order brides prices. Here are the expenses to keep in mind if you want to meet Asian women.

  • Paid website services: premium membership, communication tools, gifts, and other services. Approximately, you need $500-$1,000 for an online dating period (4-6 months) depending on a website and its charges to interact with an Asian girlfriends.
  • Expenses on the trips to the girl's country: tickets, accommodation, transportation, etc. (around $2-3K). Be ready to spend around $2,000-3,000.
  • Visa and other documents for an Asian bride: visa is needed to travel legally, it's usually not that expensive but you still have to consider it (approx. $600).
  • Dating and entertainment costs: restaurant meals, trips, presents, flowers, cinema, etc. This takes another $100-500 in your mail order Asian brides budget.
  • Adaptation expenses: moving, delivery of the belongings from an Asian country and preparing final documentation may require $10,000 to $30,000.

Naturally, some additional expenses may include translation services, wedding preparations, and other things, but they don't influence the total price of order Asian bride significantly.

What are Asian Women like: personality traits & features

Asian girls have always been desirable wives for American bachelors. Apart from their oriental good looks and fragile figure, they have some traits that men cannot help but notice. Here are the main ones that make mail order Asian brides perfect spouses and housewives.

Loyalty to family values

Asian culture teaches girls from an early age to honor a husband as the head of the family. A woman is considered to be a man’s helper. However, this position isn’t a servant but the mistress of the house. Thus, caring for her husband, doing household chores, and raising children become the main occupation for Asian brides.


Feminism is foreign to Asian women. Their whole life is focused on submission to a man. Asian wives do everything for life partners. However, Asian women are active, and they aren’t afraid of talking about their desires. Sometimes Asian mail order brides have careers, but it goes alongside the relationship. Thereby, you won’t hear any complaints about humiliation from Asian females.


The distinctive features of an Asian woman are short stature, sweet face, gentle voice, and fragile physique. This lovely creature can’t be rude and bossy. The same character is hidden behind the nice appearance. It would seem unreal to get it all for a relatively low Asian mail order bride website cost. Asian girl is kind, always ready to help and support the beloved. In addition, this treasure’ll never criticize the soulmate if the last is wrong about something.

Hard work

Many Oriental brides are very hard working. They set short and long-term goals for themselves and their families. Most Asian girls keep their jobs after marriage if needed. However, they are also happy to do housework as believe that’s a woman's job. Mostly, this question depends on the husband’s decision.

Financial literacy

Asians are good at managing finances. In Asian culture, money should be handled with care. As a result, most girls are good with money. They know how to make and save money. Hence, you’ll raise your capital if you meet an Asian girl for marriage.


What attracts men in Asian mail order wife?

Every man has an image of a woman he wants to wake up with, and many Oriental ladies have these qualities. What exactly draws males to Asian girls like a magnet? There are several unsurpassed features:

  • Obedience and acceptance It's difficult to find a woman who'll never rack your brains if you turn up late or hang out with friends. But your Asian bride is going to be understanding and loving.
  • Tenderness and delicacy. Hot Asian ladies have petite figures that look fragile and exquisite. They preserve beauty for men they love and never put on too much weight. Your Asian woman will remain young and attractive long because she knows how to age gracefully.
  • Intelligence and perfect manners. You'll always have a well-read and wise interlocutor to support in any situation. Dating an Asian girl for marriage, you emphasize your high status in the circle of male colleagues and friends.
  • Sweety in the kitchen and tigress in the bedroom. Undoubtedly, despite being a cutie and a number-one hostess at home, Asian ladies wear various images to diversify sexual life and meet man's most unexpected desires. Asian mail order wives know how to surprise their spouses.

What do Asian women like in Men?

It's not enough to find an Asian woman online, you should mesmerize her with the best qualities and attitude. But what exactly do Oriental mail order brides want to see in their partners?

  • Unconditional love and respect: every Asian bride should feel important to a man. Therefore, compliments, small surprises, and a romantic atmosphere will encourage her to respond with the same good attitude to you.
  • A sense of style and careful look: it doesn't mean you should wear expensive and branded clothes to impress Asian brides. It's more important to look neat, classy, and presentable. Every Asian girl wants to have a handsome partner appreciated by friends, relatives, and social media followers.
  • Tolerance and respect for their traditions: when you decide to have a romantic affair with Asian girls for sale, show honor of the customs, taste Asian cuisines, participate in different rituals, and try on national clothes if she asks. Single Asian ladies are open-minded and will definitely make a step towards your traditions as well.
  • Adventurous nature: Oriental women join mail order bride platforms due to their broad outlook and inquisitive nature. They look for a perfect partner to settle in a dreamy destination and enjoy a beautiful life there. Naturally, Asian singles believe love for a husband should be beyond everything, and they desire to provide him with care and support.

