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Swedish Brides

Swedish Mail Order Brides: Answers To The Most Important Questions About Sweden Ladies For marriage

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

A strong character and natural beauty are the brightest features of Sweden mail order brides. Their values differ from those followed by American ladies a lot, and that makes them really special. Local females believe that the same responsibilities and total understanding between partners are crucial for a healthy relationship. However, there's so much you should find out about Sweden women searching for marriage before starting dating them. Spend a few minutes reading this article to know why you should choose them.

👭 Female population:5.1 mln
👩 Average marriage age:33.5
🌐 Speak English:89%
🌎 Most popular Swedish brides cities:Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala

What men Sweden brides are searching for?

Lots of singles start chatting with these beauties to get a romantic affair. Men know what kind of spouse they need, but what about ladies? They're interested in serious men focused on a family. Are you dreaming of having kids? Are your relationships with relatives warm? Do you like to spend free time in a big family circle? If yes, you have all the chances to settle down with one of these girls.


Here are the qualities Swedish brides find attractive in men:

  • Sharp mind. Local females like guys who can back up their opinion with strong arguments.
  • Honesty. A Sweden girl is looking for trust in marriage, and therefore she's pretty sure that the truth is always better than bad lies.
  • Attentiveness. A lady from Sweden wants to have a caring partner. You should put her needs first and show that she can rely on you.

If you have the mentioned features, you'll make a pretty Sweden mail order bride happy or manage to get European girl for marriage from any other country.

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What life priorities do Swedish women have?

These European women want to achieve “lagom” in their workdays to keep their workload up to acceptable standards and don't like being asked to work overtime on weekdays or work on weekends. The “lagom” concept is about balance between work and family life, being grateful for everything you have, and harmony with yourself and surrounding. They try to keep a balance between work and rest, so their career and family life are strictly separated from each other. These females like spending time with their family outdoors, especially in forests and lakes. With such a wife, you'll discover the “lagom”concept and learn to live in harmony with yourself.

Reasons to choose Swedish mail order brides

So, why should you consider Swedish girls for marriage? An explanation is below:

  • They strive to achieve equality in a relationship. Your spouse will go to work, strive to divide chores, and respect your boundaries. Chances are you'll even have separate budgets with your Swedish mail order bride.
  • Local ladies are always open to discussion. They believe that a healthy relationship is based on communication between a wife and a husband.
  • Sweden girls looking for marriage keep their personal lives private. They don't criticize their men in public preferring to talk about things behind closed doors.
  • Male order brides from Sweden accept compromises. Whenever partners can't agree about some situation, a local spouse always tries to find or discuss a decision that would be winning for both partners.
  • Sweden ladies are a good choice for marriage due to their habits. For example, they have an active lifestyle and think that spending a weekend at home is just a waste of time. One of the mail order Swedish brides will make your days more exciting and complete.
  • They know how to make their homes comfortable. If you want to enjoy a cozy atmosphere and convenience, you should meet a Swedish woman as a local way of life is all about "hygge."

The advantages of single Swedish women are obvious. However, you can also check out the best country to find a foreign wife.

What features of single Swedish ladies are the most attracting?

These women have various attractive sides, but what are the most valued by men? Keep reading to decide rather they're important for you or not.


They're charming

These girls may seem frozen and reserved. But when it comes to international dating, you won't find any sign of cold-blooded restraint. Their appearance is really impressive: blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes blow your mind. Their faces with harmonious proportions have petite noses and slightly wider cheeks. These girls belong to the tallest in Europe, as their average height is around 168 cm. The clothing style is casual as they aren't spoiled by pricey brands and the latest fashion trends. They combine informality and pleasant appearance but can seduce you with natural beauty.

Swedish ladies adore holidays

Swedish women know how to enjoy their life. Visiting beloved, you appreciate a friendly atmosphere in every village or city on holidays. Be sure she adores different celebrations and festivals. One of the most popular is Walpurgis Eve (Valborgsmässoafton) on the 30th of April. With big bonfires, local songs, and street food you'll learn new things about a bride's life and values. On this day, you can become much closer to your girlfriend, so don't miss the chance to celebrate the end of winter in her land.