How do Asian brides see traditions and family?

Asian customs and routines still work. Girls are raised strictly according to old traditions. They grow up in an atmosphere of respect for men. A bedfellow is in charge of everything in their perception. Native Asian women are silent in a male society, meek and modest (at least, that can be said of Japan mail order brides). Any decision made by a man isn’t questioned.

The mentality of Asian women for marriage doesn’t tolerate divorce just because they can’t put up with each other. Strong reasons such as addictions, adultery, domestic terror — that goes without saying. No woman would stand this. Otherwise, the reason like “we’re too different” isn’t about them. Asian brides are inherently family-minded. Asian women looking for husbands to obtain their own stronghold. So, they get married once and forever. Oriental wives know lots of ways to keep the family together and do it in such a way that no one doubts their wisdom.

Children are sacred to Asians. For example, you won’t find a single mother among Chinese girls for marriage who decides on starting a career and lets her baby stay with a babysitter. An Asian woman clearly understands the importance of being with a kid and giving a baby mother’s love and warmth.

How to find an Asian mail order bride?


Nowadays, no one considers a trip to Asia to meet a bride-to-be. Any Asian wife finder knows that Oriental mail order brides’ resources make the dating process simpler, faster, and safer. In mail order brides catalog there are a bunch of dating platforms with a wide selection of Asian women for marriage to satisfy the most varied needs. After all, dating sites have a lot of advantages:

  • a large selection of Asian brides from different countries
  • verified websites
  • different tools for communication available

In general, there’s nothing complicated in the dating algorithm. You’re only three steps away from Asian mail order brides.

To find an Asian wife, you’ll have to:

  1. Choose the best dating platform (don’t forget to study user reviews about the site).
  2. Set your search criteria of your future bride through the advanced filters and look through the profiles of the girls you like.
  3. Start dialogues with ladies and get to know their nature better.

Some may argue that offline dating is much more effective than online but keep in mind what century we are living in. What’s the point of wasting energy and money on trips that may not end well? Online dating in this regard is much more efficient and safe. What's more, Asian mail order brides prices are affordable even if you aren’t on the Forbes list.

What do you need to marry an Asian bride?

As a whole, any dating involves a clear understanding of your requirements to the candidate. If you decide to look for a spouse in Asia, you need to know how to implement your desires.

  • Study the culture. All Asian countries are different. So, you need to choose the country whose culture appeals to you. After, you may look for a girl from that country.
  • Determine the permanent residence. Well, there are two options: either in the groom’s country or at the bride's home. Nonetheless, in your country, you have a settled life, but you don’t know how things work abroad. Of course, it’s better to bring an Asian mail order bride to your place.
  • Financial status. You can't expect an Asian woman to get a job when she comes to your native country. So, you should be aware of possible financial risks and expenses.
  • Be ready to get married. If you find Asian wife, there’s no need to start idle courting. It’s simple: you meet, like each other, meet your parents and get married. That’s the whole deal.

What makes Asian women become mail order brides?

Millions of Oriental brides dream of marrying overseas guys and leaving for their homelands. But what motivates them? An acute shortage of Asian suitors or personal motives? Here are the most common reasons why Asian girls are so eager to marry Americans.

  • They crave a better life. Most women aren't bound to their country, want to get married and be more successful. They prioritize countries with high economies and stable social security.
  • Asian girls for marriage are eager to get good treatment. According to Asian ladies, Westerners treat them better than guys from their culture. In Asian states, women’s efforts and responsibilities are taken for granted. While most American girls don’t care about pleasing their man, Asian women try to devote most of their time to man’s comfort.
  • Asian women seek the benefits for future kids. Not only do Asian brides worry about themselves, but also about their future children. For example, a child born in a developed country automatically gets citizenship, a good education, quality medical care, and many other privileges which aren’t available in most Asian countries.