Sweden mail order brides are conservative

These ladies are conservative and avoid bragging rights and public conceit. People with pompous behavior are considered being impolite in her society. Such a girl doesn't quarrel, especially with foreigners and guests. She avoids talking about private life with strangers, and some usual questions can be too personal for her. Being proud of the motherland, your beloved won't accept negative comments about local politics. Also, she may not appreciate sexist or racist jokes, so be attentive with them.

They have an active lifestyle

In Sweden, there are numerous fascinating activities for having a great time together. Visiting your soulmate in winter, you'll enjoy skiing and skating. To make a date fascinating, you may rent a snowmobile which is a popular winter activity there. Your foreign bride will be happy to have tasty dinners in Sami teepees, chill in sauna, take pleasure of mountain lodges, and sing near campfires. Anyway, your girl will value your care and devotion.

They know English

Swedish society has one of the highest proficiency in English. With the majority of the population fluent in English, you won't face any problems in communication with a girlfriend. Your language is widely spoken in her country, especially among youth. Probably your beloved learned it as a compulsory foreign language. She'll be glad to practice English skills with you and easily adapt to new surroundings.

Sweden brides adore cooking

These ladies like preparing traditional dishes. Meatballs served with potatoes and lingonberries are the most popular food in Sweden families. Your foreign girl will cook a pickled herring (sill), which is another famous classic dish. On Christmas, Easter, or Midsummer she pleases you with tasty meals with smoked herring, crayfish, salmon, and eel. Elk, reindeer, berries, and currants are the favorite ingredients in your bride's receipts. With her, you discover numerous dishes typical of Swedish cuisine.


They have a coffee culture

In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a typical Swedish day - at home or work - also includes a traditional coffee pause called "Fika." Your woman can often leave work for a while to relax with coffee and communicate with colleagues. Add a cinnamon roll or other sweet snack to your coffee and enjoy Fika goodness.

They like inviting friends

Swedes often invite their nearest people for home dinner. If you're lucky and your beloved invited you, don't forget to leave shoes near the door. You may take a cute little gift like sweets or wine, but manners are the most important thing. Swedish women highly value punctuality, so it's better to come to her home early than late. Arriving on time, you show respect and devotion. A family life with such a lady will be full of pleasant meetings in a warm friends' circle. Be sure you'll never feel lonely!

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Sweden girls are focused on family

Swedish brides take romance and family seriously, that's why your wife would never betray you. In families in her area, men and women often share household chores and finances. Your prospective spouse is a reliable partner for family life, she doesn't belong to those pretty girls interested in finances ready to leave a husband in hard times. Such a wife participates in all family life aspects, so rely on her without any doubts.

Final Thoughts

Swedish mail order brides have all the features making foreign guys crazy. They prefer an active lifestyle taking care of themselves. Thanks to healthy nutrition and outdoor hobbies, those females look young and seductive all the time. These ladies have good health, which lets them combine a hard-working job and raising kids. With “lagom” lifestyle, they know how to keep the balance between career and household staying attractive spouses and attentive moms. If you're looking for a bride with strong family values and love for life, choose one of adventurous singles from Sweden.

Mail order brides from Sweden are a breath of fresh air for an American guy. They're strong, independent, attractive, and active. With such a wife, you'll understand the real taste of life. If you want this, pick Swedish women for marriage!

💡 Interesting Facts About Sweden

  • Sweden is known for its forest, and half of Swedish land is owned by private people.
  • One of the world’s best passports is Swedish passport, allowing Swedish citizen to travel to 124 countries without visa.
  • Swedish music is popular for such people and bands like Zara Larsson, Avicii, Ace Of Base, ABBA, In Flames, etc.
  • It’s a land of McDonald’s, so fast food is quite popular here.
  • Sweden prides an impressive number of patents, and to mention some, you may know patents for Dynamite, Pacemaker, Tetra Pak, etc.
  • One of the most popular brands IKEA is a Swedish company.