American woman VS Asian woman

Think that all women are the same? It's not true. Let's compare women from Asia and America to see how different they can be.

  • Beauty standards. Asian ladies crave for white pale skin, a minimum of makeup, and the focus on natural beauty. American girls desire to get a bronze skin shade, pay much attention to their style and fashion trends, even if they're spooky.
  • Behavior and upbringing Asian girls are homier, more family-oriented, and obedient which has nothing to do with western women. The last ones desire to build a successful career, have a rebellious soul, and often prefer feministic trends as well as don't hurry to devote their time to family and raising kids.

Therefore, when it comes to dating with a focus on marriage, Asian girls take the first prize! No wonder Philippines brides and girls from other Asian countries are so popular with American men!


Tips for courting an Asian mail order bride

Want to buy an Asian bride? Before you text her on dating websites, learn a few recommendations in order for your international dating experience to be successful.

  • Treat your Asian mail order wife equally. One of the things Asian women for marriage run from is inequality and violence in relationships. They want their partners to respect them and let girls do what they want. For example, if your Asian bride doesn't want to be a housewife, don't make her go against her will.
  • Never fetishize your Oriental wife. Many western men want to find an Asian bride because of the so-called Asian fetish (a strong sexual or romantic preference for women coming from Eastern countries). This is extremely offensive to the majority of Asian brides for marriage.
  • Ensure you can provide for your family. If you want to marry an Asian bride, be ready to be the main breadwinner in your family. Oriental wives are often employed too, but they find a man's financial success very attractive and even crucial in marriage. By the way, be the one who pays on your dates, and don't agree to split the bill even if she suggests it.
  • Don't think you can find a hookup. Asian ladies online are interested in serious relationships and marriage, not flings. If your intentions are different, forget about it because you're doomed to fail. However, if you want to find an Asian wife, you can't but succeed by registering on a dating platform.

Possible challenges with Asian ladies for marriage


You can find an Asian woman to marry fast and easily on dating websites. But is it always that simple when it comes to dating and marriage with Asian mail order wives? Of course not. You may face difficulties, have disagreements, and come through challenges, like with any other ladies. But they're a part of every relationship. Let's have a look at the most common problems to take care of them in advance.

Language barrier

Probably, this is the most frequent problem couples face during international dating. On the one hand, lots of Asian girls for marriage know English quite well and can communicate with foreigners fluently. However, there are Asian mail order women who come from poorer families and don't have access to English classes. Moreover, there might be difficulties because of accents, slang, different backgrounds, or whatnot. What's the solution? First, be patient and give her time to get used to the way you speak. Second, why doesn't she go to English courses? Help you to enroll! Third, talk to her more. The more practice, the better.


Asian women looking for American men understand this is going to be a long-distance relationship. This means lots of trips, additional expenses, weariness, missing each other, and all other things related. You have to admit this too—such kind of dating is time-consuming and expensive when it comes to offline dates. This is just inevitable. A solution is to make sure you're financially and emotionally ready. Always remember why you're doing it all when looking for an Asian bride.

Cultural gap

Asian women are looking for husbands from Western countries, and such international couples might face big cultural differences. Is it always bad? Not really. Being different means having lots to learn from and being interesting to each other. However, there might appear situations when a cultural gap influences couples badly by causing arguments and fights. Luckily, there's a way out. Do the research and learn more about Oriental brides and their traditions, customs, etiquette, taboos. And ask your Asian bride to do the same. It may help to prevent a catastrophe in the form of misunderstanding.


Stereotypes about Oriental mail order brides

Here's what your Asian woman online is certainly tired of hearing.

  1. Asians are good at math. Because of the high level of the educational system in some Asian countries, the whole other world believes that all Asians don't need a calculator at all. Don't make your Asian girl hearing it again and again.
  2. Asian women are bad drivers. Asian ladies looking for love hate it when men point at their driving skills. This is just a stereotype. Both men and women in any country can drive well or badly, your nationality isn't important here.
  3. Asians look like 12 years-old. Well, Asian mail order wives are really lucky to have good genes to look good even when they're 50+. And you can, of course, give your Asian beauty compliments about her attractive appearance. But don't mention that she looks like a kid because of a petite figure or other physical features.

Success Stories with Asian Mail Order Brides

Gerald & Kiu

Met on EasternHoneys

When I signed up, I wasn't looking for a wife. I wanted to find a friend. Moreover, I was eager to speak Chinese with my friend without fail. I didn't believe you could find serious relationships on a dating site. Frankly speaking, I didn't plan to get married.

My (future) wife wrote to me. I didn't mean to reply to her, as I was getting messages from a lot of women. But then I thought, why not? I answered. Kiu wrote such long letters. After a few days of chatting online, we decided to make a video call. We talked for hours, and I just couldn't believe how we could have so much in common. I invited her to America, and she went to see me without a second thought. I wasn't afraid, and I just felt I had to do it. 

Now we travel, hike, and do sports together. We're both very active and always support each other.


Met on TheLuckyDate

I met Nenita in April 2020. I believed it was impossible to find someone on dating resources. But, as it turned out, in our case, everything happened at just the right moment. I dropped her a message on her birthday, even though I didn't know about it. That's when I thought it was no coincidence. After a few days of chatting with each other on the website, we switched to messenger and kept in touch every day.  Our first meeting took place in Rome after 2 months of online chatting. We spent 3 wonderful days in this beautiful romantic city and agreed to meet again.A few months later, Nenita visited me in the US, and we lived together for 2 months. Then around Christmas, I asked her to marry me. Then, we had a few months of preparing the marriage paperwork. We finally got married, and we're happy! 

Top Asian countries to find a wife

The range of countries with beautiful Asian ladies is quite extensive, but there are states where more women join mail order bride websites. You'll definitely meet Asian women for sale in:

🇰🇷 South Korea:caring, neat, and supportive.
🇯🇵 Japan:smart, hard-working, and conservative.
🇨🇳 China:loyal, beautiful, and sociable.
🇵🇭 The Philippines:exotic, feminine, and calm.
🇻🇳 Vietnam:obedient, family-oriented, and strong.
🇹🇭 Thailand:versatile, flexible, and hot.

Asian bridesare charming and gentle. Mixing cultures and genetics sometimes leads to unexpected but usually stunning results. Asian girls can gift real happiness to many Europeans. There are many points that make Asian beauties perfect partners for married life. However, feel free to clear out the girl’s true intentions and make sure you have one goal for two. You don't need to restrain your desires and start unpromising romances with girls you feel not 100% comfortable with. If you like Asians and imagine yourself with an Asian lady, why not to get Asian mail order brides, especially since you can start in just a few clicks!

Asian Brides FAQ

How much is an Asian bride?

The cost of the Asian bride depends on many factors, including online dating, visiting your woman, taking her to the USA, etc. Here are the approximate expenses:

  • Dating platform membership: $10-$50 or $3-$4 for a package of credits.
  • Tickets: $500-$700.
  • Accommodation: $20-$50 per night.
  • Fiancee visa: $800.

Of course, it's necessary to take into account the dating period, the country of your visit, real-life meetings, gifts, and other things you'll have to pay for. The total price of getting an Asian bride is around $5,000-$7,000.

Where can I find Asian brides?

Modern international dating websites are the best place to meet Asian mail order brides. The most popular services count hundred of thousands of female members from this region, so you'll definitely find girls that will be a wonderful variant for building a relationship. By the way, many sites specialize in connecting western men and ladies from different countries, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. 

You just need to pick a credible dating platform and create a profile that will attract the attention of Asian brides. 

What′s it like having an Asian wife?

With a spouse from Asia, you'll have a harmonic relationship and a strong connection. Your family life will be based on total understanding, trust, and honesty. You won't even find out how your Asian wife looks like when she gets angry because she's a non-conflict person and always tries to achieve a compromise peacefully. 

If you marry an Asian woman, she'll support you in the most complicated situation. You'll always feel her desire to be right there for you and help you get better. She'll do her best to comfort her husband and kids because they mean the whole world to her.

Is mail ordering an Asian bride legal?

Of course! Finding an Asian mail order bride and marrying her is totally legal. In fact, you should remember that international online dating isn't connected with any forbidden affairs. There are services that help single men from the USA, UK, Canada, and other countries get acquainted with ladies from Asia and communicate with them.

If online dating grows into something bigger and you decide to marry a local girl, it's also not a problem. You can have a foreign wife, but it's necessary to follow the regulations of your country. For example, if you're an American and want to register your relationship officially in the USA, your Asian bride will have to get a fiancee visa.